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Ach L: Between post ganglionin neuron & effector cell membrane F: ANS response ( Parasympathetic)
Histamine L: ANS F: GI Motility
Seratonin L: Brainstem F: Excitatory to ms, inhibitory to sensation Mood Regulation Levels of Wakefulness Modulation of pain perception & learning Regulates CHO Metabolism Hypothalamic Realeasinh Hormone
Epinephrine L: ANS -> Effector cell membrane F: 80% Hormonal
Norepinephrine L: Brainstem F: Setting levels of neural activity underlying behavioral sates ( mood, attention) regulates emotion, arousal responses
Dopamine L: Substantia F: Voluntary motor integration Inhibits post synaptic neurons , emotional behavior
Gaba/Glycine L: CNS F:Invokes IPSP , hyperpolarizes stabilizes plasma membrane
Glutamate/ Aspartate F: invokes EPSP depolarizes , learning memory , neural devel
Endorphins/ Enkephalins F: Pain regulators ( analgesics); relief of pain w/o LOC; releaded from descending pathways -> bind opiate receptors -> block substance P release
Substance P F: used in transmission of pain-prod stimuli; released in damage tissue
No/Co F: intercellular messenger functions in communcation networks in neural endocrine immunne systems : memory & learning
Ach L: @ NM junction between preganglionic & postganglionis neurons F : Skeletal Ms Contraction & ANS response ( Sympathetic )
Ach L: CNS F: Language, Perceptual abilities, Memory
Sertonin XS: Insomnia, hallcucinations D: Depression, OCD, Mao
Dopamine XS: Schizoprehnia D: Parkinson's Disease
Glutamate/ Aspartate XS: Toxcity in "CVA"
Ach D: Alzheimer's Ach-esteras
Norepinephrine D: Depression , COMT MAO
Epinephrine D: COMT MAO
GABA/ Glycine D: Anxiety disorders, Epilepsy
Created by: lin_linxo