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Video Editing CDA

Review for CDA

Goal in the process of video editing to ensure every scene has a seamless flow
4 basic editing principles context, ethics, continuity, complexity
Editing technique used to create the illusion of being somewhere you are not chroma key
Best color for chroma key green
Shooting technique when you swing the camera left to right or right to left pan
shot that is taken when you are moving in front or behind the subject dolly
tool in Premiere Pro that lets you splice or cut a video razor tool
Guideline that says an image should be imagined at divided into 9 equal parts and that importan rule of thirds
an abrupt transition from one shot to another cut transition
overlapping transition between scenes where one image fades out as another fades in dissolve transition
shot that is taken at a considerable distance from the subject, typically including the entire body long shot
shot that is very up close and personal, often includes just mouth or eyes extreme close up shot
shot from the waist up medium shot
chosen point in a scene, a particular frame is printed