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loess A deposit of yellow silt
steppe A dry, treeless grassland
terrace farming Flat areas built on the slopes of hills and mountains
dialect A way of speaking
heritage a set of ideas passed down from one generation to another.
Character symbols
oracle bone animal bones and turtle shells
diviner A person they believed could help them speak to the gods and ancesters.
Mandate of heaven rule over china
Virtue good qualities
Feudalism This political system of exchanging land for loyalty
Filial piety children were expected to treat their parents with honor and respect
Confucianism His ideas spread across eastern asia and came to be called Confucianism
Legalism Shi haungdi relied on fear of rule . That was his way of governing
Bureaucracy A large group of appointed officials
province Administratve regions
standardization Making systems such as money , weights and measures
Civil service Is a part of a bureaucracy that does the day-to-day running of a government
Ambassador A government reprisentative
Silk road The most traveled trade routes
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