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BW; Q2; Ch4-6

Basic Word; Quiz 2; Chapters 4-6; Votaw

The Borders button is located in this group on the HOME tab. Paragraph group
Use options at this dialog box with the Borders tab selected to add a customized border to a paragraph or selected paragraphs. Borders and Shading dialog box
Sort text arranged in paragraphs alphabetically by the first character in a paragraph, which can be: a number, symbol, or letter
By default, tabs are set apart from each other by this measurement. 0.5 inch
This is the default tab type. left tab (L)
When setting tabs on the horizontal ruler, choose the tab type with this button. Alignment button
Press this combination of keys to end a line with the New Line command. Shift + Enter
Tabs can be set on the horizontal ruler or here. Tabs dialog box
This group on the HOME tab contains the Cut, Copy, and Paste buttons. Clipboard group
Use this keyboard shortcut to paste text. Ctrl + V
What type of formatting is borders? Paragraph
By default, when you click the sort button -- what gets sorted? The entire document
What does the center tab look like? _|_
What does the right tab look like? _|
What does the bar tab look like? |
Using your ruler and what button can you use to set tabs? Alignment button
What is the difference in setting tabs using Enter vs. Shift + Enter? Only the line with the insertion point moves with Enter. All lines move with Shift + Enter.
Tabs are a ____ type of formatting. Paragraph
You can collect __ items on the Clipboard task pane. 24
When the Clipboard is full, Word... deleted the oldest one.
Click this button in the Spelling task pane to skip the occurrence of the word and all other occurrences of the word when checking the document. Ignore All
Click this button in the Spelling task pane to replace the selected word in the document with the selected word in the list box. Change
This is the default setting for the Writing Style option at the Word Options dialog box with Proofing selected. Grammar Only
Click this button to skip the one occurrence of the word. Ignore
The standard score for the Flesch-Reading Ease is... 60-70
The standard score for the Flesch-Kincad Grading Level is... 7-8
Standards scores mean that... it is understandable for standard writing (newspapers, magazines, etc) for the general public
True or False: Does Microsoft Word have a translator feature? True
Does Microsoft Word's translator feature translate word for word English to another language or vis-versa? No.
This view displays a document in a format for efficient editing and formatting. Draft View
This view displays a document in a format for easy viewing and reading. Read Mode View
This is the default measurement for the top, bottom, left, and right margins. 1 inch
This is the default page orientation. Portrait
Set specific margins at this dialog box with the Margins tab selected. Page Setup dialog box
Balance column text on the last page of a document by inserting this type of break at the end of the text. Continuous Section Break
Use this view to display a section break. Draft View
Format text into columns with the Columns button located in this group on the PAGE LAYOUT tab. Page Setup
If you hyphenate words in a document and then decide to remove the hyphens, click this button immediately. Undo button
A lightened image that displays behind the text in a document is called this. Watermark
Character formatting includes: font, font size, font color, and type face
Page formatting includes: margins, columns, and orientation
Paragraph formatting include: alignment, bullets, and tabs
___ means to balance columns. To make columns somewhat even
Your two options for hyphenation are: automatic and manual
What is the difference between automatic and manual hyphenation? With Automatic, Word decides where to put the hyphen while with Manual, you decide where to hyphenate and what to hyphenate.
What kinds of Watermarks can you create? text or picture
Why do you add borders to paragraphs? To add emphasis
What happens if you add or delete text from a paragraph surrounded by a border? The border expands and contracts
For text to sort correctly, it must be followed by a ___ which is a nonprinting character. Paragraph mark
What happens to default tab settings when tabs are set? They are automatically deleted.
What is the difference between setting tabs with the ruler vs. the tabs dialog box? Dragging indent marker with the ruler. The tab dialog box sets tabs manually.
To cut text: Ctrl + X
To copy text: Ctrl + C
The _____ is a score that is based on the average number of syllables per word and average number of words per sentence. The higher the score, the greater the number of people who will be able to understand it. Flesh Reading Ease
The ____ is the rating that is based on the average number of syllables per word and the average number of words per sentence. The score indicated a grade level. Flesh-Kincaid Grade Level
The shortcut for the thesaurus is... Shift + F7
The default margins are _ inch. 1
The ___ break inserts a section break and continues the text on the next page. Next Page
The __ break inserts a continuous section break, which separate the document into parts but does not begin a new page. Continuous
The ___ break inserts a section break and begins a new section on the next even-numbered page. Even Break
The __ break begins the new section on the next odd-numbered page. Odd Page
The difference between Draft and Print Layout view is... Draft view is the type of view that you would be allowed to see your text. Print view is to preview how the document will look when your document is printed.
The two page orientations are: Portrait and Landscape.
___ orientation is the default and the page is 11 inches tall, 8.5 inches wide. Portrait
___ orientation is when the page is 8.5 inches tall, 11 inches wide. Landscape
The purpose of columns is to improve ____ of documents such as newsletters and reports. readability
By default, text flow from __ to __ for columns. Top to bottom, left to right.
When do you use a column break? To even out/balance a column.
When do you use keep with next? When a heading is alone at the bottom of the page without any body paragraph with it.
The purpose of hyphenation is to improve... the display of the text or when the right margin appears quite ragged.
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