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Chapter 18

Excommunicate Outcasts of the Church
Crusade Long series of wars between Christians and Muslims
Holy land Where Jesus lived
King Richard King of England
Clergey Church officials
Religious order A group of people who dedicate their lives to religion and follow common rules
Friars People who lived in religious orders that worked and lived with the general public
Magna Carta Document that lists rights that kings cannot ignore
Parliament Lawmaking body
Hundred Years war Ling conflict between England and France
Black Death Deadly plague that spread through Europe
Joan of Ark French Peasant girl
Heresy Religious ideas that oppose church teaching
Reconquista Efforts to retake Spain from the Moors
King Ferdinand King of Spain
Queen Isabella Queen of Spain
Spanish Inquisition Organization of Priests that looked out for and punished anyone who practiced their old religion
Created by: ClaudeRomshak