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Quiz Review 4-11

TCM Basic Theory

Tinnitus and a red tongue without a coating would be enough to diagnose what advanced form of Yin deficiency? Yin deficiency with empty-heat blazing
If ____ is deficient, not enough ___ is generated to fill the brain. Kidney Essence; marrow
What is the main symptom of stomach Qi deficiency? tiredness
What stomach pattern is associated with Spleen Yang deficiency? Stomach Deficient and Cold
Describe the pulse of stomach Yin deficiency with heat. floating-empty, slightly rapid
Describe tongue signs of stomach Yin deficiency with heat. red without coating in center
What is the cardinal symptom of Stomach Qi stagnation? epigastric distention
Phlegm and Fire in the Stomach can affect the mind and cause what severe mental state? Manic depression
Name the pattern having sudden pain in the epigastrium and a tight pulse. Cold invading the stomach
List 3 symptoms of Stomach Qi Rebellion vomiting, burping, hiccupping, difficulty swallowing
A blocked nose and yellow nasal discharge are due to ____ on the face. Damp-Heat in the Stomach Channel
Epigastric fullness, sour regurgitation, and a thick tongue coating are enough to diagnose what stomach pattern? Retention of food in Stomach
List 3 symptoms of blood stasis in the Stomach. severe, stabbing epigastric pain that may be worse at night, dislike of pressure, nausea, vomiting, possibly vomiting of blood, vomiting of food looking like coffee grounds, purple tongue, wiry pulse
Abdominal pain, tongue ulcers and scanty, painful, dark urine are enough to diagnose what small intestine pattern? full heat in the small intestine
Small Intestine Qi pain is usually related to stagnation of ___ invading ____. Liver Qi; spleen
List 3 symptoms of Small Intestine Qi tied. severe abdominal pain, dislike of pressure, abdominal distention, constipation, vomiting, borborygmus, flatulence
Name the 4 types of worms that infest the small intestine. 1. Roundworms 2. pinworms 3. hookworms 4. tape worms
Describe the pulse signs in small intestine deficient and cold. deep, weak and slow
Describe the tongue signs in small intestine deficient and cold. pale body with a white coating
What is the pattern having abdominal pain and diarrhea with mucus and blood in the stools? Damp-Heat in large intestine
List 3 symptoms of heat in the Large Intestine. constipation with dry stools, burning sensation in the mouth, dry tongue, burning and swelling in the anus, scanty dark urine. Full rapid pulse. Tongue with thick yellow, dry coating.
Name the Large Intestine pattern corresponding to heat in the Bright Yang stage of the 6 Stages. Heat Obstructing the Large Intestine
Extreme Heat can mist the mind and cause ____. Delirium
Abdominal pain, diarrhea, and a feeling of cold are enough to diagnose what Large Intestine pattern? Cold invading the Large Intestine
Irregular dietary habits that deplete Yin lead to ____ of the Stomach and Large Intestine. dryness
Large Intestine deficient cold is basically the same as what Spleen pattern? Spleen Yang deficiency
What are the 2 causes of Collapse of Large Intestine? 1. sinking of Spleen Qi 2. Chronic Qi deficiency of Spleen, Stomach, and Large Intestine
Hypochondrial fullness, heaviness, and a unilateral tongue coating are enough to diagnose what pattern? Dampness in the Gall Bladder
Describe the pulse signs for damp-heat in the Gall Bladder. slippery, wiry, rapid
Describe the tongue signs for damp-heat in the Gall Bladder. thick, sticky yellow coating, either bilateral in two strips or unilateral
List 2 of the symptoms of the mental state when the Gall Bladder is deficient. nervousness, lack of courage and initiative, indecision, timidity
Urinary burning, dark urine, and difficult urination are enough to diagnose what Bladder pattern? Damp-Heat in the Bladder
Describe the urine of Damp Cold in the Bladder. pale and turbid
What is the most frequent precursor of Bladder deficiency and cold? Kidney-Yang deficiency
Created by: APrenger