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Kernel Modules

Load or unload modules

Display the VERSION number of the modinfo utility modinfo -v
Display the FILE name of the module modinfo -n
Display the AUTHOR of the module modinfo -a
Display DESCRIPTION of the module modinfo -d
Display PARAMETERS supported by the module modinfo -p
Add persistent parameters to the module insmod -e (persistent name)
Force the loading of a module even if there is a difference between the module's kernel and the current kernel insmod -f
Add all the modules specified in the command line modprobe -a
Remove a module modprobe -r
list all loaded modules modprobe -l
Modprobe Verbose mode modprobe -v
List all modules present in a specified directory modprobe -t (directory name)
Configuration file which contains SETTINGS that apply persistently to all modules loaded on the system /etc/modprobe.conf
Directory that contains multiple configuration files used by modprobe at BOOT time if the /etc/modprobe.conf file does not exist /etc/modprobe.d
Show info for all modules depmod -a
show what would happen on the screen but does not perform the action depmod -n
depmod Verbose mode depmod -v
Used to view or set kernel parameters at RUNTIME. sysctl
Persistent KERNEL settings are added to the: sysctl.conf
Set parameter value OR change the sysctl setting sysctl -w (variable)=(value)
Disable the printing of the key name while displaying the kerenel parameters (using sysctl) sysctl -n
Ignore errors about unknown keys (using sysctl) sysctl -e
Display all parameter values currently available (using sysctl) sysctl -a
Display all parameter values currently available in tabular format (using sysctl) sysctl -A
Provides the modprobe utility with default commands for loading modules at boot time /etc/modprobe.conf
Load modules into the kernel along with any module dependencies - Utility also runs at startup to load modules into the kernel modprobe
file that provides modprobe with its configuration rules /etc/modprobe.conf
/etc/modprobe.conf Entries: Loads a module at BOOT time install
/etc/modprobe.conf Entries:specify a name as an ALIAS for a module - alias can be used with the module utilities alias
/etc/modprobe.conf Entries: Specifies OPTIONS used while loading a module, including irq for IRQ info and io for I/O port info options
/etc/modprobe.conf Entries: Add a configuration file to a module include (file_name)
Command to generate a file named modules.dep that is stored in /lib/modules/kernel_version_number/ depmod
modules.dep lists all of the: dependencies between modules
By default, modprobe attempts to load the module from what directory? /lib/modules/<kernel_version>/kernel/drivers/
The depmod program keeps the list of dependencies in the: /lib/modules/<kernel_version>/modules.dep file
Created by: johnadream