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Milestone key terms

Connotative meaning a meaning beyond the explicit or literal meaning of a word (for example, "childlike" connotative innocence as well as youth)
First person Point of Vieiw when the story is told by the person in the story (I went to the store.)
Compare and Coontrast an organizational structure in which similarities and differences are described or explained
Audience the person who will be reading a piece of writing; it should always be considered when writing, as the author needs to communicate clearly with the audience
Multimedia a variety of mediums used together to produce a single presentation (writing, art, presentations, photos, charts, videos, and more)
Authors Purpose the reason for the author's writing: it can be to persuade, inform, explain, or entertain (or a combination of these)
Third Person Point of View when a narrator tells the story (He went to the store.)
Problem and solution an organizational structure in which a problem is introduced and solutions to the problem are then suggested
Formating the way in which writing is organized on paper (such as titles, subtitles, font choices)
Second Person Point of View when the story is about you (You went to the store.)
Sequential order An organizational structure in which events are told in a logical order or step-by-step
Chronological Order an organizational structure in which events are told in order by the time in which they occured
Theme the lesson or message of story; it will be a "universal truth" that does not apply specifically to the story
Coordinating Adjectives two adjectives in a row that modify a noun and usually need a comma between them (It was a bright, sunny day.)
Independent Clause a clause that can stand alone as a sentence, it does NOT start with a subordinating conjunction (She is at the store.)
Misplaced Modifiers a word, phrase, or clause that is improperly separated from the word it modifies (describes)
Clause a group of words that contains a complete subject and verb, used to construct sentences; there are two types of clauses: independent and dependent (subordinate)
Anology a comparison of two things that are somehow alike or different (Just like soldiers use weapons, writers use pens) This could also be written as SOLDIERS:WEAPONS::WRITERS:PENS and read as "Soldiers are to weapons as writers are to pens."
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