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Greek 5


gastr stomach
cardi heart
odont Tooth
pod foot
cephal head
gloss , glott tongue , language
derm , dermat skin
thorax , thorac chest
osteo bone
itis , itic inflammation
poly many
neur nerves
dender , dendr tree
phyt plant
anth flower
phyll leaf
sperm , spermat , spor seed , sowing
phag eat
phor , phora , pher , phorus bear , carry , produce
oid , oidal resembling
chlor green
andr , ander man
gyn , gynec woman
therap cure
ped child , instruction
iatry , iatrist , iatric healing
plas , plasm , plast mold , form , shape , substance
cyto , cyte cell
ortho right , straight , correct
gno , gnos to know
dynam , dyn power , force
polit , polis city , citizen
ornith bird
entom insect
ichthy fish
herp reptile
Archa , archae , paleo ancient
Neo new
Stat Stop , stand
Hem , Em Blood
Rrhea , rhag , rrh , Rheo Flow , burst , gush
Crypt Hidden , Concealed
Toxic , tox poison
Sept , seps Poison from decay
Xeno Strange , foreign
Eu good
caco bad
Biblio , bibl book
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