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Eckley COTW Vocab

List of Call of the Wild vocabulary

brumal adj.-happening or occurring in winter
ferine adj.- feral or savage
demesne n.- possession and use of one's land
progeny n.- children
conciliated v.- to bring together
soliloquized v.-to ask ones self
primordial adj.-in a first or original state
wheeler n.- harnessed next to the wheels/blades of a cart or sled
malignant adj.- evil
malingerer n.- one who fakes and illness or injury to avoid responsibility
acuteness n.- a sharpness
cadences n.- rhythmic beat or measure
divined v.- discover something by guess or intuition
score n.- a group of 20
wraith n.- ghost of living or dead person
precipitate v.- to foresee, instigate, or initiate
inexorable adj.- not capable of being persuaded
obdurate adj.- persistent wrongdoing
celerity adj.- swiftness or quickness
lugubriously adv.- to be pathetically sad or mournful
callowness n.-immature and/or inexperienced
slovenly adj./adv. - carelessness in personal appearance or work
irresolutely adv.- undecided or without resolution
evinced v.-having shown a convincing demonstration
waxed v.-to gradually increase in size or intensity
peremptorily adv.- no opportunity for denial or refusal
rent n.- a tear
conjure v.- to make something appear
pertinacity n.- the act of persistence
usurp v.- to take something by force
incarnate adj.- embody in a human form
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