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MWD Obj. 2.02 Quiz

DJ's Restaurant is newly remodeled and looking to create a new logo and billboard. The better choice for the file format is: Vector Graphic
Kevin is creating a detailed graphic for his t-shirt business. Which of the following tools should he use to have anchor points, paths and allow the creation of straight lines, bezier lines, and shapes in countless combinations? Pen tool
Ms. Osteen gives her class an assignment to insert background color that gradually changes from blue to green. To accomplish this design effect the students must add a: Gradient
Mrs. Clay is designing a poster to thank the students who donated at the blood drive. She wants to insert the students' names around the outline of a heart. To get this effect she must: Type on path
To enhance the appearance of a flyer, Zach decides to include a circular path for his text to follow. This is an example of Type on path
NC State is adding a pizza place to its food court for students. To promote the grand opening a graphic designer is using the marquee tool to draw a circle to add the possible toppings inside a pizza graphic. This is an example of Area Type
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