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Package Management

Rebuild a database (if corrupted) --rebuilddb
Create a new database rpm --initdb
Check authenticity of a package (check digital signing key) rpm --checksig
Test for uninstalled dependencies (does not install) rpm --test
Installs without checking for dependencies rpm --nodeps
Install regardless of whether new version is installed (overwrites) rpm --force
Install a package (using full package name) rpm -ivh
Uninstall a package (dependencies must first be removed) rpm -e
Remove a package but don't check for dependencies rpm -e --nodeps
Updates a package to a newer version rpm -U
Upgrades an installed package only if an earlier version is installed (Freshen) rpm -F
Query for info about installed packages rpm -q
Show list of all installed packages rpm -qa
Show all available info rpm -qi
List files associated with a package rpm -ql
List configuration files for a package rpm -qc
Find out what package a file belongs to rpm -qf
List the packages that are dependent rpm -q --whatprovides
List the FUNCTIONS package provides rpm -q --provides
List the FUNCTIONS package REQUIRES rpm -q --requires
Verifies packages are free form errors rpm -V
Verifies all installed packages rpm -Va
Verification code S from rpm -V Size
Verification code M from rpm -V Mode
Verification code 5 from rpm -V Checksum
Verification code D from rpm -V Revision Number
Verification code L from rpm -V symbolic link
Verification code U from rpm -V Owner
Verification code G from rpm -V Group
Verification code T from rpm -V Time
Verification code c from rpm -V Is a configuration file
Verification code ' . ' from rpm -V No fault
Directory YUM uses to identify the locations of data repositories. Directory contains .repo files /etc/yum.repos.d/
Configuration file for the YUM package manager - file also lists where YUM stores downloaded RPM packages /etc/yum.conf
Main configuration for RPM, where you can set several options, including CPU optimizations for compiling source packages. This file should not be edited directly. /urs/lib/rpm/rpmrc
Instead of editing /usr/lib/rpm/rpmrc, you should create and edit this file: /etc/rpmrc
Created by: johnadream