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Terms related to user experience

usability testing Technique to judge the usability of a product by observing real users using it.
user testing Another name for usability testing. Referring to it as "user testing" can confuse people into thinking that you are testing the users not the product.
usertesting.com introductory price of $49/video. After your first 10 videos, price goes up to $99
userbob.com affordable user testing starting at $1 per user per minute
trymyui.com user videos for $35
remote user testing Process of doing user testing where the user typically accesses your app or website over the internet.
usabilityhub.com Provides a feedback exchange where you do a test in exchange for someone doing one of your tests.
UX user experience
UI user interface
card sorting a technique where users are guided to generate a category tree. It is useful for designing information architecture, workflows, menu structure, or web site navigation paths.
Balsamiq A wireframing and interactive prototyping tool
persona A fictitious identity that reflects one of the user groups for who you are designing.
sitemap A complete list of all the pages available on a website
wireframe A rough guide for the layout of a website or app, either done with pen and paper or software.
userzoom.com starting at $24,000/year
case study A way of learning about a complex instance through extensive description and analysis. It articulates why the instance occurred as it did by exploring the factors contributing to its success or failure, and what one might consider in similar situations.
competitor analysis A method for identifying the strengths and weaknesses of competing products or services before starting work on prototypes.
Gestalt Principles Humans visually perceive items not in isolation, but as part of a larger whole. These principles include humans tendencies towards similarity, proximity, continuity, and closure.
usability the degree to which something - software, hardware or anything else - is easy to use and a good fit for the people who use it.
prototype A lightweight initial design of an interface or product, used to capture initial concepts and layouts to gather feedback from users, as well as project participants and stakeholders.
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