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TCD test

JING FANG BAI DU SAN actions: expels wind-cold, drains damp, relieves pain, releases exterior, promotes sweating
JING FANG BAI DU SAN indication: exterior wind-cold-damp
YIN QIAO SAN actions: releases exterior heat, relieves toxicity, generates fluids, alleviates thirst, alleviates sore throat
YIN QIAO SAN indication: exterior wind-heat/early-stage warm-febrile disease attacking the Lungs
XIAO QING LONG TANG actions: releases exterior, warms interior, arrests wheezing, transforms congested fluids, stops coughing
XIAO QING LONG TANG indication: asthma d/t invasion of Lung by wind-cold
JIN GUI SHEN QI WAN actions: warms Kidney Yang, tonifies Blood, tonifies Essence, tonifies LIV & SP
JIN GUI SHEN QI WAN indications: asthma d/t Kidney Yang Deficiency
GUI PI TANG actions: tonifies SP, dries dampness, calms the spirit
GUI PI TANG indications: bleeding d/t Qi failing to secure Blood (palpitations, bleeding, insomnia)
CHAI HU SHU GAN SAN actions: course Liver, rectify Qi, tonify Blood, tonify SP Qi, moves Blood, stops pain
CHAI HU SHU GAN SAN indications: constraint & clumping of Liver Qi
XIAO YAO SAN actions: nourish Blood, softens the Liver, strengthens SP
XIAO YAO SAN indications: Liver Qi Stagnation w/ Blood Def. + SP Qi Def.
GAN MAI DA ZAO TANG actions: nourishes Heart, calms spirit
GAN MAI DA ZAO TANG indications: restless organ disorder
ingredients in TIAN MA GOU TENG YIN Tian Ma, Gou Teng, Shi Jue Ming, Shan Zhi Zi, Huang Qin, Chuan Niu Xi, Du Zhong, Yi Mu Cao, Sang Ji Sheng, Ye Jiao Teng, Fu Shen
TIAN MA GOU TENG YIN actions: calm Liver, extinguish wind, clear heat, tonify Liver & Kidney, calm spirit
TIAN MA GOU TENG YIN indications: Liver Yang Rising w/ internal Liver Wind (HA, dizziness, HTN)
TONG XIE YAO FANG actions: stengthens SP, dries damp, harmonizes LIV & SP
TONG XIE YAO FANG indications: painful diarrhea d/t LIV --> SP
Created by: lilsteph82