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Philips Heartstream AED *blue green seal intact *presence of alternating dark square /hour glass shape in status indicator window
Medtronic Life Pak AED *Gray OK *indicates normal operation *battery is installed properly *power is off
Defibtech AED *Blue/green seal intact *green flashing light indicator is on
Low Profile Seat cushion In place at all outboard window exits
Passenger Life Vests Verify and counted in place
Crew Life Vest in place
Demo Life Vest in place
Demo equipment in place
Window Emergengy Exit Handle cover in place/ installed properly
Braille In Flight Safety In Place EFM Holder
EEMK Blue/green seal in tact right aft bin
EFM In place Fault repots and E19 items, if present
ELT secured properly secure toggle switch
Evacuation Preparation In place located near each FA station,more than one EPC may be installed in a single holder
First Aid Kit Lead wire/ green Seal intact
Flashlight near jumpseat flashing red light
Halon Extinguisher green gauge full, seal intact
infant life vest verify inplace correct number
interphone system 7.2.45
jumpseat *seat automatically retracts when not occupied *Seat belt/harness are operational and in good condition
trash chute flaps spring loaded flap must close and seal
trash compartment door door under sink must close and securely latch
lavatory supplies adequate paper product soap
flushing mechanism operational
Medical Communication Headset 7.2.17
Megaphone Securely mounted sound
Onboard Wheelchair in place
PBE Seals intact
PO2 1500-1800psi mask and tubing in good condition securely plugged in outlet gauge indicates bottle full
PSU 7.3.32
Polar Gear Seal on duffel bag in tact
Red Pouch Blue seal in tact
Seat Belt Extensions in place correct number
Security Kit Locked inside AED EEMK metal container
Spare life vest
Survival Kits near jumpseat**
Wheelchair Accesible Lav Key
Created by: SUZETTE 817
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