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Quiz Review 3-28

TCM Basic Theory

Which emotion slows Heart Qi? Joy
Which emotion raises Heart Qi? Anger
Which emotion depletes Heart Qi? Sadness and Grief
Which emotion knots Heart Qi? Worry
List 4 of the 6 functions of the heart. 1. Governs Blood 2. controls the blood vessels 3. manifests in complexion 4. houses the mind 5. opens to the tongue 6. controls sweat
List 4 symptoms of Heart Qi deficiency. palpitations, shortness of breath on exertion, pale face, spontaneous sweating, tiredness, slight depression
Describe a knotted pulse. a deep, weak, slow pulse that stops at irregular intervals.
When deficient heart yang advances what cardiac symptom may arise? angina pectoris or congestive heart failure
What is the diagnostic significance of a hidden pulse? it reflects the severity of yang deficiency
What pattern corresponds to cardiac infarction? Collapse of Heart Yang
List 3 symptoms of Heart Blood deficiency. palpitations, dizziness, insomnia, dream disturbed sleep, poor memory, anxiety, propensity to be startled, dull-pale complexion, pale lips
Deficiencies of Heart Blood and Heart Yang both make the tongue pale. What differentiates these two conditions? Heart Blood = dry tongue; Heart Yang Deficiency = wet tongue
Yin deficiency pulses are rapid and weak. List 2 other possible characteristics floating and thin
The bitter taste caused by heart fire arises at what time of day or night? the morning after a sleepless night
In heart fire blazing, the dark urine is due to transmission of fire from the heart to which two channels? Small intestine and urinary bladder
Manic depression is generally attributed to what pattern of the heart? Phlegm Fire harassing the heart
List 3 symptoms of phlegm misting the mind. mental confusion, slurred speech, incoherent speech, lethargic stupor, mental depression
What is the only cause of heart Qi stagnation? emotional stress
List the only 2 heart patterns that involve chest pain. Heart Blood stasis, Heart Vessel obstruction
What 3 characteristics of the Pericardium differentiate it from Heart Patterns? 1. involves the lung channel. 2. involves chest physiology 3. involves the liver channel
Heat in the Pericardium resides at which of the 4 levels? Nutritive Qi level
Describe the pulse and tongue signs of blood deficiency of the pericardium. The pulse is choppy and fine. The tongue is pale, thin, and dry
Palpitations, chest tightness, bitter taste and insomnia are enough to diagnose what pericardium pattern? Pericardium fire
Fire harasses the mind whereas phlegm ____ the mind. obstructs
Which pericardium pattern is always from emotional strain? Qi stagnation
Because the Pericardium channel goes to the center of the chest, it influences the gathering Qi in 2 organs. What are they? Heart and lungs
Pain in the chest and arm are due to ____ pattern in the pericardium. Blood stasis
List any 4 functions of the liver. 1. stores blood 2. ensures smooth flow of Qi 3. controls the sinews 4. manifests in the nails 5. opens to the eyes 6. controls the tears 7. houses the Ethereal Soul (Hun) 8. affected by anger
What 2 exterior pathogenic factors affect the liver? Wind and Dampness
List 4 symptoms of Liver Qi stagnation. feeling of distention of hypochondrium, chest, epigastrium or abdomen; sighing, feeling of fullness, moodiness, unhappiness
What tends to develop when Liver Qi stagnates over a long period of time? Liver Blood stasis
In which direction does Liver Qi rebel? Vertically and horizontally
List 3 symptoms of Liver Blood stasis. hypochondrial pain, abdominal pain, vomiting of blood, epistaxis, painful periods, irregular periods, purple nails, purple lips, dry skin
Which Liver pattern has a red tongue, red sides, yellow coating and a full, rapid, wiry pulse? Liver Fire blazing
Identify the Liver pattern causing most STD pelvic infections. Damp- Heat in the Liver
What Liver pattern causes male or female genital contractions? stagnation of cold
Name the 2 extraordinary channels dependent on Liver blood. Ren Mai and Chong Mai
Throbbing headaches and a wiry pulse are enough to diagnose what Liver pattern? Liver Yang Rising
List 3 symptoms of Liver Wind. tremors, tics, seizures, convulsions, numbness
Created by: APrenger