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Lit 9 R&J Sc 1 and 2

Vocab, Prologue, Quotes, comprehensions of Sc. 1 and 2

What were the less wealthy spectators called when they attended a play in Shakespeare's Day? Groundlings
What was the ground near the stage called? The pit
Most of Shakespeare's plays were performed in what theatre? The Globe
What was very interesting about all the actors in the plays during that time period in England? The were all played by men or boys, even the girl's roles were played by males.
The sixteenth century was really what time period? 1500 - 1599
What was the Elizabethan popcorn that the spectators ate during performances Hazelnuts
How many plays have been published by Shakespeare? 37
Shakespeare was originally from... Stratford -0n-Avon, England
Shakespeare was married and had three children, but he left them for almost 20 years to pursue his dreams in... London
He earned his money three ways... Acting, Playwrighting, and the Money earned by the Acting Company since he was co-owner
In his early years of writing plays he wrote many comedies and histories, and two tragedies, one being Romeo and Juliet
all of his plays were published together in one volume in 1623, how many years after his death 7
How many copies were printed of that first edition of his plays? 1000
Round character a character that has many personality traits. like a real person
Flat character one-dimensional, embodying only a single trait.
Shakespeare used flat characters usually for... comic relief
Dramatic Foil a character who highlights the traits of another character through contrast. In other words, a character who shows what another character is like becuase he/she is so different from that other character.
text aids the numbered explanations of Shakespeare's language that appear alonside the text
pernicious causing great injury or ruin
transgression wrongdoing; sin
heretics those who hold to a belief opposed to the established teachgins of a church
augmenting increasing; enlarging
greivance injustice
Escalus Prince of Verona
Paris young count who is betrothed to Juliet
Montague Head Father of the family
Romeo son of Montague
Benvoliop nephew to Montague and friend to Romeo
Tybalt nephew to Lady Capulet
Lady Montague wife to Montague
Lady Capulet wife to Capulet
Capulet head of the house of Capulet; father
Rosaline girl who has broken Romeo's heart
"Do you bite your thumb at us sir?" What does this mean? Do you give us an insulting bad gesture with your hand. Kind of like giving the middle finger
"From ancient grudge break to new mutiny." From an old feud, a new fight starts to begin
"A pair of star-crossed lovers take their life" a couple whose lives are doomed are going to get killed in this play
Created by: Mrs. Sutherland



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