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Honors EN 9 TVocab 2

Honors English 9: 4Y Tone Vocab List: ll

Apathetic not having or showing any emotion or interest. (ex: Janet was apathetic while everyone else was praising her colleague.)
Audacious overly confident, daring, and/or bold; not thinking twice about making bold decisions. (ex: Phil made the audacious last minute decision to kiss Janet just 2 hours before she left for college.)
Belligerent overly angry and/or aggressive to the point of wanting to fight. (ex: Phil became extremely belligerent when he found out that his brother tried to break up his relationship with his girlfriend.
Condescending openly conveying a patronizing attitude suggesting that you are more intelligent/better than those around you; a tone of superiority. (ex: Ethyn held up a condescending attitude in order to ignore his hardships.)
Facetious something that is said that is intended to be funny/amusing but is actually regarded as annoying, silly, or simply improper. (ex: Kaylie's attempt at being amusing was a failure and her professor simply found her to be facetious.)
Haughty displaying an insulting attitude of being better than everyone else; having a demeanor of superiority; disdainful; displaying a demeanor of being full of yourself. (ex: She was shocked to find him acting haughty yesterday morning.)
Indignant displaying anger/hatred towards something that you feel is unfair or wrong; extremely angry. (ex: Janet wrote an indignant letter to her mother, explaining how she thought her mom was reacting outrageously.)
Grave Significantly serious; having a dignified quality/demeanor. (ex: Kaylie had grave doubts about Ethyn's honesty.)
Melancholy a grave sense of sadness/unhappiness. (ex: as she glanced up at the grey sky, Janet couldn't help but feel melancholy. The dark clouds made her remember her hardships.)
Morose displaying a sullen or gloomy attitude, becoming moody because of negative emotions such as sadness or depression. (ex: She laid across her chair, her mind blank apart from the morose state that she currently found herself in. She only wanted to help.)
Ominous suggesting that something bad/unfortunate is going to happen in the future. (ex: The ominous wind alerted Kaylie that a huge storm could arrive at any minute.)
Staid that act of being boring, old-fashioned, or dreadfully uninteresting. (ex: the professor's staid demeanor made the students feel like they're slowly rotting in their seats. Slow monotonous voice? no? mk. xD )
Created by: toastyghosty