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Random Trivia

Which is the most densely populated country in the world? Monaco
How many years did prohibition last in the US? 13
By what common name is sodium bicarbonate otherwise known? Baking Soda
What 1904 play was subtitled "The Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up"? Peter Pan
What does the "J" stand for in the name of rapper LL Cool J? James
Which actor plays Tony Montana in Scarface? Al Pacino
What letter in the alphabet is the only one with more than one syllable? W
What is the largest member of the deer family living in the US? The moose
In what year was David Bowie awarded the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award? 2006
What is the literary term for a word that is spelled the same backwards as it is forwards? Palindrome
What is the capital of Denmark? Copenhagen
What is the chemical symbol for potassium? K
What name is given to the closest star to the Earth? The Sun
What is the number of the Mobile Army Surgical Hospital in "M*A*S*H"? 4077
What is the Japanese word for "harbor wave"? Tsunami
In what year did Michelangelo finish painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel? 1512
What is the capital of South Korea? Seoul
What astronomical aid takes its name from Greek words meaning "far seeing"? Telescope
Which US president was better known as "Ike"? Dwight D. Eisenhower
Which U.S. President later became Chief Justice on the Supreme Court? William Howard Taft
What is the chemical symbol for Silver? Ag
What US road sign is typically shaped like a triangle? Yield
What animal is Indiana Jones afraid of? Snakes
Which planet was originally known as the Georgian Star? Uranus
The city of Chicago lies in which state? Illinois
What was Al Capone's nickname? Scarface
Who is the director of the movie "Jurassic Park"? Steven Spielberg
What is added to copper to make bronze? Tin
Who won a Pulitzer Prize for his novel "The Old Man and the Sea"? Ernest Hemingway
In the TV show "The Simpsons", what is the name of the Springfield bowling alley? Barney's Bowl-A-Rama
Which river separates Mexico from the US? Rio Grande
The material nylon is named after which 2 cities? New York and London
Created by: brandoncorder