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IDT Web Design

Web Design Concepts

identifies the subject or purpose of the web page title
is the first and last tag used in all HTML documents html
another name for bulleted lists unordered list
a name for a numbered list ordered list
is used with the <img> tag in order to identify the URL or location of an image on the internet src
a type of image extension that is used to represent complex images such as photographs jpeg or jpg
---code is the name of the code or instructions used to creaete a web page or website on the World Wide Web Source
a basic text editor installed with Windows that you can use for simple documents or for creating web pages using HTML notepad++
these kinds of links are the most commonly used text hyperlinks
HTML files can be saved using these extensions .html or htm
to view the latest version of a web page in the browser, you can --- it refresh
the primary way you move from page to page on the internet (navigate) is through hyperlinks
used to start off different paragraphs of text or sections headings
the --- of a web page displays the information that is displayed in the browser window body
the tag used to create a hyperlink is <a href=>
the tag used to add an item to a list is LI
in order to add color to an entire web page you would use this tag bgcolor
in order to change the background and text color for the entire page you would place the tags in the----tag body
In order to change the color and style of individual words or sentences you would use which tags font tags
to add a single dividing line to a page HR
to add a single space or line break you would use BR
to double space your text use the P tags
the command for a bulleted list is UL
the tag for a numbered list is OL
which two tags do not need to be closed? BR and HR
the tag used for the largest heading h1
the smallest heading size h6
HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language
Created by: janice ritchey