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Little Prince 9-14

PP Chapters 9-14 Vocabulary

Escape Evasion
Wild Birds D’oiseaux sauvages
Carefully Soigneusement
Very convenient Bien commode
Very sweet Extrêmement doux
I’ve been silly J’ai été sotte
To try to be Tâcher d’être
It was my fault, you never know Tu n’en as rien su, par ma faute
The animals Les bêtes
Caterpillars Chenilles
Proud Orgueilleuse
To take advantage of Profiter
To clean out, to sweep ramoner
To own Posséder
To heat up, to warm Chauffer
Worries, problems Ennuis
Shoots, sprouts Pousses
Cold, illness Rhume
Disconcerted, upset déconcerté
To lag behind traîner
Aggravating, irritating agaçant
Un roi A king
Trône Throne
Reconnaitre To recognize
Tout fier Very proud
Bailler To yawn
Interdire To forbid
empêcher to prevent
Bredouiller To stammer
Vexé Annoyed
Ramener To pull up, to draw up
Se hâta de dire Simply said
Un tel pouvoir Such power
Emerveiller To amaze
Tirer sa chaise! To move his chair
Se sentait un peu triste Feeling a little sad
Il s’enhardit à solliciter He ventured to ask
Royaume Kingdom
Un carrosse A carriage
Autrui Others
Ne voulut point peiner Didn’t want to aggrieve
Avec un soupir With a sign
S’instruire To instruct, inform oneself
Hermine Ermine (a type of white fur with black flecks)
Sujet A subject (person in a kingdom)
S’écrier To cry out, exclaim
Tantôt Sometimes
Un pan A flap
Régner To rule
Détenir To possess
Un vaniteux A vain person
Un admirateur An admirerer
Saluer To greet, bow
Acclamer To acclaim, hail
Soulever To raise, lift (tip)
Le jeu The game
Les louanges The praises
Hausser To shrug
Un drôle de chapeau A funny hat
Frapper les mains To clap your hands
En lui même To himself
Un buveur A drinker, a drunk
Vide Empty
Pleine Full
Lugubre Dismal, mournful, gloomy
Plaindre To pity, feel sorry for
Avoir honte de To be ashamed of
Baisser To lower
Cercle vicieux A vicious cycle
Grand mélancolie Deep depression
Air lugubre Gloomy expression
Eteinte Gone out, extinguished
Rallumer To relight
Toujours là ? Still there?
Balivernes Nonsense, trifles
Déranger To disturb
Un hanneton Beetle
Epouvantable Terrible
Une crise A fit
Je manque I don’t get
De flâner To take strolls
Mouches Flies
Abeilles Bees
Rêvasser to daydream
Etoiles Stars
L’ivrogne A drunkard
A personne To nobody
Gérer To manage
Répandre To spread, scatter
La paix Peace
Dorée Golden
Les fainéants lazy people, the idle
Riposte To reply, retort
Breveter To patent
Songer To dream, think
Un foulard A scarf
Cueillir To cut, pick
Enfermer To enclose
Un réverbère A streetlamp
Un allumeur A lamp lighter
Utile Useful
Aborder To board
La consigne The orders, the instructions
Un tour A revolution
Fidèle Loyal
Poursuivre To pursue
Enjambées Strides
Méprise Despised
Oser To dare
S’éponger To wipe
Un mouchoir Handkerchief
Un carreau rouge Red checkered
Un métier A job
Époque Age, time period
Tellement fidèle So loyal
Soupir To sign
Avouer To admit
Bénit blessed
Created by: lromigh