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Humanities/ Plutarch's Lives Quiz

Why does Lycurgus go to Delphi? What ends up happening there? Lycurgus goes to Delphi to make sure the government is as good as it could be. He ends his life there
Why does Lycurgus make this decision at Delphi? So Sparta will stay the same; he thought of it as a virtue
According to Plutarch, what is the role of obedience in Spartan society? Sparta soldiers obey there leaders; the leaders' reward of obedience was high; good state/ obedient men
In the last two paragraphs, what does Plutarch praise Lycurgus for? He was the best governor in Sparta; the gods favor him by the lightening bolt; how Lycurgus dies/ starving himself
to strengthen or support corroborate, n
to regard as arising from a particular cause, source, or agent attribute, n
to guess conjecture, v
the quality of being old or ancient antiquity, n
going beyond what is right or proper presumptuous, adj
obstruct the progress of impede, v
practicing or marked by economy frugal, n
to improve by correcting errors reform, v
to make a judgment about assess, v
the group of elders; combination of 3 things: 1. mixed monarchy (2 Kings) 2. oligarchy (28 elders) 3. democracy (the assembly) 1st reform
redistribution of the land; accompanied by monetary reform-iron instead of gold or silver- and the expulsion crafts 2nd reform
institution of common messes 3rd reform
three schemes 1. there is to be no written law 2. only areas as a saws to be used in constructing a house 3. ban on repeated campaigns on the same luxury 4th reform
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