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Le Weekend

DF Bleu Unité 7

Qu’est-ce que tu vas faire? What are you going to do?
le matin in the morning
l'après-midi in the afternoon
le soir in the evening
le weekend the weekend
le weekend prochain next weekend
Qu’est-ce que tu vas faire samedi? What are you going to do Saturday?
texter to text
en ville in town
faire le shopping to go shopping
voir un film to see a movie
faire mes devoirs to do my homework
réparer mon vélo to fix my bike
faire du vélo to ride my bike
preparer le dîner to make dinner
aider mes parents to help my parents
laver la voiture to wash the car
nettoyer le garage to clean the garage
ranger ma chamber to clean my room
surfer sur l’internet to go online
jouer aux jeux vidéo to play video games
travailler to work
faire du sport play sports
dans les magasins at the store
au centre commercial at the mall
au cinema at the movies
au café at the café
au stade at the stadium
faire des achats to go shopping
louer un film to rent a movie
voir un film to see a movie
rencontrer des copains to meet up with friends
assister à un match to go to a game
faire un pique-nique to have a picnic
avant before
pendant during
après after
sortir avec des amis to hang out with friends
jouer un instrument to play an instrument
aller to go
je vais I am going
tu vas you are going
il va he is going
elle va she is going
nous allons we are going
vous allez you all are going
ils vont they are going
elles vont they (f) are going
Created by: Madame Shea