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CARMALT - Basic Life Science

stages: egg - larva - pupa - adult metamorphosis
What part of a seedling provides food for the seeding? endosperm
What are the 4 parts of a seedling? seed coat, endosperm, cotyledon, embryo
A population of moths has dark and light colored moths. If all the trunks of forest trees are blackened during a fire, which color moth will survive in great numbers? dark-colored
Any carnivorous dinosaurs that walked on 2 legs with small forelimbs and a large skull, long jaw and sharp teeth. theropod
What creatures live at the expense of other organisms? parasites
What type of relationship do two organism have when both live together and benefit each other? symbiotic
What symbiotic relationship is characterized by one organism benefits from the relationship while the other is unaffected? commensal
What kingdom has no chlorophyll, reproduces with spores, and consists mostly of decomposers? fungi
What phylum has jointed legs, segmented bodies, and external skeletons? anthropoda
What are environments with like climates and ecological communities called? biomes
_______ are where fresh water and salt water mix. estuaries
What type of forest is made up primarily of trees that annually shed their leaves? decidious
What are the dominant plants in grasslands? grass
What is annual rainfall in grasslands? between 25 cm and 75 cm
What takes any shape it wants, is only one cell big and likes to ooze? amoeba
What prefers to live on rocks and belongs to 2 kingdoms? lichen
Clues: larger than a virus, smaller than a blood cell, tail called a flagellum bacterium
water loss through leaves transpiration
liquid or frozen water falls from sky precipitation
oil and gas fossil fuels
breakdown carbon compounds like CO2 and water respiration
energy producing organelle in a cell mitochrondrion
organelle that helps break down a dead cell lysosome
organelle that helps assemble proteins ribosome
What is this process: 6CO2 + 6H2O becomes C6H12O6 + 6O2 chemical formula for green plant photosynthesis
What is this process: C6H12O6 + 6O2 becomes 6CO2 + 6H2O + energy chemical formula for respiration in plants and animals
cell division phase has all chromosomes lined up in the middle of the cell metaphase
cell devision phase when chromosomes pull apart anaphase
cell division phase when nuclear membrane disappears prophase
cell production of 2 cells with the same number of chromosomes mitosis
cell production yields 4 cells with half the chromosomes of the parent cell meiosis
wavelike muscular contraction by which digestive contents are forced toward the opening peristalsis
part of digestive system that is home to microbes and soaks up water large intestines
controls response to invading microorganisms immune system
system that exchanges gas between air and body respiratory system
breaks down food and absorbs nutrients digestive system
system provides support and stores minerals skeletal system
4 major human blood groups A, B, AB, O
blood cells that play role in defense of the body white blood cells
gland that increases metabolic rate and maintains calcium and potassium levels in blood thyroid gland
master gland regulating all other glands hypothalamus
gland elevates heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar, and breathing, but suppresses digestion adrenal gland
gland regulating immune system thymus gland
hollow ball of cells in early animal development blastula
tissue eventually forms muscles mesoderm
tissue forms nerve cells ectoderm
tissue forms digestive system endoderm
stage of a fern producing gametes gametophyte
adult, spore producing fern sporophyte
structure holding spores annulus
What has 4 legs in the morning, 2 legs at noon, and 3 legs at sunset? (metaphor about human development) baby crawls on 4 legs, adult stands on 2 legs, elder stands with aid of a cane
Created by: EM4CARMALT