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Computers Chapter 7

definition stuff

ARPANET o ARPA designed a project to help scientists communicate and share valuable computer resources o Created in 1969, connected computers at UCLA, the Stanford Research Institute, the University of Utah, and UC California at Santa Barbara
Exabyte o 1.074 billion gigabytes
Internet Governance o a set of shared protocols, procedures, and technologies that evolve through common agreement among network providers
ICANN o Organization that supervises internet addressing is ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
Internet infrastructure The way networks fit together
Internet backbone o system of high-capacity routers and fiber-optic communication links providing the main routes for data speeding across the Internet
Internet service provider (ISP) o Networks that form the Internet are maintained by Internet service providers (ISPs) ISPs make a substantial investment in equipment and infrastructure to connect consumers Tier 1 ISPs own and maintain millions of dollars of data communication equipment
Internet exchange points Where ISPs exchange data
Packet Parcels of data that are sent out across a computer network that when they reach their destination they are reassembled into their original message according to sequence numbers
Circuit switching Establishes a private link between one telephone and another for the duration of a call
Packet switching Divides a message into several packets that can be routed independently to their destination
TCP Core internet protocol that is reponsible for dividing files into chunks, adding headers containing information for reassembling packets to their original order and verifying that the data was not corrupted while in transit (error checking)
IP Internet addresses are controlled by this protocol
IPv4 Standard internet address that uses 32-bit addresses
IPv6 uses 128 bits for each address and produces billions and billions of unique internet addresses
static IP address permanently assigned IP
World Wide Web collection of HTML docs, images, videos and sound files that can be linked to each other and accessed over the internet using a protocol called HTTP
Hypertext describe a computer system that could store literary documents, link them in logical relationships and allow users to comment on what they read
Web site contains a collection of related info organized and formatted so it can be accessed using a browser
Web server internet based computer that stores web site content and accepts requests from browsers
Web page based on HTML source document that is stored as a file on a web server
Hypertext links web pages that are connected by these and are typically indicated by underlined or coloured text, a photo, button, tab or object
Undirectional links document A links to document B but not vice versa
Bidirectional links connects two documents using a two-way link
URL Unique address that typically begin with to indicate the web's standard protocol
Linkrot link death, link breaking- refers to process where hyperlinks on individual websites or the internet become permanently unavailable
Short URLs created by services such as Bitly and Goo.gl
Default browser web browser automatically used when opening a web page or clicking on a web link
predictive services look ahead and anticipate what you might do. Fill in form data based on previous entries
Bookmarks Link to pages you use frequently
Browser tabs allow your browser to queue up multiple web pages so you can easily switch between them
Private IP o can be allocated by any network without supervision from ICANN – but it cannot be used to send data over the Internet; it’s not routable
Public IP local router has a public IP routable over the Internet
NAT o can be allocated by any network without supervision from ICANN – but it cannot be used to send data over the Internet; it’s not routable
Domain name easy to remember name for internet destinations
Domain name system mechanism for tracking domain names and their corresponding IP addresses
Top level domain a domain name ends with an extension indicating this; ie; .edu or .org
Domain name servers scattered around the world and maintain lists of all domain names and their corresponding IP addresses
DNS spoofing unauthorized changes to the DNS
drop box stores files in the cloud
FTP(file transfer protocol) provides a way to transfer files from one computer to another over any TCP/IP network such as LAN or Internetq
File hosting services used to store files in the cloud
BitTorrent Distributes the role of a file server across a collection of dispersed computers and is designed to reduce the bandwidth bottleneck that occurs when many people try to download the same large file
Browser cache when your browser fetches pages and graphics to form a web page it stores that material on your device in temporary file
history list sites that you've visited
Private browsing Traces of your activity are not maintained in the history list or browser cache
Plugin extends a browsers ability to work with file formats; ie; Adobe Flash Player
Browser extension adds features to a browser to to give more functionality ie; AdBlock
Web search engine computer program designed to help people locate info on the web by formulating simple queries consisting of one or more key words
Web crawler combs the web to gather data that's representative of the contents of web pages; program automated to methodically visit websites and download pages and submit them to an indexing utility for processing- sophisticated algorithms keep things from looping
Invisible web pages requiring logins and pages dynamically generated with server-side scripts
Search engine indexer software that pulls keywords from a web page and stores them in an index database to make pages easy to find on their contents
Query processor looks for your search terms in the search engine's indexed database and returns a list of relevant Web sites
How many queries does Google's query processor handle more than 45,000 queries per second; sometimes exceeding 6billion per day
Link popularity measure of the quality and quantity of the links from one page to the other
Search engine optimization can affect the ranking and visibility of web pages
Sponsored link bumped to the top positions on the results list; other search engines also accept paid ads but place them in clearly marked area
Search terms keyword queries
search operator word or symbol that describes a relationship between search terms and helps to create a more focused query
search history stored in server logs on the search engine's computers
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