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Internet and Search

This includes questions from Google Search, Internet, Evaluating Websites

A word or a phrase you search for in Google when you have a question query
3 ways you can help determine the credibility, validity, or reliability of a website. 1 -Author has credentials within topic 2- Information is current 3- The information can be verified
Globally interconnected computer networks Internet
Program used to view HTML documents, or the World Wide Web (examples: Firefox, Safari, Chrome)? Browser
What is the set of documents residing on the internet that are formatted in hypertext? The World Wide Web or www.
What is a website called that retrieves and displays results from data, documents & files from a computer network (the Internet) or database? Search Engine
A URL (uniform resource locator) or the address of a website is the Web Address
True or False Google Analyzes web pages for "Relevance" 1) analyze the web pages for relevance ranks the web pages - in terms of their relevance 2) Evaluates each site’s reputation - how often other websites link to it 3)
Name two things that will change which websites Google will give you in your search results? 1)Word order - (blue sky, sky blue); 2)Every word - (a, the, and);
2nd thing Google does when you enter a query search after it looks at relevance Rank Ranks the web pages
Programs that looks at all the links on a webpage in order to find more webpages to index. Spiders
Google Operator: excludes unwanted words in your search - (minus sign)
Google Operator: links words to include BOTH in your search AND + (plus sign) has to be all caps no spaces between + and the word
Google Operator: searches for words in the exact order " " (put your phrase in quotes) no space after first quote, no space before last quote
True or False Can you pay Google to have your website show up first in the search results? False - Google Search does not look at who pays them. Companies can pay to have adds show up on the sides, but not in the results.
What is the Visible Web? Websites that have been indexed by Google or other search Engines
Google Operator: Using dots between numbers will give you any results between those numbers. 2-3 dots in between numbers will search for any numbers between those 2 numbers
Bing, Google, Yahoo are all examples of ________________ _____________. Search Engines
Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Google Chrome are all examples of a ____________________. Internet Browsers
Difference between a Webpage and a Website Webpage is what you see on one screen. Websites include many webpages
Google Operator: brings up the same results that have the tag or label # hashtag
Google Operator use this when you want to search for a price $ dollar sign use before a number to use as a price search
What is the World Wide Web? Hint: does not mean the same as Internet Documents that are located on the Internet and written in hypertext This is what the Spiders index when they go through the Internet.
True or False If you are logged in to your Google Account, all of your searches are saved. True - Google keeps track of almost everything.
True or False - Capital letters will change your search results False - capital letters do not affect search
True or False - Small words do not affect your search. False - small words like (a, the, and ) will give different results Ex. - who, a who, the who
True or False - question marks change search results False - punctuation does not affect search results Exceptions are the Google Operators
True or False - word order changes your search results True - the order you place your words in the Google search will have an impact on search results
True or False - A professional looking website is a good way to determine a website's credibility. False - just because a website looks good does not mean that the information is totally credible or truthful
The quality of being trusted, convincing, or believable Credibility
The quality of being logically sound, legally binding Validity
Consistency of a measurement Ex. Other websites have similar information Reliability
True or False - When evaluating a website, looking for the author and a way to contact them can help determine credibility. True - you will still need to research if the author is an authority in the topic, but this can help determine credibility.
True or False - To determine the reliability website, it can help to look at the dates. True - although the date does not indicate information is accurate
True or False - When evaluating a website, it is always a good idea to check other websites to see if you can verify the accuracy of information. True - anyone can create a website
Created by: carriefischer