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Graphics Key Terms

All the key terms from the glossary in the CGP Graphic Design Book

adhesive Something used to STICK THINGS TOGETHER
anthropometrics BODY measurement data
batch A set number of identical products that are MADE TOGETHER
binding Used to HOLD SHEETS OF PAPER TOGETHER in the form of a book
biodegradable Something that will DECAY OVER TIME
board THICK PAPER weighing over 200 grams per square metre (200gsm)
BSI British Standards Institution. It SETS STANDARDS for the QUALITY and SAFETY of products and methods. A product that meets these standards can display the KITEMARK
built-in obsolescence When something is designed so that it BECOMES USELESS or OUT OF DATE quickly
colour fusion When tiny dots of DIFFERENT COLOURS really close together BLEND INTO A NEW COLOUR
complementary Colours found OPPOSITE eachother on the colour wheel
contrasting Colours that STAND OUT against eachother
copyright LEGAL PROTECTION which PREVENTS COPYING of written, drawn or recorded work
corporate identity The IMAGE that people have of a COMPANY, e.g. it's personality, style and brand
corrugated With a RIDGED or GROOVED surface
crating DRAWING IN 3D by starting with a BOX and taking bits off or adding bits on
design brief The INSTRUCTIONS that the client gives the designer about what they ant the product to be like
design specification A LIST OF CONDITIONS that a product should meet
ergonomic EASY and COMFORTABLE for people to USE
finishes PROTECT A PRODUCT from dirt and damage and IMPROVE IT'S LOOKS
finite A resource that will RUN OUT EVENTUALLY e.g. crude oil
fixings Used to hold different components of a product TOGETHER
geometric SIMPLE, REGULAR SHAPES like squares or circles
gsm GRAMS PER SQUARE METRE, the way of showing the thickness of paper or board
hue Another word for COLOUR
input device Something used to ENTER DATA into a computer e.g. a scanner
laminated COVERED with a layer of ANOTHER MATERIAL
manufacturing specification A specification that tells a manufacturer exactly HOW TO MAKE A PRODUCT
market research Asking a target market what they LIKE or DISLIKE about a product to help you with design
output device Something used to transfer data out of a computer, often as a HARD COPY or product
patent LEGAL PROTECTION that prevents people copying the design of a new INVENTION
perspective drawing A Drawing in 3D, so that things that are FURTHER AWAY look SMALLER
pictorial drawing Drawing in 3D
product life-cycle The STAGES a product goes through, from introduction to evolution or decline
prototype A full-size, working, one-off model of a design. Built to allow EVALUATION of the product before starting manufacturing in quantity.
registered design LEGAL PROTECTION that prevents someone copying a design's SHAPE and APPEARANCE
rendering Adding SHADING and/or COLOUR to a drawing to make it look more realistic
smart material A material that CHANGES IT'S PROPERTIES in response to a change in the environment
sustainable A process or material that can be used without causing PERMANENT DAMAGE to the environment or using up FINITE RESOURCES
tessellation Fitting as MANY ETS AS POSSIBLE on to a piece of material to reduce waste
thermochromic Materials that CHANGE COLOUR WITH HEAT
thermoplastics Plastics that can be MELTED and RE-SHAPED over and over again
trademark LEGAL PROTECTION that prevents people copying the SYMBOLS, LOGOS OR SLOGANS that represent a company
vanishing point A point in the distance (usually the horizon) where PARALLEL LINES seem to MEET
working drawing A DETAILED SCALE DRAWING that shows all the dimensions of each part of a product, and the materials from which components are to be made
Created by: AJLANE