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C-909 UK FA blue black ink, no strike outs
Crew Declaration fill out even if zero dollars
General Declaration No disease for all disease
Custom Form Passenger or 1 per family with same last name
Sign in for International for FA 90 min for briefing FA aircraft 60 before Boarding begins 50
How is a mea or Beverage served? front to back simultaneous
Whats the service difference in Main Cabin International departing Before 2100? Pre Meal- Beverage Snack Complimentary before meal service
Order of service after take off in Main Cabin on Flights that depart before 2100 in flight service? prep hot towels;serve on white tray;pick up prep 2 beverage carts with peanuts pretzels,pick up waste meal carts and beverage coffe tea water behind it,pick up water bottles, dim light walk thru mid service if applicable pre arrival service
carts beverage, Meal, pre Arrival, Mid flight, base, newspaper cart fc
pure crew same crew coming and going
complex crew new crew new forms
What is Deltas main objective in customer service Hospitality
M Main Cabin
D3 Delta One
Galley trash container stays in the galley
Maps taped in galley displays how you prepare and place food
last cart service water bottle
safest way to handle a cart Push
Who is at thebriefing for International Pilot,LOD,FA,Purser
print your sheets before you get on the plane obss
15 min check aisle for garb
snacks served how often 45 min between service
Dine and Rest Gets entire meal at one time
first thing handed out when we board forms
liquor form counts for taxes
seals all liquor sealed and seals are accounted for dont pocket them by accident
Varietal VAriety of grapes wine is from
Vintage year
Vitner manages owns vineyard decision maker
Created by: SUZETTE 817
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