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Amazon Glossary

Above the Fold The customer does not have to scroll to see a marketing placement which is above the fold
Below the Fold The customer must scroll down to see a marketing placement which is below the fold
Billboard First marketing placement at the top of any Amazon webpage, generally the largest placement
(BPS) Basis Points A common unit of measure for interest rates and other percentages in finance. One basis point is equal to .01% (Example: 400 Basis points =4%
Brand Specialist Supports vendor(s) in buying, in-stock, and marketing functions
Category Leader Senior leadership who oversees the entire category
(COGS) Cost of Goods Sold Cost of goods sold; this is the cost to Amazon to acquire a product for sale on our website
(DOTD) Deal of the Day A featured deal that runs for one day; large increases in traffic and revenue
Feature Tile Tertiary placements on any Amazon webpage, generally below the fold
(GP) Gross Profit Product revenue minus total COGS
Gross Profit per Unit The gross profit per unit
Hero Placement Secondary placements at the top of any Amazon webpage, they are above the fold
Lightning Deal A feature product with a large discount for up to four hours or until fully sold through.
Market Segment Share Vendor's sales on Amazon and other retailers as a percent of total category sales on Amazon and other retailers
Merchandising Placements A platform to drive traffic and engagement to product or brands
Monthly Pure Product Profit Monthly product revenue - monthly product COGS (The base profit from revenue producing customer shipments when sold by Amazon).
(Net PPM) Net Pure Product Margin (Product Revenue - Product COGS +VFCC)/Product Revenue
One Pager A One page document that acts as a proposal, an agenda, or an overview
(OOS Rate) Replenishment OOS Rate Measures the rate which Amazon is out of stock
P&L Financial statement that summarizes the revenues, costs and expenses incurred during a specific time period.
(PPM) Pure Product Margin (Product Revenue-Product COGS)/Product Revenue
(Q4) Quarter 4 Fourth quarter of the year, October-December (Also known as "peak")
(ROI) Return on Investment is the benefit to the investor (Amazon or the vendor) resulting from an investment of some resource. A high ROI means the investment gains compare favorably to investment cost.
Sell thru Ratio of inventory sold to customers received from supplier
Traffic The number of visits a webpage receives
Vendor/Brand Strategic partner who sells products on Amazon (i.e. Sony, Nikon, Under Armour, Nike)
(VFCC) Co-op/Vendor Funded Contra Cogs Funds we typically receive from vendors to offset costs.
Wireframe A visual guide which represents the skeletal framework of an Amazon webpage
(WoW) Week over Week the change in the same time frame from week to week
(YoY) Year Over Year the change in the same time frame from year to year
(YTD) Year to Date start of year to present date
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