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chapter 6


3. A single piece of installed horizontal cabling is called a ------------ 3. RUN.
4. The set of standards established by the TIA/EIA regarding network cabling is called 4. IEEE 606.
5. You use a ------- to connect a strand of UTP to a 110 block or 66 block. 5. Punchdown tool
6. A short UTP cable that uses stranded, rather than solid, cable is called ------------ and can tolerate much more handling near a patch panel. 6. patch cable
7. The type of network interface unit(NIU) that enables an ISP or telephone company to determine if a home DSL, box or cable router has been disconnected is called ------- 7. smart jack.
10. The term --------describes the process of a signal weakening as it progresses down a piece of wire. 10. attenuation
8. The spot where a cable comes out of the wall at the workstation is called a ------ 8. cable drop.
9. The height measurement known as U is used for devices that fit into a------------- 9. Equipment rack.
1. All the Cabling from individual work areas runs via ------ to a central location 1. Horizontal cabling
2. The central location that all cabling runs to is called the------ 2. telecommunication room.
Created by: Matthew28