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Anthem Chapter Quest

English I CP- Anthem, by Ayn Rand Chapter Questions

What do the laws of this society say about writing? it is a sin to write things down on paper
List four laws of this society: 1. no men can be alone, 2. light is precious and should not be wasted, 3. all men must be alike, 4.never speak of the times before the rebirth - the Unmentionable Times
What is the name of the person telling this story? Equality 7-2521
What is the body of all truth? (p.20) All men are good and wise.
What is the "Great Truth"? (p.20) All men are one and there is no will save the will of all men together.
How was Equality 7-2521 guilty of the "Great Transgression of Preference"? (p.17) they wanted to be sent to the House of the Scholars
What did the Council of Vocations assign to Equality as his life mandate? Street Sweeper
What happens at age 40? They are sent to the House of the Useless
Why was International 4-8818 sent to the Home of the Street Sweepers? (p.29) they were different, tall, strong youth who smiled without reason
Why did International 4-8818 say it was forbidden to enter the "hole" even if the Council did not know it? (p.31) the Council has to pass a law for them to be allowed to enter the hole - everything that is not permitted is forbidden
Why did International 4-8818 go along with Equality 7-2521 and not report the hole to the Council? they convinced them not to by
How did Equality 7-2521 secretly visit the hole? During the three hour social recreation they would crawl under their chair and slip under the tent once the lights were off
For what purposes did Equality 7-2521 use the hole? to conduct secret experiments to discover things, invent their box, hide and talk
Why did Equality 7-2521 dare not to speak Liberty 5-3000's name aloud? they were forbidden to speak to women or about them
Hw did Equality 7-2521 meet Liberty 5-3000? When Liberty 5-3000 was working in the field Equality 7-2521 was sweeping the northern road, he stopped to watch and did a few times before Liberty finally went over to the fence and they talked
What is Equality 7-2521's second Transgression of Preference? liking Equality 5-3000 better than the others
Who is the Golden One? Liberty 5-3000
How do Liberty 5-3000 and Equality 7-2521 feel about each other? They are attracted to each other and like each other better then the others.
What emotion does Equality 7-2521 not feel when he s in the tunnel? fear
What is the "Unchartered Forest"?
Created by: ldorso
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