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Chapter 9 Terms

PC Maintenance

A+ Certification an industry recognized certification for PC repair technician
Technical Documentation a slightly more indepth version of a users manual
Expert System is designed and written to help solve problems
Ticket a form that holds the users information as well as the information of the system needing technical support
Call Tracking software to track the progress of a ticket
License when you purchase genuine software you are buying the license to use it legally
Copyright intended to prevent the unauthorized reproduction of media
Software Piracy making illegal copies of of the original software
Chain Of Custody documentation that shows a trail of illegal activity
Hypervisor a program that manages a virtual workstation
Hardware-Assisted Virtualization enhances the processor support for virtual machines and must be enabled in BIOS setup
HTPC Cases small cases that are made to sit on a shelf or an entertainment center
Virtualization Server a virtual desktop for users on multiple client machines
Thick Client another word for desktop or laptop used as a virtualization client
Thin Client a tiny computer that has an operating system and it only needs to have a browser so it can communicate with the server.
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