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ENG Shakesphere Quiz

Honors English 9: 4y - Shakesphere/meter quiz

English/Shakespearean line scheme ABAB CDCD EFEF GG
In a Petrarchan (Italian) Sonnet Form, the distinct break between the two parts of the Petrarchan sonnet that encourages the port to present a subject in the octave and reflect on it in the sestet is called... the turn
In most Petrarchan sonnets these two parts take on the qualities of a _____ and a response or a problem and a _____ proposal; resolution.
The subject a Petrarchan poem must... lend itself to this kind of resolution in order for the form to fit.
A Petrarchan (Italian) Sonnet consists of an octave of __ lines or __ quatrains and a sestet of __ lines or __ tercets. eight; two; six; two
A Shakespearean (English) sonnet consists of... three quatrains and an ending rhyming couplet.
In a Shakespearean Sonnet, the first quatrain... introduces the subject.
The second and third quatrain can... further develop the subject or introduce a conflict.
The final couplet in an English sonnet can... resolve the conflict or offer a comment or summary statement.
In an English sonnet, the ending couplet almost always... demands a strong conclusion and a subject matter that should fit.
An (italian) octave has __ lines. 8
The shift (italian) occurs at line __ and is known as the __/__ line 9; turn/volta
The 6 remaining lines in an (italian) sonnet is known as a ___ sestet.
All sonnets contain... 14 lines.
An English sonnet consists of __ quatrains that are made up of __ lines each. 4 quatrains; 4 lines
The ending of an English sonnet is known as the ____________ ______ and consists of __ lines. rhyming couplet; 2 lines.
A ____________ part means that an iambic rhythm, which is a "foot", is repeated__ times. ((10 syllables per line)) pentameter; 5 times.
Meter: ___ measure
iamb: 10 syllables per line.
both sonnets are written in... iambic pentameter
what is a rhythmical patter and is the template or pattern for a sonnet's poetic line? iambic pentameter
iambic means... that the rhythm goes from unstressed to a stressed syllable. (e.g. divine, caress, bizarre, delight,) (think of a heart beat)
What is the rhythm of a poem? Meter
What are the four simple steps to scanning a poem (important)? 1.) count the syllables (divisible by 2/3) 2.) mark the meter of multisyllabic words first. (mark stressed/unstressed syllables. Then divide into "feet") 3.) look for patterns 4.) work your way outward.
iambic: unstressed, stressed. (e.g. myself) 8 syllables
*trochee/trochaic: stressed, unstressed. (e.g. tuesday) 7 syllables
Anapest/anapestic: 3 syllables. Unstressed, unstressed, stressed.
spondee: two accented syllables: stressed, stressed. (e.g. heartburn)
Dactyllic/dactyl: 3 syllables, Unstressed, stressed, stressed (e.g. beautiful)
one stress (feet) per line = two= three= four= five= six= seven= eight= monometer, dimeter, trimeter, tetrameter, pentrameter, hexameter, heptameter, octameter.
When and where was Shakespeare born? Stratford-upon-Avon, England in 1564. His birthday is celebrated on April 23rd. He was baptized April 26th, and it was a common practice at the time to have an infant baptized no later than the first Sunday after birth.
Where was Shakespeare educated? He attended grammar school at the young age of 7.
Who were Shakespeare's parents and siblings? John and Mary who got married in about 1557. William was the oldest surviving child; two infant daughters died before William was born. William's younger siblings were Gilbert (born 1566), Joan (1569), Anne (1571), Richard (1574), and Edmund (1580).
Which of his siblings died at the age of 8? Ann
Who was Shakespeare's wife? Anne Hathaway. They married near the end of 1582, when he was 18. The exact date of Anne's birth is unknown, but she is thoughts to have been around 26 when they married.
Why did Shakespeare leave his wife his "second best bed"? The best bed was usually regarded as an heirloom piece and was to be passed to the heir rather than the spouse. It is also probable that the best bed would have been reserved for guests, meaning that the second bed would've been the bed of the couple.
What did Shakespeare's son, Hamnet, die of? It is uncertain, the real cause. He had a twin sister named Judith, who lived to adulthood and married, but Hamnet died at the age of 11.5. In the 16th century, child mortality was high. There were no antibiotics and many diseases spread that were fatal.
When was Hamnet buried? August 11th, 1596.
When did Shakespeare die? Shakespeare died on April 23rd, 1616 and was buried on April 25, 1616 in Holt Trinity Church, Stratford-upon-Avon.
How many plays did Shakespeare write? Thirty-eight is the generally accepted number.
What is Shakespeare's earliest play? Probably one of the parts of King Henry VI Part 1, 2, and 3) written between 1589-1591.
What is Shakespeare's last play? The Two Noble Kinsmen
What is Shakespeare's longest play? Hamlet, with 4,042 lines.
First Folio- Second Folio- Third Folio- Fourth Folio- 1623 1632 1664 1685
Created by: toastyghosty



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