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Chapter 20

PC Maintenance

Android operating system based on linux
Open source anyone can legally modify the source code
Dock a shelf on the bottom of the screen on an iOS device
Google Play android marketplace
Google Account account needed to download content on an android
IPhone apple phone
iPad apple tablet
iPod Touch a music and game player
Apple ID apple account needed to download content
App Store apple marketplace for apps on mobile
iTunes Store apple marketplace for music and apps
iTunes U contains lectures from colleges
Jailbreaking gives you root privileges on an iOS device
Smartphone a cell phone that has a web browser and downloadable applications
Short Message Service text messaging
Multimedia Messaging Service sending pictures and video
Handheld Tablet a miniature laptop
Multitouch a touch screen you can use 2 fingers on
TouchFLO a type of multitouch
HTC Sense older multitouch
Capacitive Touch Screen uses electrodes to sense skin
Resistive Touch Screen has 2 sheets of glass covered with a resistive coating
Gyroscope is a device that contains a disc free to move and can tell direction of motion
Accelerometer senses the physical position of the device
Screen Orientation rotates the device between portrait to landscape
GPS global positioning system
Geotracking device tracking
Airplane mode disables all cell traffic
Microsoft Exchange a server application that handles email, contacts , and calendars. Mostly used by large corporations
iCloud how to back up your apple device online
Remote Wipe remotely wipes your apple device from anywhere as long as your logged into iCloud
Thick Client a regular desktop used for server side virtualization
Fat Client a regular desktop used for server side virtualization
Thin Client has an OS but only may support a web browser
Zero Client a client machine
Dumb Terminal a client machine
Ultra-Thin Client a client machine
Cloud Computing third party server side virtualization
IaaS infrastructure as a service
PaaS platform as a service
SaaS software as a service
Client Side Virtualization a personal computer that provides multiple virtual enviroments
Presentation Virtualization a remote application running on a server
Application Virtualization a virtual enviroment that is created in memory for an application to virtually install itself
Microsoft Application Virtualization a virtual application software
Client Side Desktop Virtualization software that manages a virtual machine on a dektop or laptop
Virtual Machine Manager software to manage virtual machines
Hypervisor virtual machine management
Type 1 Hypervisor installs on the computer before the operating system
Type 2 Hypervisor installs in a host operating system as an application
Hardware-Assisted Virtualization the motherboard and bios need to support virtualization
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