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Plasma Glucose and other nutrients are transported by this
Rbc O2/CO2 is carried by this The percentage of the total volume of blood that is this component is called hematocrine
Wbc These cells fight infection & are found in a variety of forms Types of cells called : eosinophils, basophils, neutrophils, lymphocytes and monocytes
Platelets Clotting is accomplished by this Are fragments of megakaryocytes
Reticukocytes An immature form of an Rbc
Anemia Condition which arises from low hemoglobin content
Polycythemia A condition of excessive Rbc production ( cancer of Rbc )
Leukocytosis A condition of abnormally high wbc production ; normally seen in acute infection
Leukopenia A condition of insufficient wbc formation
Leukemia A cancer of wbc ; immature cells are unable to perform their normal function
Hemophilia A genetic defect in clotting mechanisms resulting in uncontrolled bleeding
Thrombocytopenia A condition of insufficient platelets
Hemolytic disease of the newborn A condition resulting from th incompatibility
Prothrombin activator Converts to thrombin
Thrombin Converts fibrinogen to fibrin
Fibrin Proteins which form the clot meshwork
Platelets Exposed collagen on injured vessel wall releases chemicals which make these sticky and cause them to form a plug
Thrombus A persistent clot in an uninjured vessel
Embolus A free floating clot which can lodge in an end artery & cause a stroke , heart attack , etc
5 L Total volume of blood
3L Is plasma ( liquid component)
2-2.5 L Is the cellular component
Water 92% of the total liquid volume
Organic components of plasma Amino acids , lipids , glucose , nitrogenous waste , electrolytes ( Na, K , Cl , HCO3 - , H+ , Ca++ ) vitamins
Albumin Most abundant protein ; creates an osmotic gradient ( draws fluids back to circulatory system ) & acts as a carrier molecule
Albumin acts as a carrier molecule for : Cholesterol , steroids & drugs .
Antibodies Are involved in bodily defense by binding to foreign proteins
Antibodies are also knows as Immunoglobulins or igs or globulins
Fibrinogen Is a protein involved in the clotting mechanism
What proteins are also found in circulation ? Protein hormones and enzymes
RBC ( erythrocytes ) Are responsible for the transport of oxygen and carbon dioxide
WBC ( leukocytes ) Are cells that defend agains microbial invasion
Platelets ( rhombocytes) Are cells involved in coagulation ( clotting process)
What are the classified granulocytes ? Neutrophils , eosinophils , basophils
Monocytes Are circulating cells that convert to macrophages ( big eaters ) ; they can consume large numbers of bacteria
Lymphocytes Are specialized, sophisticated wbc involved in the specific immune response they can be of the T cell or B cell variety
What are 3 phagocytic cells ? Monocytes , macrophages , Neutrophils
Leukopenia a condition reflecting low numbers of circulating wbcs
What are the growth factors that stimulate wbc production ? Csf & interleukins
Hematocrine Is the percentage of blood that is rbc
Reticulocytes immature circulating rbc
Erythroprotein a growth factor or hormone which stimulates rbc production
What is the stimulus used for secretion of rbc production or low oxygen in the tissue ? Hypoxia
Heme The portion of the hemoglobin molecule that binds oxygenn/ carbon dioxide ; it has an iron component
4 protein chains makeup what portion of the hemoglobin? Globin
Bilirubin is the heme breakdown product ; it is tranported to the liver and icorporated into bile , which is deliverd to the GI tract.
What are the three things that are needed to manufacture rbc's? Iron, Vitamin B-12, & Folic Acid
Hyperbilirubina Is a condition which manifests in yello pigmentation ( jaundice ) of skin & sclera
Polycythemia is a condition marked by excessive rbc's in circulation
What are 4 types of anemia? Nutritional, pernicious, hemolytic, aplastic
GlycohemoglobinHg or Hga1c Reflects glucose levels in serum over an 8-12 week period ; it is a good clinical indicator of short term plasma glucose levels
What are the 3 components of prevention of blood loss through clotting ? Vascular spasm, plug formation & Clot formation
What are the 3 chemical mediators of platelet binding to an injured blood vessel site through the initial stimulus of exposed collagen ? thromoxane a2 , Adp & platelet activating factor
PAF Activates thromboxane a2
Prostacyclin prevents neighboring , healthy blood vessel wall from forming a clot
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