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Chemistry as it pertains to Phlebotomy

What are analytes? Substances being analyzed.
What 2 analytes are mostly sent to the chemistry lab? Serum & Plasma
Break down and define the word Hyperglycemic. Hyper-elevated Gly-glucose Cemic-bloodElevated blood sugar
What is Quality Assurance? Every aspect of the patients testing from time it was ordered until results are posted on the patients chart.
What steps of QA is pre-analytical? Patient preparation. specimen collection. Handling. Storage. Delivery
What steps of QA is analytical? Specimen processing/testing/reporting
What steps of QA is post-analytical? posting of results & evaluation.
What are the 4 tubes commonly used for Chem tests? Grey (plasma). ***SST (serum)***Green, heparin (plasma)****Red, none (serum)
Is plasma and serum intercellular fluids or extracellular fluids? Extracellular
What is the difference between Plasma and serum? Plasma contains fibrinogen. Serum does NOT contain fibrinogen.
Give three reasons a specimen is deemed unacceptable. Hemolysis-breakage of RBCs. Gycolysis-sits too long before separation. Improper collection.
Potassium is a major intracellular component. Why is that important to know as a phlebotomist? What can happen? Hemolysis breaks the RBC and K (potassium) is released to the plasma.A high number indicated heart attack.
What are common electrolytes? Sodium, potassium, chloride, COs
What are some common causes of Hemolysis? difficult draw. Forcing blood through small needle(syringe). Specimen handling (shaking)transport issuesmix w/ iv drips
Define glycolysis breakdown of sugar
What happens to a blood sample that does not get centrifuged in a timely manner? glycolysis continues, and the glycose levels decrease at a rate of 2-3% per hour.
give 3 examples of how to prevent glycolysis. Use grey top tube. Additive will stop the breakdown.**Separate quickly.**Use SST tube and separate.
Give a common test for the Pituitaty glands. TSH
Give a test example for the Thyroid. T4, TSH
Give an example of a test involving the Parathyroid. Calcium
Give and example of a blood test for the lungs. CO2
Give an example of a test for the heart. Na (sodium)--- K (potassium)---CKMB (creatnine)--- Trop (troponin)
Give some examples of tests for the liver. Bilirubin, ALT, AST, GGT, Alk Phos
What is a common test for the adrenal glands? Cortisol
Give 2 test common for the pancreas. Amylase, Lipase
What are some tests usually associated with the ovaries? HCG, FSH, LH
What are some tests usually associated with the testes? HCG, testosterone
What are some common therapeautic drugs that are monitored by blood tests? Antiepileptic. anatiaarrhytimic. antibiotics. antidepressants. immunosuppressants
When should you draw blood for therapeutic drug levels/ At its peak.
Created by: Leilac