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BCCOTA17 ch 8

QuestionAnswerside affects
What types of conditions are neuroleptics (antipsychotics) prescribed for? Most often prescribed for patients with scizophrenia and other psychotic disorders. Decrease pos. sx's. (delusions and hallucinations) Older versions of these drugs include, Haldol, Thorazine, Stellazine EPS: (Involuntary movements of the face, trunk extremities), skin rash, photosensitivity, dry mouth, blurred vision.
Name newer 2nd generation antipsychotic drugs. (Atypical Neuroleptics) Clozapine, Clozaril, Risperdal and Zyprexa. These drugs decrease neg. as well as pos. sx's. Agranulocytosis, NMS, Elevation of liver enzymes and Tardive Dyskinesia. Lack of sexual interest, EPS, photo sensitivity, Dry mouth, blurred vision, constipation, hypotension, seizures and Lactation.
Name a third generation antipsychotic drug, what are the benefits? Ariprazole. Decrease both pos. and neg. sx's, with little or no motor impairments. Dry mouth blurred vision, dizziness, nausea, fatique and weakness.
What is Tardive Dyskinesia (TD) An irreversible sub syndrome movement disorder related to long term (neuroleptics) phenothizine drug use. Characteristics of TD? Characterized by Buccolingual movements: 'fly catching, tongue thrust or smacking, and chorethetoid movements: writhing, clawing.
What is Agranulocytosis A rare but life threatening synrome can be caused by a number of durgs (antiepileptics, antibiotics, antipsychotics, mainly Clozapine. The patient suddenly becomes unresponsive.(fever and sore throat, not in our notes)
What is a drug holiday? Relief from all drugs in a supervised setting.
What is EPS (Extra pyramidal Syndrome)? Movement disorder caused by psychotropic meds. There are 4 features possible. 1.) Akinesia; absence or decreased movements. 2.) Muscle rigidity 3.) Tremors 4.)Akithesia/dystonia, uncontrollable motor restlesness, or jerking uncoordinated movements
What are Antiparkinsonism Drugs used for? They are used to treat EPS symptoms, caused by antipsychotic drugs, they include: (next Card) Cogentin, Diphenhyramine (Benadryl) Artane, etc..(have own side affects, dry mouth, blurred vision dizzy, nausea)
What are antidepressant drugs used for? Depression, suicide risk, and social isolation. Patient often must be put on drug trials to get proper combination.
Antidepressant drugs: Nonselective Cyclic Agents? Elavil, Mellaril, Tofanil. Do not begin to take effect for at least 7-10 days, reach full strength in 3 wks. Arythmias, seizures, urinary retention, hypotension and constipation.
Selective Serotonin Reuptake inhibitors (SSRI's) Antidepressant: Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft, Celexa, Lexapro.. Fewer side Affects, positive effects may wear off in time. Central Serotonin Syndrome(Css) can occur: confusion, agitation, shivering, fever, sweating..etc. Increased risk of suicide in child. and adoles. can occur.
Norepinephrine Dopamine Reuptake Inhibitors (NDRI's) Antidepressant: Wellbutrin No side effects in notes?
Selective Serotonin Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitors (SSNRI's) Antidepressant: Effexor, Cymbalta No side effects in notes?
Serotonin 2 Antagonists/Reuptake Inhibitors (S2ARI's) Antidepressant: Serzone, Desyrel Desyrel can produce priapism, which can be dangerous to men! good for women (use your imagination!) lol
Noradrenergic/Specific Serotonergic Antidepressants(N/SSA's) Remeron No side effects in notes
Monoamine Oxidase inhibitors (MAOI's) Antidepressants: Marplan, Nardil Takes 3 weeks to work, given to pts. who don't respond to #1. Pts. must be on a strict diet to completely eliminate ingestion of the substance tyrosine (cheese, wine, coffee, etc) Could lead to CVA-death.
Anti-Manic Drugs treat? What examples? Controls manic symptoms. Lithium carbonate type. Can be toxic. Diarrhea nausea vomiting, confusion, slurred speech, Fine hand temor (diminishes), metalic taste, ataxia, jaundice.
Lithium blood serum levels, Acute? Long-term maintenance? Acute: 0.9 to 1.4m Eq./L. Long term maint.: 0.6 to 1.2m Eq/L Gross bilateral hand tremor, ataxia
Anticonvulsant types of Antimanic drugs? Tegretol, Depakote, Lamictal Tegretol: Can cause aplastic anemia. Depacote: caan cause liver toxicity, jaundice. lamictal: can cause severe, fatal skin rash
AntiAnxiety Drugs treat?What are some ex.? Control anxitry in disorders that are not psychotic, therefore they are called the minor tranquilizers.Benzodiazepines (Valium, Xanax, Ativan) Can be addicting
Psychostimulant Drugs treat?What are some ex.? Calm and organize mental and physical activity in children,(ADD, ADHD) simulate and increase mental activity in Adults. Ritalin, Strattera Has become controversial, due to overuse.
What is the role of OTA re: Psychotropic meds? OTA cannot prescribe meds or reduce their undesirable side effects, but can help clients in other ways:(next card) 1)Help clients adapt to side effects. 2.)Monitor compliance with pres. drugs 3.) Report use of not prescribed/undoc. drugs 4.)Encourage compliance with prescribed drugs. 5.) Educate pt. re: meds. .6) Aid Md. in proper med. dosage.
What is the role of OTA re: Psychotropic meds? (2.) OTA cannot prescribe meds or reduce their undesirable side effects, but can help clients in other ways:(next card) 7.)teach side affects coping stategies. 8.) Adapt Rx activites to compensate for side effects
What is Somatic Rx Rx that acts on the body to produce an effect on the mind. They are: (next Card) ECT, Psycho surgery and Herbal Treatments
ECT: Electro Convulsie Therapy For use with severe depression-especially in elderly. Uses electric current applied to temples, after pt. is given muscle relaxant and breathing is managed. Slight headache, confusion, short term mem. loss.
Psychosurgery? To Treat? Surgery on brain used to relieve psych. symptoms, but rarely used now. Used in 40's-60s' (prefrontal lombotomy Impaired judgement and lack of motivation
Herbal/Alternative Treatments? When used? Various types of herbs, some have serious side affects. 2.) Acupuncture Acupuncture: Effective for SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)
What is Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome (NMS) Condition caused by taking antipsychotics or neuroleptics. Patient becomes rigid or unresponsive,(catonic) with cognitive changes.
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