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A list of useful MTurk terms for begginners

HIT Human Intelligence Task A job on mechanical turk
Qualification A tag applied to your account by a requester to mark you as being permitted to complete a task, or having already completed a task, or assigning you a proficiency level at a task.
PandA "Preview AND Accept" PandA links are preview and accept links that many turkers use to accept jobs before viewing. This makes it easier to get good work on MTurk.
Requster A person or organization who posts a HIT on mechanical turk.
TO Turkopticon is a system designed to help mechanical turk workers avoid poor paying and unfair requesters.
Scripts Scripts like "HIT Scraper" and "Turk Master" are commonly used to help turkers find jobs quickly and before others find them. They are often used to automatically scrape pages to check for jobs.
Worker ID A long string begginning with A of letters and numbers that identifies you as an mturk worker.
HWTF A Hit Worth Turking For is a HIT that earns at least 10c/min and usually higher. Commonly found on r/hitsworthturkingfor
Created by: que1124