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GK 15


In which town or city are the traditional violin manufacturers Guerneri based? Cremona
In which country did the guqin originate, the earliest musical instrument in the zither family? China
Who were Bob Seger's backing band? The Silver Bullet Band
Who is traditionally credited with inventing the musical staff? Guido D'Arezzo
In Greek myth, whose place did Damon take for execution? Pythias
Which ancient rites, described as the "most famous of the secret religious rites of ancient Greece", honoured Demeter and Persephone, and were believed to grant initiates rewards in the afterlife? Eleusinian Mysteries
In Irish myth, who kidnapped Deirdre and took her as his wife, after his men had killed Naoise? King Conchobar
In Greek myth, who was the lover of Clytemnestra, the unfaithful wife of Agamemnon? Aegisthus
In Greek myth, who killed the Chimerae? Bellerophon
What is the more usual name given to JS Bach's "Thirty Variations On An Original Aria"? Goldberg Variations
Eight members of which team were banned for life from baseball for conspiring with gamblers to lose the 1919 World Series? Chicago White Sox
Norma McCorvey will be better known to history by what name, as which she appeared in a famous legal case? (Jane) Roe (Roe-Wade abortion case)
In basketball, how many points are scored for a field goal shot from inside the three-point line? Two points
How many people are on a basketball team? Five
In the NBA, how long is a basketball quarter? 12 minutes
In games played under the auspices of the FIBA (it is different in the NBA) how long is a basketball quarter? 10 minutes
What is the diameter of the rim of a basketball hoop? 18 inches
A basketball hoop's rim sits how high above the court? Ten feet
Marlon Brando played Terry Malloy in which movie? On The Waterfront
Fixed at 42 wrestlers, which is the top division of the six divisions of professional sumo? Makuuchi
The ancient city of Ugarit lies in which modern-day country? Syria
Who is the senior clergy member of a cathedral's administrative chapter? Dean
What is the comb carried by Sikhs called? Kangha
Which 1980s pop group took their name from the novel "A Clockwork Orange"? Heaven 17
Which name of the opponent of Jesus is first given in the Epistles of John? Antichrist
What is the chief ingredient of the sauce "al pomidoro"? Tomatoes
Who composed both the Coffee Cantata and Hunt Cantata? JS Bach
What is the currency of Moldova? Leu
Which Gilbert and Sullivan operetta features the song "Three Little Maids From School"? The Mikado
From what is brawn traditionally made? Head of a pig or calf
Who painted "The Death Of General Gordon" (1893)? George W. Joy
Who painted "Home From Joy" (1867)? Arthur Hughes
Which man, born 1915, was the only writer to win the National Book Award for Fiction three times and won the 1977 Nobel Prize for Literature? Saul Bellow
Who painted 1839's "Dignity and Impudence"? Edwin Landseer
What is a putto (plural - putti) in art? A cherub, or podgy baby
Who painted "The Ognissanti Madonna"? Giotto
Which man illustrated both Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens in 1906 and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland in 1907? Arthur Rackham
Who painted "Sadak In Search Of The Waters Of Oblivion" in 1812? John Martin
Who was court painter to William III? Godfrey Kneller
Who wrote "A Soldier's Declaration"? Siegfried Sassoon
Who wrote the song "They Can't Take That Away From Me"? George Gershwin and Ira Gershwin
Who composed the opera "Orfeo ed Euridice" that premiered in 1762? Christoph Willibald Gluck
Which Irish composer, conductor, pianist and organist was the chief conductor of the Hallé Orchestra in Manchester from 1920 to 1933, and composed 1904's "An Irish Symphony"? Hamilton Harty
Who conducted the music used in the Disney film "Fantasia"? Leopold Stokowski
Who composed the famous piece "Night On Bald Mountain"? Modest Mussorgsky
Give a year in the life of Antonín Dvořák. 1841-1904
Antonín Dvořák was born in which modern-day country? Czech Republic
How many symphonies were composed by Antonín Dvořák? Nine
Which musical term comes from the Italian for "joke"? Scherzo
Who wrote the opera "Wozzeck" first performed in 1925? Alban Berg
Carbon-14 is the isotope of carbon which forms the basis of the radiocarbon dating method pioneered by Willard Libby. But which is by far the most abundant carbon isotope, amounting to almost 99% of all carbon? Carbon-12
Which Australian director is best-known for directing the original Saw film in 2004 and, more recently, for directing the 2014 film Furious 7, which has become the fourth highest-grossing film of all time? James Wan
Which American cartoonist is best-known for creating Marmaduke, a cartoon strip centred on the titular Great Dane owned by the Winslow family? Brad Anderson
Donald Featherstone, who died in 2015, is best remembered for creating which kitsch lawn ornaments which inspired a namesake black comedy film of 1972? Pink Flamingos
Which asterism (group of stars) appears on the state flag of Alaska? The Plough or Big Dipper
Although he is the primary narrator of Absalom! Absalom!, Quentin Compson's own story, and suicide, is told in which other novel by William Faulkner? The Sound And The Fury
Which American cognitive linguist is best known for his thesis that lives of individuals are significantly influenced by the central metaphors they use to explain complex phenomena, the idea first introduced in the 1980 book Metaphors We Live By? George Lakoff
A bartender, Desmond Miles, is captured by Abstergo Industries. Using a machine known as the Animus, he is forced to relive the memories of his ancestors in order to recover artefacts, called "Pieces of Eden", for Abstergo. Which series of video games? Assassin's Creed
The province of Nuoro is particularly famous for the longevity of its inhabitants, with the area having a far higher density of centenarians than any other province in Europe. On which island can the province of Nuoro be found? Sardinia
Distinguishing five categories or levels, the Saffir-Simpson scale measures... what? Hurricanes
Although not as well known as Botticelli's version, the 1879 painting The Birth of Venus is one of the best-known works of which French academic painter(November 30, 1825 – August 19, 1905)? William-Adolphe Bouguereau
Which esoteric word of mystic meaning in early Gnostic teaching served as the title of Santana's critically-acclaimed second album, released in 1970? Abraxas
Published in 1959, Theory of Value: An Axiomatic Analysis of Economic Equilibrium is, perhaps, the most famous work of which French economist awarded the 1983 Nobel Prize in Economics? Gerard Debreu
The Afro-Brazilian mystic Sebastiao and the blond bandit Corisco are the titular characters in which 1964 Brazilian film directed by Glauber Rocha? Black God, White Devil (Deus E O Diabo Na Terra Do Sol)
The Dalai Lama is a member of which school of Tibetan Buddhism which was founded by Je Tsongkhapa in the early 15th century? Although the Dalai Lama is the school's most influential figure, its spiritual leader is the Ganden Tripa. Yellow Hat
As of 2016, Only three women have ever won 10 medals at the Winter Olympics. The cross-country skiers Raisa Smetanina and Stefania Belmondo are two; but which other cross-country skier became the third in Sochi in 2014? Marit Bjørgen
There are two living species of ostrich. One is the common ostrich, while the other was recognised as a separate species only in 2014. Named for the country in which it is most commonly found, which is the 'new' species? Somali Ostrich
What nationality were the authors Henrik Pontoppidan and Karl Gjellerup who shared the 1917 Nobel Prize in Literature? Danish
Which Russian conductor, Generalmusikdirektor of the Komische Oper Berlin from 2002 to 2007, is scheduled to succeed Simon Rattle as music director of the Berlin Philharmonic in 2019-20? Kirill Petrenko
The 2003 romantic drama film The Room has been described by critics as one of the worst film of all time. It was directed by, and starred, which man who would go on to direct, and star in, the 2015 sitcom The Neighbors? Tommy Wiseau
Who was the father of Henry IV of England? John Gaunt
What two-word name was used for a group of nobles in the reign of King Richard II who sought to impeach some five of the King's favourites in order to restrain what was seen as tyrannical and capricious rule? Lords Apellant
In which castle was Henry IV of England born? Bolingbroke Castle
Which rebel declared himself the Prince of Wales in 1400 - he instigated a fierce and long-running but ultimately unsuccessful revolt against the English rule of Wales? Owain Glyndŵr
Which Scottish king was captured by pirates and handed over to King Henry IV of England, who detained him for 18 years? James I
The heretic Lollard William Sawtrey was the first man in England known to have suffered which fate in 1401? Burned at the stake
Who created the "paleo", "meso" and "neo" -lithic divisions of the Stone Age? John Lubbick, 1st Baron Avebury
What name is given to the shaping of flint, chert, obsidian or other conchoidal fracturing stone through the process of lithic reduction to manufacture stone tools? Knapping
What is the current geological epoch? Holocene
The name of which early hominid means, roughly, "handy man"? Homo Habilis
Which man founds the Pickwick Club in Dickens' "The Pickwick Papers"? Samuel Pickwick
Who painted "The Venus of Urbino"? Titian
In "The Pickwick Papers", what is the slightly effeminate first name of Mr Tupman? Tracy
In "The Pickwick Papers", who is Pickwick's servant, who transposes his Vs and Ws? Sam Weller
Which character in the Dickens novel gives Oliver Twist his name? Mr Bumble
In "The Pickwick Papers", who sues Mr Pickwick for breach of a promise to marry? Mrs Bardell
Which medical condition is also called "Pickwickian syndrome"? Sleep apnoea
Who wrote "The Decameron"? Giovanni Bocaccio
Who wrote "Brideshead Revisited?" Evelyn Waugh
In "The Pickwick Papers", who does Augustus Snodgrass marry? Emily Wardle
On 27 June 1980 a plane crashed off the coast of this island, killing 81 people - theories as to the cause include a botched assassination of Col. Gadaffi - which island, home to about 1300 people, lies 52 km north of Capo Gallo in the Tyrrhenian Sea? Ustica
Who was the first vice-President of the USA who did not become President? Aaron Burr
What notorious event was carried out by Hugh De Merville, William de Tracy and Richard Le Breton? Murder of Thomas a Becket
Who was the husband of Empress Eugenie (1826-1920)? Napoleon III
British European Airways Flight 548, that killed 118 people in 1972, and as of 2016 remains the deadliest air accident to take place in the UK (the Lockerbie bombing was a terrorist act),crashed near which town, which the incident is often named after? Staines
Robert Walpole was elevated to the peerage as the 1st Earl of which small town in Suffolk? Orford
In which year was Anwar Sadat assassinated? 1981
Stanley Baldwin was elevated to the peerage as the 1st Earl of which town and civil parish in the Wyre Forest District of Worcestershire? Bewdley
Which Prime Minister of the UK was MP for Warwick and Leamington for 34 years? Anthony Eden
In which country did the 2005 Tulip Revolution take place? Kyrgyzstan
Which is the second largest settlement in Leicestershire after Leicester? Loughborough
Who, in 1828 and 1829, stood for election in County Clare in Ireland and was elected even though he could not take his seat in the House of Commons of the United Kingdo? Daniel O'Connell
What two-word alliterative name was given to the mass rallies of Daniel O'Connell? Monster Meetings
The Roman Catholic Relief Act, that removed many of the remaining substantial restrictions on Roman Catholics throughout the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland was passed by parliament in which year? 1829
What period of agrarian agitation in rural Ireland in the 1870s, 1880s, and 1890s was led by the Irish National Land League and was dedicated to bettering the position of tenant farmers? (Irish) Land War
Which MP, in office from 1875 until his death from pneumonia aged just 45 in 1891, was one of the most prominent proponents of Irish nationalism Charles Stewart Parnell
Who was the first President of the Royal Academy in 1768? Sir Joshua Reynolds
Which Welsh physician and mathematician invented the equals sign? Robert Recorde
First revealed in a 2008 Mail on Sunday article, what is now generally believed to be Banksy's real name? Robin Gunningham
Born Leonard Hilton McGurr how is the US graffiti artist who painted backdrops live on-stage for British punk rock band The Clash's 1981 European tour better known? Futura (formerly Futura 2000)
Horace Van De Gelde and Ambrose Kemper feature in which musical? Hello Dolly!
Who was the Greek muse of dance? Terpischore
Which singer performed the first concert at the New Wembley Stadium in 2007? George Michael
Cinderella, a ballet premiered in 1945, was by which composer? Prokofiev
The track "You Can't Always Get What You Want" appears on which 1969 Rolling Stones album? Let It Bleed
In 2003, Liv Tyler married Royston Langdon, the lead singer of which band - they divorced in 2008? Spacehog
The phrase "the grapes of wrath" first appeared in which song? The Battle Hymn Of The Republic
How many days are there between Easter Sunday and Whitsunday? Fifty
What was the band Madness's only UK number 1 single? House Of Fun
Who had a UK hit with the theme tune from the TV series "Hill Street Blues"? Mike Post Orchestra
What is the role of lecithin in the food industry? Emulsifier
Which animals (family Trichechidae, genus Trichechus) are believed to have inspired the myth of mermaids? Manatees
Peritas was the famous dog of which figure from ancient history? Alexander the Great
What does the acronym CBI stand for, in the name of the organisation formed in 1965 in the UK as a non-profit body? Confederation of British Industry
What symbol also appears on the '3' key of a computer's keyboard? £ (pound sign)
What is the laboratory study of cells and tissue, using microscopes, called? Histology
Which piece of common office equipment (at least formerly) contained an electrostatic drum? Photocopier
The cavity magnetron appears in which common household device? Microwave
A three-letter word, which broad sash is worn with a kimono? Obi
Which engineer was behind the construction of Sweden's Gotha canal? Thomas Telford
What is the name given to the shallow depression or flattened nest of grass used by a hare to breed? Form
What is a chevrotain? Small deer species also called a 'mouse deer'
Which nut, commonly eaten in Cabinda, is often called African walnut? Gabon nut
What type of animal is a gadwall? Duck
Which ancient Greek (129-99AD) became one of the leading authorities for the practice of medieval doctors? Galen
Which animals belong to the family leporidae? Rabbits and hares
Which drug has been known to users as drone, bubble and meow meow? Mephedrone
Which company has the motto "Don't Be Evil"? Google
Historically, after what age could a rabbit be considered to be a coney? One year
Which man discovered that water was made up of hydrogen and oxygen? Cavendish
What is manufactured by Farrow & Ball? Paint
Which chemical element has the chemical symbol 'Sc'? Scandium
Which man's early camera was marketed with the slogan "you press the button, we do the rest"? George Eastman (Kodak)
Liverworts, butter fat and green leaves are rich in which vitamin, technically a group of unsaturated nutritional organic compounds that includes retinol, retinal and retinoic acid? Vitamin A
On a watch, which device ensures that the hands move at an even rate? Escapement
What does the 'B' stand for in the name of the firm JCB? Bamford (Joseph Cyril Bamford)
In which UK TV series did Bonnie Langford play Violet Bott? Just William
Who played the titular basketball coach in 2005 film "Coach Carter"? Samuel L Jackson
Who played Captain Bligh in the 1984 film "The Bounty"? Anthony Hopkins
First awarded in 1949, which award recognizes excellence in the television industry, and corresponds to the Academy Award (for film), the Tony Award (for theatre), and the Grammy Award (for music)? Emmy Award
Who played 'juror 8' in the film "Twelve Angry Men"? Henry Fonda
East High is the name of the school in which successful movie franchise? High School Musical
Which film won the Best Picture Award at the 88th Academy Awards, held in 2016? Spotlight
Who produced the films "Commando", "Predator" and "Die Hard"? Joel Silver
Which actor played the partner of Eddie Murphy in the two "48 Hours" films? Nick Nolte
In which film did Arnold Schwarzenegger play the character John Matrix? Commando
Which action hero played the lead role in the "Crank" films? Jason Statham
Which unsuccessful Richard Curtis film was set on a pirate radio ship? The Boat That Rocked
Which website, created and founded by Jason Dietz, Marc Doyle, and Julie Doyle Roberts, aggregates reviews of music albums, games, movies, TV shows, DVDs, and formerly, books? Metacritic
As of 2016, it is the highest-rated game on review-aggregating site Metacritic, with a score of 99/100; now considered by many critics and gamers to be the greatest video game of all time, which instalment of The Legend of Zelda was released in 1998? The Ocarina of Time
Which massive rebellion or civil war in China lasted from 1850 to 1864, and was fought between the established Manchu-led Qing dynasty and the Christian millenarian movement of the Heavenly Kingdom of Peace? Taiping rebellion
Possibly inspiring Hieronymus Bosch's painting of the same name, Ship of Fools was a 1494 satire notable for including the first commissioned work of Albrecht Dürer. It was the best-known work of which German humanist? Sebastian Brant
The largest acquisition in the history of Apple Inc. at the time came in 2014 when the company paid $3 billion for which headphones and speakers company founded by Dr. Dre in 2006? Beats Electronics
Born in Massachusetts in 1774, John Chapman was an US pioneer nurseryman who became a legend during his lifetime for his conservationism. By what name - referencing the tree which he famously introduced to NE states - has Chapman become known? Johnny Appleseed
Coloured green by trace amounts of chromium (and sometimes vanadium), emerald is a variety of which mineral? Beryl
Which genus of nine herbaceous flowering plants in the daisy family takes its name from the Greek for 'sea urchin' due to the flowers' spiny central discs? Found wild only in North America, species are often referred to as purple cornflowers. Echinacea
Microsoft’s intelligent personal assistant Cortana is named after a character in which series of video games? Halo
Julianne Moore won a 2015 Academy Award for Best Actress for her role as the titular linguistics professor in which drama film? Still Alice
Chirstopher Nolan's 2000 film Memento was based on his brother's short story Memento Mori. What is the first name of Nolan's brother who would go on to co-write the screenplays to Nolan's films The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, and Interstellar? Jonathan
Using a modified Lotus Exige chassis, which supercar assembled by Hennessey Performance Engineering became, in 2013, the then-fastest production car in history, achieving 0-300 kph in 13.63 seconds? Venom GT
Which line of toys was founded in Germany in 1975 by the toymaker Hans Beck? Playmobil
Wade Wilson (it is left ambiguous by the storylines) is the possible alter ego of which comic superhero? Deadpool
How was comic book character Barbara Gordon better known from 1967 to 1989? Batgirl
Of the four chemical elements named for the Swedish town of Ytterby, which is the only one not to be found in the lanthanide series? It is, however, often grouped together with the lanthanides and scandium under the name 'rare earth metals'. Yttrium
The 2001 film Mystic River, the 2007 film Gone, Baby, Gone, and the 2010 film Shutter Island were all adaptations of novels by which American writer? Dennis Lehane
Which Byzantine general was instrumental to Emperor Justinian's project of reconquering much of the Mediterranean territory of the former Western Roman Empire, winning victories against the Persians, Vandals, and Ostrogoths? Belisarius
Considered a classic of industrial design, the Tulip chair was designed in the 1950s by which prominent architect and industrial designer? Eero Saarinen
In Porgy and Bess, what is the name of the drug dealer who sings "It Ain't Necessarily So"? Sportin' Life
Commissioned by the Austrian pianist Paul Wittgenstein (brother of Ludwig), who lost his right arm during World War I, Piano Concerto for the Left Hand in D major is a well-known work by which composer? Maurice Ravel
In Judaism, which method of slaughter must be used in order to make meat suitable to eat according to Kosher dietary laws? Shechita
How does Bill Sykes die in Dickens' novel "Oliver Twist"? (Accidental) hanging
In "Oliver Twist" what is the name of Bill Sykes' dog? Bullseye
Who wrote "Piers Plowman"? William Langland
Winifred Emma May (4 June 1907 – 28 August 1990) was a poet from the United Kingdom, best known for her work under what pen name? Patience Strong
Set in 18th century Germany, which play features Gretchen, Marthe and Valentin as characters? Faust (Goethe)
Who wrote the Matthew Shardlake Series of novels, starting with "Dissolution", and which are set in Henry VIII's London? CJ Sansom
Which Italian painter's works include 'Bacchus and Ariadne' (c. 1520-1523), The Rape of Europa (1562) and The Worship of Venus (1518-9)? Titian
What is the highest mountain in Germany? Zugspitze
On which river does the Welsh town of Mold stand? Alyn
Which country's flag features a blue half on top of a red half, and a white panel in the middle, featuring a coat of arms depicting a trophy of weapons ready to defend freedom and a royal palm for independence? Haiti
Which battle fought during the English Wars of the Roses on 29 March 1461, in Yorkshire, brought about a change of monarchs in England, with the victor, the Yorkist Edward, Duke of York—becoming King Edward IV (1461–1483)? Battle of Towton
Which 6th-century British monk was best known for his scathing religious polemic "De Excidio et Conquestu Britanniae", sometimes called "The Fall of Britain"? Gildas
Eadfrith (died 721), also known as Saint Eadfrith, is usually credited with being the scribe who produced which famous works? Lindisfarne Gospels
In which century did the Venerable Bede write his histories? Eighth CE (he lived 673-735)
What title did Richard III of England hold before he seized the throne? Duke of Gloucester
What were the identities of the two historical figures often called "The Princes in The Tower"? (Forenames and titles required) Edward V of England and Richard of Shrewsbury, Duke of York
Who was the first British Prime Minister to actually be called "Prime Minister" 5 days after he took office? Henry Campbell-Bannerman
Who was the consort of Edward IV of England? Elizabeth Woodville
Edward IV's brother George, the 1st Duke of Clarence, was reportedly executed by being drowned in a vat of what? Malmsey Wine
What was the first book printed in English by William Caxton, at a press in England (he had previously printed English books while in Europe)? The Canterbury Tales
Who KO'd Ricky Hatton in 2009 in the second round at Las Vegas, while competing in his first fight at the light welterweight, or super lightweight division? Manny Pacquaio
Which British teams were involved in professional rugby union's first ever penalty shoot-out on 3 May 2009? Leicester, Cardiff Blues
The Fosbury Flop technique at the high jump first won a gold at which Olympics? 1968 Mexico City
Which five colours make up an archery target, outer to inner? White, black, blue, red, gold.
Which association is the governing body of archery? FITA (Fédération Internationale de Tir à l'Arc)
Over what distance are arrows fired in Olympic archery? 70m
In archery, what name is given to the splitting of one arrowshaft with another? A 'Robin Hood'
Which boxer (1959-2013) was nicknamed "The Truth"? Carl Williams
Which showjumper competed in 8 successive Olympics, 1948-76? Raimondo D'Inzeo
Karen Briggs, born in 1963 in England, was a multiple champion in which sport? Judo
Where was St Andrew crucified? Patra, Greece
In religion, what does the acronym, WWJD signify? What Would Jesus Do?
What was the first Biblical plague of Egypt? Rivers of Blood
In Oklahoma, which character sings "Oh What A Beautiful Morning"? Curly
Who was the son of Abraham and Hagar in the Bible? Ishmael
In the Bible, which land did God grant to Abraham and his descendants? Canaan
In the Bible, why did God ask Abraham to circumcise every male descendant? As a sign of obedience
In the Bible, with whom did two angels spend the night in Sodom? Lot
Who was the firstborn of Abraham and Sarah in the Bible? Isaac
What is another name for allspice, derived from the genus of tree it is taken from? Pimenta
Thriller writer Deon Meyer specialises in fast-paced novels of revenge that also manage to give a revealing portrait of a country in transition. Including the famous Adderley Street flower market, places in which city influence his best-selling books? Cape Town
The Frank O'Connor International Short Story Festival and its related awards are most associated with which city, O'Connor's home city? Cork
Which Indian-American's debut short story collection, Interpreter of Maladies (1999), won the 2000 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, and her first novel, The Namesake (2003), was adapted into the popular film of the same name? Jhumpa Lahiri
Petina Gappah is an internationally acclaimed short story writer and novellist whose work deals mainly with life in which country, where she was born and raised? Zimbabwe
Who wrote "Q and A"- the basis for Slumdog Millionaire? Vikas Swarup
Author Seth Grahame-Smith is best known for which Jane Austen parody? Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
Powerful grid computers have revived which Ancient Greek musical instrument with 48 strings named after its inventor? Whilst no complete example survives, the instrument, similar to a harp, had a soundboard and was plucked like a guitar, What's it called? Epigonion
Tash Aw's second novel 'Map of the Invisible World' is about which country in the midst of the purges of 1964? Supposed communists were the target of army crackdowns. Indonesia
Which six-letter word, meaning 'difficult to get on with' or 'stubborn', is a contraction of a very common word used every day? Ornery (ordinary)
A man named George Psalmanazar conned c18 London into thinking he was from which place', even inventing a non-existent language and tricking the Bishop of London into giving him a lectureship at Oxford in the history of this island? Formosa (accept Taiwan)
Henry I of England reputedly died after eating a "surfeit of..." what? Lampreys
What was the nationality of the painter Arthur Boyd (1920-99)? Australian
Tapioca is a starch extracted from the root of which plant? Cassava
Playing for Manchester United once, and Hull City around 13 times, Manucho was the first footballer from which country to play in the Premier League? Angola
Norman Mailer's "The Fight" is specifically about which fight? Foreman v Ali "Rumble In The Jungle" Oct 29 1974
Born Salvatore Albert Lombino, he legally adopted the name Evan Hunter in 1952, but was better known as an author of crime fiction under what name? Ed McBain
Daniel Cousin, who represented Hull City, was the first footballer from which country to play in the Premier League? Gabon
On the flag of which country can you find Arabic script that translates as ‘God is Great’? Iraq
The flag of which region is also called Alaya Rengîn ("The Colorful Flag")? Kurdistan
Which 2009 film stars Nicholas Cage as a professor of astrophysics who discovers that he can predict future catastrophes? Knowing
Which actor wrote the autobiography "My Wicked Wicked Ways"? Errol Flynn
Which actress (1949-2002), forever associated with an infamous porn movie, wrote a book called "Ordeal"? Linda Lovelace
Who wrote the memoirs "Polly Wants A Zebra"? Michael Aspel
Maurice de Vlaminck (4 April 1876 – 11 October 1958) was a prominent artist in which movement? Fauvism
Theo van Doesburg (30 August 1883 – 7 March 1931) was a Dutch artist, best known as the founder and leader of which art movement? De Stijl
Which artist's best-known name (1401-28) - he was born Tommaso di Ser Giovanni di Simone - translates as "clumsy" or "messy" Tom? Massacio
Which artist was once employed as a military engineer to Cesare Borgia? Leonardo Da Vinci
Who (7 March 1872 – 1 February 1944) was the most famous contributor to the De Stijl art movement? Piet Mondrian
Who was the author of 57 books, written mostly in French and English, including Night, a work based on his experiences as a prisoner in the Auschwitz, Buna, and Buchenwald concentration camps? Elie Wiesel
Who in 1968 became the first runner to break 10 seconds for the 100 meters in an electronically timed race? Jim Hines
Which word refers to some of the rulers of Anglo-Saxon kingdoms from the 5th century onwards who had achieved overlordship of some or all of the other Anglo-Saxon kingdoms - the Anglo-Saxon chronicle applies the term to rulers from Aelle to Alfred? Bretwalda
The Dark Ages palace Yeavering, or Ad Gefrin, is in which English county? Northumberland
Who was British PM from 1902 to 1905? Arthur Balfour
What was famously decried by Lloyd George as "Mr Balfour's Poodle"? The House of Lords
The 'Balfour Declaration' was actually a letter to who? Lord Rothschild
In 1907, Campbell-Bannerman became the only man to date who was simultaneously PM and what else? Father of the House
Who founded the American Institute of Public Opinion? Gallup
Which former US Vice-President unsuccessfully ran for the US Senate in 2002? Mondale
Which pre-decimal coin was legal tender until 1980? Sixpence
In which country was the Gustav Line located in WW2? Italy (German military fortification line)
The Battle of Leyte Gulf took place in which country's territory? Philippines
Under what name did Belgian born Wally de Backer enjoy a big 2012 musical hit? Gotye (Somebody That I Used To Know)
What did Harold Wilson call "going to see mother"? Weekly visit to the Queen
Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) was President of which country from 2004 to 2014? Indonesia
Played by hip-hop artist Method Man, Cheese Wagstaff was the last on-screen in death in which TV series? The Wire
"Love Resurrection" was the first solo single by who, released in 1984? Alison Moyet
What is the English equivalent of the German surname Fassbender? Cooper (barrel maker)
In which sport was Yani Tseng ranked World Number One for 109 consecutive weeks between 2011 and 2013? Women's Golf
As of 2016, which is the last city alphabetically to have hosted the Summer Olympics? Tokyo
Whose version of "I Believe" spent eighteen non-consecutive weeks at the top of the UK Singles Chart? Frankie Laine
Who was the original (1974–1985) and current (2006–present) lead singer of the Pasadena, California-based hard rock band Van Halen? David Lee Roth
In 1933, which Berlin square saw the first public book-burning, where works by Marx were among those destroyed? Bebelplatz
On what date in 1945 did Adolf Hitler commit suicide, along with Eva Braun? 30th April
Which city is home to the German Stock Exchange? Frankfurt-Am-Main
Holy Roman Emperor from 1155 until his death, what was the nickname of Frederick I, given him by the Northern Italian cities he tried to rule? Barbarossa
Which city lies at the confluence of the Rhine and the Moselle? Koblenz
The most common type of broccoli takes its name from a region of Italy - what is it called? Calabrese
What sort of foodstuff is pappardelle? Pasta
How are "a la Dauphinoise" potatoes prepared? Sliced
In which year did Bananarama first have a UK Top 40 hit? 1982
What is the meaning of 'krypton' in ancient Greek? Hidden
In medieval bestiaries, which animals were believed to have been born from dead oxen? Bees
What nationality was the naturalist Henry Beston? American
Nobel laureate, zoologist, ethologist, and ornithologist Konrad Lorenz - often called the 'father of ethology' - hailed from which country? Austrian
Which order of chivalry has the motto "Honi soit qui mal y pense" (Middle French: "shame on him who thinks evil of it")? The Order of The Garter
Which is the most prestigious honour that can be conferred in the UK? Victoria Cross
Which is the second most prestigious honour that can be conferred in the UK? George Cross (after the VC)
Which is the only animal in the tubulidentata order? Aardvark
Which animals belong to the suborder Vermilingua? Anteaters (four species)
What is the principal diet of the aardvark? Termites
What shape are the teeth of an aardvark, in cross-section? Hexagonal
What does 'aardvark' mean in Afrikaans? Earthpig
What is the smallest species of albatross, roughly gull-sized? Sooty
What is the fate of the male anglerfish after mating? He is absorbed into the body of the female
Nine-Banded, Pink Fairy and Screaming Hairy are species of what? Armadillo
In US college slang what does 'to aardvark' mean? Have sex
Armadillos belong to which continent? The Americas (North and South)
Which is the largest albatross, with an eleven foot wingspan? Wandering
Which creatures produce honeydew? Aphids
Which species has the most teeth of any mammal? Giant armadillo
Which cartoonist created the Dilbert cartoons? Scott Adams
Who played Dan Gallagher's (Michael Douglas) wife Beth in "Fatal Attraction"? Anne Archer
Which man, who won a Best Actor Oscar in the 1950s, had the middle name DeForest? Humphrey Bogart
Who played "Budgie" in the 1970s UK TV series? Adam Faith
Who replaced Aled Jones as host of Radio 2 programme "Good Morning Sunday"? Clare Balding
What was the real name of actor Tony Curtis, 1925-2010? Bernard Schwarz
Now-disgraced former MP Clement freud advertised pet food with a dog by what name? Henry
Which fashion model, born in Canada in 1965, famously said that she would not get out of bed forless than $10,000? Linda Evangelista
"Gypsy Song Beat Out Dat Rhythm On A Drum" is a song from which musical, first premiered in 1943 on Broadway? Carmen Jones
Which Austrian-US theatre and film director (1905-86) directed a number of films with controversial topics such as drug addiction (The Man with the Golden Arm, 1955), rape (Anatomy of a Murder, 1959) and homosexuality (Advise & Consent, 1962)? Otto Preminger
Wallace's Line divides which two continents zoogeographically? Asia, Australia
The fifth largest city of Hungary, located on the slopes of the Mecsek mountains in the south-west of the country, close to its border with Croatia, what is sometimes called "The Borderless City"? Pécs
What is the currency of Saudi Arabia? Riyal
Which country was once known as Saint-Domingue? Haiti
Tidore is the name of a city, island, and archipelago in which country? Indonesia
From which country did Panama declare its independence in 1903? Colombia
Built by Richard D'Oyly Carte in 1881, which was the first theatre in the world to be lit by electricity? Savoy Theatre, London
Which river takes its name from the French rendering of the Anishinaabe (Ojibwe or Algonquin) words for 'Great River'? Mississippi
Founded in 1991, what was the trade union BECTU set up to represent? Broadcasting (Broadcasting, Entertainment, Cinematograph and Theatre Union)
Schwechat Airport is the old name for which airport? Vienna International
What is the home ground of Notts County FC? Meadow Lane
In which year were Notts County FC formed, making them the oldest football team in the world at professional level? 1862
What is the nickname of Notts County FC? The Magpies
What was the name of the woman who won gold in the women's 800 metres at the 2009 World Championships and silver medals at the 2011 World Championships and the 2012 Summer Olympics, but controversially failed a gender test in 2009 before being reinstated? Caster Semenya
What is the nickname of Torquay United FC? The Gulls
Which team lost the 1938 Wolrd Cup football final to Italy, by 4 goals to 2? Hungary
In which town do Port Vale FC play home games? Burslem
What is the nickname of Rotherham United FC? The Millers
Which is the longest running event in the Decathlon? 1500m
What US-style nickname was given to Nottinghamshire county cricket club's limited overs team? Outlaws
What US-style nickname was given to Middlesex county cricket club's limited overs team, but was rescinded after compalints - first changing to 'Panthers' and then the name reverting to just 'Middlesex'? Crusaders
Which football team, who spent most of the 20th century in the English league, are nicknamed the Mariners? Grimsby Town
What US-style nickname was given to Northamptonshire county cricket club's limited overs team - a reference to a military regiment? Steelbacks
Eddie Waring (1910-86) is remembered for commentating on which sport? Rugby League
Which British football club won the 1982 European Cup? Aston Villa
Which sport uses a 'Christmas tree' starting system? Drag Racing
Rushden and Diamonds, briefly a league football team, but now defunct, played in which town? Irthlingborough, Northamptonshire
Which county cricket team's limited-overs team has, at times, been called the Royals and then the Rapids? Worcestershire
The US baseball team the Braves have played in which city since 1966? Atlanta
Which sporting trophy is affectionately known as the "Auld Mug"? America's Cup
In which year did the Korean War start? 1950
Mao Zedong declared the People's Republic of China had come into existence on 1st October in which year? 1949
Associated with Chiang Kai-Shek what historically has been the ruling political party of the Republic of China on Mainland China and the island of Taiwan? Kuomintang
Attended by President of the United States Franklin Roosevelt, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Winston Churchill, and Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek of the Republic of China, which 1943 conference almost immediately preceded that held in Tehran? Cairo
A major city in Southwest China and one of the five national central cities in China, which city was, from 1937 to 1945 Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek's provisional capital? Chongqing
On October 24, 1945, which nation became one of the founding members of the United Nations and the following year, on July 4, 1946, became recognized by the United States as independent, during the presidency of Manuel Roxas? Philippines
In which year did Burma and Ceylon (Sri Lanka) become independent from Great Britain? 1948
Ho Chi Minh joined the Vietnamese immigrant community in which city in 1912? Paris
Which dynasty was the last ruling dynasty in Vietnam? Nguyễn Dynasty
Which north parallel formed the border between North and South Korea prior to the Korean War? 38th
Yehudi Menuhin was reknowned for playing which instrument? Violin
Where are the two Irish archbishoprics located? Dublin and Armagh
What was the name of Odin's eight-legged horse in Norse myth? Sleipnir
Tom Turpin and James Scott were most associated with which style of music, that enjoyed its peak popularity between 1895 and 1918? Ragtime
Which Biblical character's name means "father of the multitude"? Abraham
In myth, who was the mother of Aeneas? Aphrodite/Venus
Who said rock journalism was "those who can't write interviewing those with nothing to say"? Frank Zappa
In which legendary land did Tennyson say Arthur died? Lyonesse
In which Wagner opera is the hero King Mark of Cornwall's nephew? Tristran Und Isolde
Who, in 1962, received the first Lifetime Achievement Grammy? Bing Crosby
Who painted 1822's "Woman At A Window"? Caspar David Friedrich
Which philosopher wrote 1869's "The Subjection Of Women"? JS Mill
Who (c. 603 – 19 January 639) was the king of Austrasia (623–634), king of all the Franks (629–634), and king of Neustria and Burgundy (629–639), and was the last king of the Merovingian dynasty to wield any real royal power? Dagobert I
Which 1872 Nietzsche work was originally dedicated to Wagner? The Birth of Tragedy
When Khrushchev was replaced in 1964, Leonid Brezhnev became First Secretary of the Soviet communist party; but who became the Premier? Kosygin
The Sino-Indian War over their mutual border occurred in which year? 1962
Which doctrine, with an appropriate acronym, stated that the USA and USSR had so many nuclear weapons that war between the two would be pointless as it would bring about the end of both countries? MAD (mutually assured destruction)
In a military context, what are MRBMs? Medium Range Ballistic Missiles
The Cuban Missile Crisis is also known by which term, referring to the month it occurred in? October Crisis
Richard Nixon was whose vice-president before becoming President in his own right? Eisenhower
The late John Bardon played which character in 'Eastenders' for 13 years? Jim Branning
Paul Gross starred as a Canadian Mountie in which TV series? Due South
Which TV character owned a horse called Tornado, and later, Phantom? Zorro
Shiloh Ranch was a location in which TV series? The Virginian
Who played James Bond in the 1971 film 'Diamonds Are Forever'? Sean Connery
Which German-born actor, and Oscar winner, played the devil in the 1926 film 'Faust'? Emil Jannings
Played by the late Anna Wing, which character was Pauline Fowler's mother in Eastenders? Lou Beale
The whole of which Dallas series was declared to have been a dream, to the annoyance of many viewers? Series 9
Which 1986 film, critically panned, featured the newlyweds Sean Penn and Madonna? Shanghai Surprise
Carl Laemmle founded which famous film studios in 1912? Universal
Fiumicino Airport that serves Rome, is also named after which man? Leonardo Da Vinci
The Mende and Temne people are the two main ethnic groups in which country? Sierra Leone
Which branch of the Alps, highest point Mount Prokletije, straddles the border between Croatia and Bosnia? Dinaric Alps
Which strait separates Italy from Albania? Strait of Otranto
Which mountain range runs down much of the East Coast of Australia, and contains Mount Kosciuszko, the country's highest peak? Great Dividing Range
What other name is given to the mountain range the Erzgebirge, that straddle the German/Czech border? Ore Mountains
The Sudetes mountains, from which the name Sudetenland comes, straddle the border of which two countries? Czech Republic and Poland
What is the highest point of the Mendips? Beacon Batch
Dunkery Hill, or Dunkery Beacon, is the highest point of which hilly open moorland in the UK? Exmoor
Which range of hills are located in Herefordshire and Worcestershire and a small area of northern Gloucestershire, and have their highest point at Worcestershire Beacon? Malverns
McMaster University is a major institute in which country? Canada (Hamilton, Ontario)
"Humboldt's Gift" is a novel by which author? Saul Bellow
Willard Van Orman Quine (1908-2000) was an important name in which field? Philosophy/Logic
Sir Isaiah Berlin was born in which city? Riga
Which anthropologist was interviewed for the 1988 work "De près et de loin"? Claude Levi-Strauss
Which English chemist (6 September 1766 – 27 July 1844) was a pioneer in modern atomic theory? John Dalton
Which German-born Jew and American political theorist wrote "Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil" in 1961? Hannah Arendt
"The Sense of an Ending: Studies in the Theory of Fiction" was an important 1967 work of literary criticism by whom? Frank Kermode
The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI), home to 2700 staff, and thus among the largest private, non-profit biomedical research organizations in the world, is headquartered in which US city? San Diego
The Akademgorodok is an important educational and scientific centre, home to 65000 scientists in the Soviet era, on the outskirts of which Russian city? Novosibirsk
Who wrote "Indiana" in 1832? George Sand
Whose written works include "Art and Revolution" and "The Art-Work Of The Future", both published in 1849? Richard Wagner
The literary remains of the German professor Diogenes Teufelsdruock (literally, "devil's dung") form the basis of which unusual work by Thomas Carlyle? Sartor Resartus
Mainly applied to testing the historical veracity of the Bible, which two-word term is a branch of literary criticism that investigates the origins of ancient texts in order to understand "the world behind the text"? Higher Criticism
Which thinker was madly in love with Clothilde de Vaux, to the point where he prostrated himself in front of her chair after she died? Auguste Comte
"Robert Elsmere" was a popular novel by which female author, who was nearly always known by her husband's name? Mrs Humphrey Ward (Mary Augusta Ward)
What was the motto of the 19th century "Religion of Humanity", still active in small numbers in France and Brazil? Order and Progress
Which Austrian-born American economist and political scientist (1883-1950) served as Finance Minister of Austria in 1919 and popularised the term "creative destruction" in economics? Joseph Schumpeter
Which third-person shooter platform video game series published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for PlayStation follows treasure hunter Nathan "Nate" Drake as he travels around the world to uncover various historical mysteries? Uncharted
The sister of whom, married to the notorious racist, Bernard Forster, became his executor upon his death, and edited selectively to make it appear that her brother conformed to her own world-view? Friedrich Nietzsche
Glenn Miller is chiefly associated with playing which instrument? Trombone
Which fabric is named for the town of Bedford? Bedford Cord
What is the nickname given to Bedfordshire inhabitants - it was also the name of a 1970s children's TV series? Clangers
The motto of which place is "North To The Future"? Alaska
What has the alternative name of "The Will Rogers Highway"? Route 66
Which country is home to Lake Assal, the lowest point on land in Africa? Djibouti
Which currency is nominally divided into 100 puls, although there are no pul coins in circulation as of 2016? Afghan Afghani
For what does the 'B' stand in the name of the trade union in the UK, GMB? Boilermakers (General, Municipal and Boilermakers)
In which English county is the headland The Naze? Essex
Where is "Rotten Row" located in London? Hyde Park
Which battle took place in Roman-occupied Britain in AD 60 or 61 between an alliance of indigenous British peoples led by Boudica and a Roman army led by Gaius Suetonius Paulinus, saw a final, definitive victory for the Romans? Battle of Watling Street
On 28 May 1987, where did Mathias Rust famously, and illegally, land a plane? Red Square, Moscow
Which 19th century war devastated Paraguay, with almost 70% of its adult male population dying? War of the Triple Alliance/Paraguayan War
What, in the Middle Ages, was a Pavis(e)? Large, convex shield
Which German captain made the decision to scuttle the Graf Spee in 1939? Hans Langsdorff
Who wrote both "Ten Pound Penalty" and "Shattered"? Dick Francis
What is the minimum number of dots in one braille character? Six
The last line in which Beatrix Potter tale is "The stitches in the buttonhole were so small, so small it looked like they had been done by mice"? The Tailor of Gloucester
Which Thomas Hardy work features the characters Diggory & Thomasina Yeobright? The Return Of The Native
"An Easternly is the most disagreeable wind in Lyme" is the opening line to which novel? John Fowles' "The French Lieutenant's Woman"
Which word for an enthusiast comes from bullfighting? Aficionado
Who was the first US-born World Chess Champion? Bobby Fischer
Which current American boxing magazine was first published in 1922 as a boxing and wrestling magazine? The Ring
Badminton player Gail Emms won gold for Britain at the 2006 World Championships in Madrid, 2004 European Championships in Geneva, and a silver medal at the 2004 Olympic Games, partnering who in the mixed doubles? Nathan Robertson
What is the female equivalent of the Oedipus complex? Electra complex
Which man first showed that light was a form of electromagnetic radiation? James Clerk Maxwell
Which German physicist first conclusively proved the existence of electromagnetic waves theorized by James Clerk Maxwell's electromagnetic theory of light? Heinrich Hertz
Rudolf Julius Emanuel Clausius (born Rudolf Gottlieb) is famed for first stating which law in "On the Moving Force of Heat", published in 1850? Second law of thermodynamics
Which quantity (usual symbol S) is technically a measure of the number of microscopic configurations Ω that correspond to a thermodynamic system in a state specified by certain macroscopic variables? Entropy
What name is given to an idealized physical body that absorbs all incident electromagnetic radiation, regardless of frequency or angle of incidence? Black body
In which country did Sigmund Freud die? UK/England
Sigmund Freud died 23 days after which major historical event? Outbreak of WW2 (he died on 23rd Sept 1939)
Which preciously ornate and sophisticated prose style that was fashionable in the 1580s is a mannered style of English writing that takes its name from the works of John Lyly? Euphuism
Which scale is used to measure the "hotness" of chili peppers? Scoville Scale
What name is shared by an island in the Indian Ocean belonging to Australia and an island in the Pacific Ocean belonging to the Republic of Kiribati? Christmas Island
The design of New York's Central Park was based on that of the public park in which English town? Birkenhead
Who was the Roman goddess of thieves, impostors and frauds? Laverna
Which Spanish tennis player won the men's singles title at the French Open in 1993 & 1994 - as of 2016, he has won the most Grand Slam titles for someone not inducted to the International Tennis Hall of Fame? Sergi Bruguera
Which spice used in South East Asian cuisine and common in mediaeval European recipes is sometimes known as blue ginger? Galangal
Which American statesman, soldier and lawyer appears on the $10 note? Alexander Hamilton
Whose eponymous equations, first developed in 1922, govern the expansion of space in homogeneous and isotropic models of the universe within the context of general relativity? Friedmann
What nationality was Christian Doppler, famed for discovering his eponymous effect? Austrian
Which famous art exhibition, that in effect brought modern art to the USA, opened on 17 February 1913 in New York? Armory Show
In which city was the 1904 Olympic Games held? St Louis
Who wrote 1905's "Three Essays On The Theory of Sexuality"? Freud
What is the name of the narrator, and supposed author, of a cycle of poems that the 18th Century Scottish poet James MacPherson claimed to have translated from ancient Scots Gaelic sources? Ossian
In 1694, he became the first governor of the Bank of England and in 2006 his portrait appeared on the back of the £50 note; who is he? John Houblon
What was the name of the rock group formed by former Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic that released one eponymous album in 1995? Sweet 75
Which was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for poetry in 1954 for his book "The Waking", and he won the annual National Book Award for Poetry twice, in 1959 for "Words for the Wind" and posthumously in 1965 for "The Far Field"? Theodore Roethke
The adjective 'accipitrine' refers to which bird? Hawk
Which sport or activity is sometimes referred to by the German term 'langlaufing'? Cross country skiing
'Lucky' and 'Pozzo' appear in which famous play? Beckett's "Waiting for Godot"
What did the name of the online fashion retailer ASOS.com originally stand for? As Seen On Screen
Who wrote the work "History and Class Consciousness: Studies in Marxist Dialectics" in 1923? (Hungarian philosopher) György Lukács
The founding father of logical positivism and the Vienna Circle, who was murdered by a young Nazi in June 1934? Moritz Schlick
Combray is the village where the young narrator grows up in the first part of which novel? In Search of Lost Time (À la recherche du temps perdu) by Proust
The hill of Golgotha, where Christ was crucified, takes its name from the Aramaic for what? Skull
Which is the lightest boxing weight class used at the Olympic Games? Light Flyweight
Which philosopher died in Paris on 4 January 1941, of pneumonia, having been made to wait in line in the freezing cold to register himself along with other Jews? Henri Bergson
What name is given to a specific category of papal document, a kind of letter concerning Catholic doctrine, sent by the Pope and usually addressed especially to patriarchs, primates, archbishops and bishops who are in communion with the Holy See? Encyclical
In May 1953, which singer became the first person to have two UK number 1 singles when 'I'm Walking Behind You' reached the top spot in the charts? Eddie Fisher
Who was Liz Taylor's only British husband? Michael Wilding
Who was was Elizabeth Taylor's first husband, (May 6, 1950 – January 29, 1951) - but his "gambling, drinking, and abusive behavior" horrified her and her parents and the marriage ended in divorce after eight months? Conrad Hilton Jr
Who was the only one of Elizabeth Taylor's seven husbands that she did not divorce - although he died in an accident a year after their marriage? Mike Todd
The Weber is the SI unit of what? Magnetic Flux
Which great artist's works "Medicine", "Jurisprudence" and "Philosophy" were lost when the Nazis burned Immendorf Castle in 1945? Gustav Klimt
Whose work "The Stone Breakers" was destroyed by Allied bombing in WW2? Courbet
The athletics event known as the marathon was inspired by the actions of which Ancient Athenian herald who is said to have run the 150 miles to Sparta in two days to request help when the Persians landed at Marathon in Greece? Pheidippides
At what age did Oscar Wilde die, on 30 November 1900? 44
"Modern Painters", influential in creating interest and appreciation of the works of Turner, was a 19th century book by who? John Ruskin
Who released the 1975 album "There's One In Every Crowd"? Eric Clapton
Who was the 18th Century writer who published the first authoritative treatises on the rules of whist, backgammon, quadrille, piquet and brag? Edmond Hoyle
"L'Evolution Creatrice", or "Creative Evolution" is among the most influential woerks by which philosopher? Henri Bergson
Founded 970-972 by the Fatimids, what is Egypt's oldest degree-granting university and is renowned as "Sunni Islam’s most prestigious university"? Al-Azhar University
Which Ivy league institution began life as a Puritan College in 1636? Harvard
How many institutions comprise the Ivy League? Eight
Which is the smallest of the Ivy League, both in terms of undergraduates and teaching staff? Dartmouth College
Johns Hopkins University is located in which American city? Baltimore
In a popular story, which Presocratic philosopher used his wisdom to predict a bumper olive crop, and bought up all the olive presses beforehand, which he then sold at huge profit? Thales
Clark University is located where, the second-largest city in New England? Worcester, Massachussetts
Which two wild birds are not found anywhere other than the British Isles? Red Grouse, Scottish Crossbill
As of 2016, who was the only American President to have been born on Independence Day? Calvin Coolidge
What is the name given to the popular uprising by Roman Catholics in Yorkshire led by Robert Aske in 1536? The Pilgrimage of Grace
Which twin battles of 14 October 1806 allowed Napoleon to reach Berlin? Jena and Auerstadt
Ending 19 October 1781, the last major land battle of the American Revolutionary War in the North American theatre? Siege of Yorktown
Which is the only Canadian province to have both French and English as official languages? New Brunswick
Which university awarded the first PhD in the Americas, in 1861? Yale
Which early Presocratic's (c. 610-c. 546BC) postulation that the indefinite (or apeiron) was the source of all things led Greek philosophy to a new level of conceptual abstraction? Anaximander
Which highly-regarded American philosopher, logician, mathematician, and scientist (1839 - 1914) is sometimes known as "the father of pragmatism", and was called by Russell "the greatest American mind ever"? Charles Sanders Peirce
Who wrote 1902's philosophical work "The Varieties of Religious Experience"? William James
Noted for his 1956 screen portrayal of Mephistopheles, the German actor Gustav Grundgens was the inspiration for the novel Mephisto by which German author who questioned his actions during the Nazi era? Klaus Mann
Based on the Faust legend, the Mephisto Waltzes were written between 1859 and 1885 by which composer? Franz Liszt
Submitted for the Royal Academy exhibition of 1856, which painting by William Holman Hunt depicts an eponymous animal from the Book of Leviticus The Scapegoat
The English poet and scholar John Skelton wrote a speculum principis, or treatise of advice and instruction addressed to which future monarch of whom he was then tutor? Henry VIII
The Education Of A Christian Prince is a treatise of 1516 dedicated to the future Holy Roman Emperor Charles V by which humanist and theologian? Erasmus
Whom did the Japanese government present with a guide dog named 'Kenzan-go' in 1939? Helen Keller
Chinese Restaurant Syndrome is the name given a collection of symptoms which may include headaches, flushing and sweating and is commonly believed to be caused by which food additive? Monosodium Glutamate
Basilikon Doron meaning "royal gift" was a treatise on government written for his son, the Duke of Rothesay, by which monarch? James I (VI of Scotland)
What enduring term was introduced by the US sociologist Edwin Sutherland in the 1940s to draw attention to felonies committed by both individuals and organisations in the business world? White collar crime
Deriving from the Spanish for ‘rogue’, what name is given to a popular subgenre of fiction which is satirical and depicts in realistic and humorous detail the adventures of a roguish hero of low class who lives by his or her wits in a corrupt society? Picaresque
Which chemical element has as its symbol the only letter with the value of five in an English Scrabble set? Potassium (K)
Ilmenite and rutile are ores of which metallic element, discovered by Cornish clergyman William Gregor? Titanium
In the Beano, what is the name of Beryl the Peril's dog? Pearl
Named after the American who invented it, what name is given to the hybrid fruit that is a cross between a blackberry, a raspberry and a loganberry? Boysenberry
To which bird does Wordsworth address the lines, "There is madness about thee and joy divine in that song of thine?" Skylark
Which city in New South Wales, the second oldest city in Australia and a former penal colony, is home to the world’s largest coal export harbour? Newcastle
Which bird is the title and subject of a collection of poems by Ted Hughes, and is described at one point as being, "Spraddled head down in the beach garbage guzzling a dropped ice cream"? Crow
What birds are being described by WB Yeats in the lines, "All suddenly mount and scatter wheeling in great broken rings upon their clamorous wings"? Swans (Wild Swans at Coole)
In Greek mythology, what was the name of the sea-monster with twelve legs, a fish's tail and six long necks, each with a grisly head containing three rows of teeth? Scylla
"Mr Attlee had three old Etonians in his cabinet, I have six. Things are twice as good under the Conservatives." These are the words of which prime minister, speaking in 1959? Harold MacMillan
Name the three orange coloured properties on the UK version of the board game Monopoly. Bow Street, Marlborough Street, Vine Street
Possibly depicted in Henry Fuseli's painting "The Nightmare", the night hag or old hag is a fantasy creature from the folklore of various people,s which is used to explain which nocturnal bodily phenomenon? Sleep Paralysis
How often is the US Census carried out? Every ten years
The common visual illusion of a cube that can be viewed in two different planes, as hit has no definitive depth cues, is named after which Swiss crystallographer? Necker (Necker cube)
Brandon Walsh, Brenda Walsh and Dylan McKay were characters in which TV series that ran from 1990 to 2000? Beverly Hills, 90210
Named after a factory in Cicero, Illinois, what name is given to a type of reactivity in which individuals modify or improve an aspect of their behaviour in response to their awareness of being observed? Hawthorne effect
In which psychological test are subjects' perceptions of inkblots recorded and then analysed using psychological interpretation, complex algorithms, or both? Rorschach Test
What name is given to the condition in which objects within an affected section of the visual field appear larger than normal, causing the person to feel smaller than they actually are? Macropsia (the converse, where objects appear smaller, is micropsia)
Which purple-black edible berry is derived from a species of palm tree, euterpe oleracea, native to South America? Acai
Which 1938 American romantic drama film released by Warner Brothers and directed by William Wyler starred Bette Davis as the titular femme fatale? Jezebel
Which instrument is played by David in the Bible? Lyre
In which city was Mary Pickford born? Toronto
What was Mary Pickford's real name at birth? Gladys Smith
Which early film star was known as the "Biograph Girl"? Florence Lawrence
What was Wonder Woman's alter ego? Diana Prince
What was Zorro's alter ego? Don Diego De La Vega
The eighth-century BCE prophet Isaiah ben Amoz, the probable author of Chapters 1-39 of Isaiah is also known as "Isaiah of..." which city, still important politically today? Jerusalem
Which one-word term, coined by Gottfried Leibniz, refers to "the answer to the question of why God permits evil"? Theodicy
William Munny is played by Clint Eastwood in which film? Unforgiven
2004's "Welcome to Mooseport" was the final film, before retirement, of which actor? Gene Hackman
The equation E equals MCsquared first appeared in Albert Einstein's paper on which specific theory? Special Theory of Relativity (NOT general theory)
What was the name of the singer Lulu at birth? Marie McDonald McLaughlin Lawrie
In which city was Albert Einstein born? Ulm
Who sang the title theme for the Bond film "Octopussy"? Rita Coolidge
Who sang the title theme for the Bond film "Quantum of Solace"? Jack White and Alicia Keys
Who sang the title theme for the Bond film "The World Is Not Enough"? Garbage
In which city would you find the International Court of Justice? The Hague
The Sun-goddess Amaterasu is perhaps the most important deity of which religion? Shintoism
Which former President of Uruguay was arrested in 2006 in connection with the assassination of two Uruguayan congressmen in 1976 - he was sentenced to 30 years in 2010, although he died a year later? Juan Maria Bordaberry
What is the name given to a quadrilateral with two parallel sides of unequal length? Trapezium
Nadab and Abihu, who burn to death in the book of Leviticus, when they are consumed by a strange fire, were the sons of which man? Aaron
In the Bible, who is the firstborn of Jacob and Rachel? Joseph
He is famed for having 12 sons, but who is the only daughter of Jacob's to be mentioned in the Bible - in Genesis? Dinah
In the Bible, with which uncle does Jacob live after his estrangement from Esau? Laban
Who in the Bible, is the second son of Jacob and Rachel, and Jacob's 12th son overall? Benjamin
In the Biblical book 2 Samuel, who rapes David's daughter Tamar? (his son) Amnon
Almost the acronym of dukkha (suffering) which Sanskrit word is used in several ancient Buddhist texts to denote happiness, although it is made clear that this type of happiness is impermanent? Sukka
Which famous woman was born Isabella Mary Mayson? Mrs Beeton
With which song did British entry Jemini infamously score zero points at the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest ? Cry Baby
As of 2016 who is the only football player to have scored hat-tricks in all 4 tiers of the English league, the FA Cup, the League Cup, and in an international match? Robert Earnshaw
What was the first number one single in the UK charts at the beginning of the 1960s? "What Did you Want to Make Those Eyes at me For?" Emile Ford & The Checkmates
Which 1968 film, starring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, was based on Tennessee Williams' play 'The Milk Train Doesn't Stop Here Any More'? Boom!
What was the first number one single in the UK charts at the beginning of the 1970s? "Two Little Boys" by Rolf Harris
What was the first number one single in the UK charts at the beginning of the 1980s? "Another Brick In The Wall" by Pink Floyd
James Cagney won his only Academy Award for which film? Yankee Doodle Dandy
Which character was nicknamed "Privet" in TV series "Please Sir!"? Mr Hedges
What was the name of the character who was the headmaster in the TV show "Please Sir"? Mr Cromwell
Who played "Blue" in the 2001 film "Training Day"? Snoop Dogg
Which African-American film director remains best known for his 2001 Academy Award-winning film Training Day? Antoine Fuqua
For which film did Halle Berry win a Best Actress Academy Award at the 74th Academy Awards? Monsters Ball
Who narrated 1975's "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" in the guise of 'The Criminologist'? Charles Gray
Who won a 2015 Best Actress Oscar for playing Joy Newsome in "Room"? Brie Larson
Majel Barrett-Roddenberry, the wife of show creator Gene Roddenberry, played which role in "Star Trek"? Nurse Christine Chapel
What was the real surname of Eric Morecambe? Bartholomew
Which character is the hero of the Ipcress File films, including "Billion Dollar Brain"? Harry Palmer
What name is given to a male badger? Boar
What name is given to a female badger? Sow
What name is given to a group of badgers who live in a sett? Clan
Which aptly-named, blood-thinning glycoprotein is present in vampire-bat saliva? Draculin
What is the name given to the item a bear plugs its anus with before hibernating? Tappet
Which Yorkshire town is named after a mammal with the genus castor? Beverly (beavers)
Which animal has the Latin name ursus arctus? Brown bear
What is the scientific, taxonomic name of the polar bear? Ursus Maritimus
Karl Von Frisch won the first Nobel Prize awarded for studying animal behaviour - what is his most famous discovery, unveiled in the 1927 book "Aus dem Leben der Bienen"? The meaning of the waggle dance in bees
What is measured by a hygrometer? Humidity
What was Lemmy's real name? Ian Kilmister
In the Christian calendar, which fasting days are observed on April 25 and the Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday preceding Ascension Thursday? Rogation Days
Hock wines are wines from which region? Rhine
Who founded the Madhyamaka ('Middle Way') school of Mahāyāna Buddhism, and lived c. 150-250? Nagarjuna
Which day is traditionally celebrated on a Thursday, the fortieth day of Easter (following the count given in Acts 1:3), although some Christian denominations have moved the observance to the following Sunday? Ascension Day
Who is often described as being the recipient of the first star on the Hollywood walk of fame, although eight were actually installed together - she won an Oscar for her role in The Three Faces of Eve (1957).? Joanne Woodward
The real-life Oakworth station was used as the main setting for which 1970 film ? The Railway Children
In a 1956 episode of Goodyear TV Playhouse based on A Murder Is Announced, who was the first actress to play Miss Marple on TV? Gracie Fields
In which city was Antonio Vivaldi born? Venice
In which religion are the Gods, or perhaps the concept of 'divine essence', known as Kami? Shinto
Founded 1698, but with evidence of on-site brewing dating back over 100 years before that, which Faversham, Kent brewer believes itself to be Britain's oldest? Shepherd Neame
Who had a 2002 UK Number 2 hit with "Got To Have Your Love"? Liberty X
Latin for "way of grief", what name is given to Christ's route to crucifixion, his cross being carried en route by Simon of Cyrene? Via Dolorosa
Mahler's symphony Nyumber 8 is sometimes called what, because it requires huge instrumental and vocal forces? Symphony of a Thousand
Which singer was born in Neath, Wales, on 29 June 1980? Katherine Jenkins
In which book of the Bible does Moses bless the twelve tribes of Israel? Deuteronomy
Known as the ha'azanu, from its first Hebrew word - 'listen' - who delivers the long Biblical poem that an indictment of the Israelites' sins, a prophecy of their punishment, and a promise of God's ultimate redemption of them, often called his 'song'? Moses
The Song of Hannah is a poem that interrupts the prose in books 1 and 2 of which books of the Bible? Samuel
Who replaced Saul as King of Israel in the Bible? David
Who famously had the dream of "Irma's injection" - the experience leading him to write an important book? Freud (The Interpretation of Dreams, 1905)
Lending its name to an important canon also called the Tipitaka, what is the sacred language of Buddhism - it died out in mainland India around the 14th century? Pali
Which branch of Buddhism has a name that means "way of the elders"? Theravada
Which two letters denote a Shetlands postcode? ZE
All Northern Irish postcodes begin with which two letters? BT
Which word, now commonly translated as "human flourishing" was used by Aristotle to describe the ultimate state of human happiness of spirit, and comes from the Greek for "good spirit"? Eudaimonia
Japanese police, and media by request of the police, call them bōryokudan ("violent groups"), while group themselves call themselves "ninkyō dantai" ("chivalrous organizations") - how are they best known? Yakuza
What is the name given to the various groups of indigenous southern Africans often called bushmen, although it is originally derived from a derogatory term called "foragers"? San
The name Alcatraz is derived from archaic Spanish for which animal? Pelican
São Miguel is the largest island in which group? Azores
The Chinese New Year is traditionally celebrated over how many days? Fifteen
On which river does Strasbourg stand? Rhine
The Jamnagar Refinery, opened in 1999, became the world's largest oil refinery - in which country is it? India
The percentage rate of VAT in the UK changed to what since 4 January 2011? 20%
VAT is administered and collected by which government department? HM Revenue and Customs
Which was the first European country to introduce banknotes, in 1661? Sweden
Which German physician discovered arsphenamine (Salvarsan), the first effective medicinal treatment for syphilis? Paul Ehrlich
Which woman took the helm of Vogue in 1992, and thus is, as of 2016, the longest serving editor in British Vogue history? Alexandra Shulman
Two human herpesviruses, human herpesvirus 6 (HHV-6) and human herpesvirus 7 (HHV-7), cause which disease of young children, characterised by a rash? Roseola
The white social worker Mary Ovington (1865-1951) helped found which US organisation, that began life in 1909? National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)[
What did the W.E.B. stand for in the name of W.E.B. Du Bois? William Edward Burghardt
Which African-American gave an 1895 speech, known as the "Atlanta compromise," which brought him national fame, as lynchings peaked in the South - the compromise was first supported, and later opposed by W. E. B Du Bois and other African-American leaders? Booker T Washington
Vladimir Tatlin, famed for his never built "The Monument to the Third International", more commonly known as Tatlin's Tower, was a prominent artist in, and a founder of, which artistic group? Constructivism
What is the morbid fear of trees called? Dendrophobia
Gamophobia is the morbid fear of what? Marriage
Which philosopher's brother Rudolf committed suicide in a Berlin bar after buying the pianist a drink and asking him to play the song "I Am Lost"? Wittgenstein
Which Pope was famed for using the phrase "not angles but angels"? Gregory the Great
Which monk, born in the third century BCE in Ujjain, modern Madhya Pradesh, India, is said to have brought Buddhism to Sri Lanka? Mahinda
"I Got The Sun In The Morning" is a song in which musical? Annie Get Your Gun
The Italian wine Barbera is most associated with which Italian region, especially Asti and Monferrato? Piedmont
William Booth, founder of the Salvation Army, converted to which branch of Christianity aged 15? Methodism (Wesleyan)
Charles Wheatstone invented which musical instrument in 1829? Concertina
Who played the bongos on the Shadows' hit "Apache"? Cliff Richard
In South Pacific which character sings of "washing a man right out of her hair"? Nelly Forbush
In which year did Elvis Presley become an army private? 1958
Singer Mama Cass died in which year? 1974
Which dynasty, the previous rulers of the Sultanate of Delhi, lost the first battle of Panipat to Babur and the Mughals in 1526? Lodi/Lodhi Dynasty
The vast, regular grid system of Mexico City's Ciudad Neza arose from illegal development on the bed of which now hugely-reduced lake? Lake Texcoco
Which actress is probably best known for singing "Let It Go" in the film Frozen? Idina Menzel
Kerry Ellis is probably best known for originating the Bohemian role of Meat in which musical based on the works of Queen? We Will Rock You
Drugs such as AZT used against HIV/AIDS act by inhibiting what class of enzymes - this class of enzymes catalyse the synthesis of DNA from RNA? Reverse transcriptases
What was the forename of Mr Crick, who discovered DNA along with James Watson? Francis
Which US artist, the wife of Alfred Stieglitz, painted "New York Night" in the Precisionist style? Georgia O'Keefe
Which artist of the Precisionist movement painted "I Saw The Figure 5 In Gold", a "poster portrait" honouring the poet William Carlos Williams? Charles Demuth
Ron Goodwin's theme from the 1966 film "The Trap" is traditionally used for the BBC coverage of which annual sporting event? London Marathon
Which Radio 4 show uses theme music that is a variation of Ron Goodwin's "Monte Carlo or Bust" music? I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue
Which weight measure is equal to 1/7000th of a pound? A Grain
The Venus flytrap is native to which continent? North America
Plucking is a geological phenomenon usually associated with which bodies? Glaciers
Which number did Pythagoras consider the 'perfect number', imbuing it with all sorts of mystical qualities? Three
What fruit can be plucked from a Mirabelle tree? Plum
What have Kofi Annan, Mario Andretti and Kiefer Sutherland all got in common? They were all one of twins
Musk, pig-nosed, and green are species of which animal? Turtle
Which city is home to the International Atomic Energy Agency? Vienna
What name is given to the study of clouds? Nephology
What is classified using the Munsell system? Colour
Which playwright formed a relationship with the Italian actress Marta Abba after his own wife descended into madness? Luigi Pirandello
Which man led the defence - in favour of Darwinism - at the Scopes monkey trial? Clarence Darrow
Whose most famous poems are arguably the Duino Elegies? Rainer Maria Rilke
Friedrich Gundolf and Ludwig Klages were members of a circle named after which prominent German poet and author (1868-1993) whose works included "The War" and "The New Reich" - which he refused to allow Nazism to endorse? Stefan George (the George-kreis or George circle)
Who wrote the 1728 ballad opera "The Beggar's Opera"? John Gay
Examples of atonality and serialism, who wrote the operas "Wozzeck" and "Lulu"? Alban Berg
Which Lord sponsored Howard Carter's excavation of the tomb of Tutankhamun? Carnarvon
The Mount Wilson Observatory, that contains two historically important telescopes, is NE of which major city? Los Angeles
Which mathematical paradox, named for a French mathematician, with the observation that certain expressions of natural language define real numbers unambiguously, while other expressions of natural language do not? Richard paradox
Princeton University is based in which US state? New Jersey
Which cartoonist was responsible for the 1939 film "Gulliver's Travels" and oversaw the Popeye and Betty Boop cartoons from his eponymous studio? Dave Fleischer
Chris Cornell's "You Know My Name" was the theme tune to which movie? Casino Royale (2006)
What was the home address of the Addams Family? 1 Cemetery Ridge
Ventriloquist Terry Hall's most famous dummy was which feline? Lenny the Lion
Which 1961 movie was the only one to be directed by Marlon Brando? One Eyed Jacks
Which actor played the leader of the outlaws in "The Wild Bunch"? William Holden
Which English comedian and comic actor who was famous for his filmed monologues in the 1930s and 1940s in which he played incompetent authority figures, used the catchphrase "the day war broke out"? Robb Wilton
Who was the first man to refuse to accept an Oscar? George C Scott
Which then-defence secretary, holding the post during the Falklands invasion, stormed out of a BBC interview in 1982? John Nott
Planet 24, that made programmes such as The Big Breakfast and The Word, was a TV production company co-owned by which singer? Bob Geldof
The Buddha's Footprint is a famous rock formation near the top of which mountain in central Sri Lanka? Adam's Peak
In Mongolian and Turkic languages, the Altai mountains take their name from 'mountain(s) of..." what? Gold
The highest peak in Bhutan, what - especially since a ban on mountaineering in the country in 2003 - is generally regarded as the world's highest unclimbed peak? Gangkhar Puensum
Which body of water borders Estonia to the north? Gulf of Finland
What is the highest point of the Atlas Mountains? Mount (Jebel) Toubkal
Which famous mountaineer was the first man to climb Everest solo? Reinhold Messner
In which year of the 19th century did Krakatoa erupt with devastating consequences? 1883
After whom is the airport at Montreal named? Pierre Trudeau
After whom is the airport at Toronto named? Lester B Pearson
When first introduced, what was the cost of London's congestion charge? £5
Which Egyptian pharaoh built the temple at Abu Simbel? Ramses II
Lying generally between the foot of a continental rise and a mid-ocean ridge, and covering 50% of Earth's surface, what two-word name is given to broad, flat sea floors at depths of 2-4miles? Abyssal Plains
For what does ACAS stand in the name of the mediatory body? Advisory, Conciliatory and Arbitration Service
Osu Castle, also known as Fort Christiansborg or simply the Castle, has been the on-off seat of government of which nation for most of its independent life? Ghana
The Ambracian Gulf is part of which sea? Ionian Sea
Akko, also called Acre, is a town in which modern day country? Israel
What name is given to someone who brings an action in a court in England or Wales? Plaintiff
What name is given to someone who brings an action in a court in Scotland? Pursuer
Considered to be the first English statute, and printed as the first statute in The Statutes of the Realm, which 1235 statute is named for the place it was signed by Henry III? Statute of Merton
What is an Act of Parliament termed before it gains Royal Assent in the UK? A bill
Spanish Colonel José Luis Aresti Aguirre (1919–2003) created a standard catalogue of manoeuvres to be used in what? Aerobatics
Morihei Ueshiba founded which martial art? Aikido
Which former National Football League kicker, as of 2016 is the all-time leader in games played in the NFL at 382, and the all-time leading scorer in NFL history? Morten Andersen
Which Olympic sport is mentioned in the Iliad? Boxing
Primarily referring to a training place specifically for Japanese martial arts such as aikido, judo, karate, or samurai, which term translates as "place of the way"? Dojo
Which Japanese honorific term that is literally translated as "person born before another" is used for teachers, and in the West, teachers of martial arts particularly? Sensei
Born January 31, 1914, which boxer's real name was Arnold Raymond Cream? Jersey Joe Walcott
Which boxing weight division lies between lightweight and middleweight? Welterweight
Which boxing weight division lies between flyweight and featherweight? Bantamweight
Which boxing weight division lies between light heavyweight and heavyweight? Cruiserweight
"Northern Lights", the first book in the "His Dark Materials" trilogy is known by what name in the USA? The Golden Compass
What is the name of the final book in the "His Dark Materials" trilogy? The Amber Spyglass
What is the name of the second book in the "His Dark Materials" trilogy? The Subtle Knife
How many lines are there in a sonnet? Fourteen
Which character taught Alice to dance the lobster quadrille? The Mock Turtle
Which 19th Century Pre-Raphaelite painted "The Boyhood of Raleigh"? Millais
The subterranean Morlocks of HG Wells "The Time Machine" fed on what? Humans
Whose plays include "Dirty Linen" and "The Real Inspector Hound"? Tom Stoppard
How does Tess of the D'Urbervilles die? She is hanged for murder
Amédée Ozenfant and Charles Edouard Jeanneret (Le Corbusier) led which 1918-25 art movement? Purism
Who composed the 1909 30-minute opera "Erwartung"? Schoenberg
Anton Chekhov, Katherine Mansfield and Franz Kafka all died of which disease? Tuberculosis
Which animal, much used in genetic experimentation, is 'drosophila melanogaster'? Fruitfly
Which American evolutionary biologist, geneticist, embryologist, and science author won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1933 for discoveries elucidating the role that the chromosome plays in heredity? TH Morgan
What name is given to a a specialized type of cell division that reduces the chromosome number by half, that occurs in all sexually reproducing single-celled and multicellular eukaryotes, including animals, plants, and fungi? Meiosis
Who wrote the social science classic "The Mind of Primitive Man" in 1910? Franz Boas
The Urubamba River or Willkamayu lies in which South American country? Peru
What name is given to the finest stone masonry unit, generally cuboid, often finely cut or worked, and seen often in Inca ruins such as Machu Picchu? Ashlars
Who, according to some historians, was the founder of the Inca civilization in Cusco, possibly in the early 13th c. and the protagonist of the two best known legends about the origin of the Inca, both of them connecting him to the foundation of Cusco? Manco Capac/Manco the Great
Which supercontinent that existed during the late Paleozoic and early Mesozoic eras was the last supercontinent to have existed and the first to be reconstructed by geologists? Pangaea
Which French poet, playwright, short story writer, novelist, and art critic was wrongly jailed in 1913, accused of stealing the Mona Lisa? Guillaume Apollinaire
Igor Stravinsky was born in which city? St Petersburg
Which 1910-11 Stravinsky ballet tells the story of the loves and jealousies of three puppets - the eponymous lead role in the premiere was played by Nijinsky? Petrushka
Niels Bohr, the physicist, hailed from which country? Denmark
What is the name of the Polish boy with whom the protagonist falls in love in "Death in Venice" by Thomas Mann? Tadzio
Which German word was used by Freud for what was translated into English as 'ego'? Ich
Who published "The Psychology of The Unconscious" in 1910? Carl Jung
What is the subtitle of Thomas Mann's great novel "Buddenbrooks"? The Decline of A Family
Yangon stands on which river? River Yangon
Which Yangon shrine stands 325 feet tall and is covered with 27 metric tons of gold? Shwedagon Paya
Who took over as Speaker in the House of Commons in June 2009, succeeding Michael Martin? John Bercow
Which US-born woman found fame by writing "Belle de Jour: Diary of a London Call Girl" under the nom de plume 'Belle de Jour'? Brooke Magnanti
Matrimonially, what links JS Bach, Charles Darwin and Edgar Allan Poe? They all married cousins
Wulfhall or Wolfhall is an early 17th-century manor house in Burbage, Wiltshire, that was the home of which English queen? Jane Seymour
Who was Tanzania's first Prime Minister and President? Julius Nyerere
Who served as the first President of Zambia, from 1964 to 1991? Kenneth Kaunda
Which politician said ""I will not make age an issue of this campaign. I am not going to exploit, for political purposes, my opponent's youth and inexperience" in a Presidential debate? Ronald Reagan
In which century was St Basil's Cathedral in Moscow built? 16th (1555-61)
Which hill station, the capital and largest city of the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, was colonial India's "summer capital"? Shimla
Which English soldier and politician's 335-mile (539 km) march from Coldstream to London aided in the Restoration of Charles II? George Monck, 1st Duke of Albemarle
A percheron is a breed of which animal? Horse
What's the army equivalent of the RAF's squadron leader? Major
What does a laniferous animal do? Bear wool
What is a Pacific sea wasp? A jellyfish
Who, in 1884, invented the steam turbine? Sir Charles Parsons
What is the Hebrew for 'day of atonement'? Yom Kippur
What structure, a very hard, white to off white, highly mineralised substance that acts as a barrier to protect the tooth , is lacking in aardvark teeth? Enamel
The aardwolf is a member of which family of animals? Hyaenidae/hyenas
Part of the infraorder Isoptera, what is the main diet of aardwolves? Termites
The schoty is a Russian version of what, usually with a single slanted rack and ten beads per wire? Abacus
In Norse myth, who is the God of warfare, often depicted as one-handed? Tyr (Tiw)
Whose recordings include 1956's "Brilliant Corners" and 1958's "Mysterioso"? Thelonius Monk
The parable of the Good Samaritan is in which book of the Bible? Luke (chapter 10)
What are 'crevettes' on a French menu? Prawns
A clarabella can be found on which musical instrument? Organ (it is an organ stop)
In myth, who killed Priam, the last king of Troy? Pyrrhus (also called Neoptolemus)
Who was the third son of Adam and Eve? Seth
'Satori' are flashes of inspiration found in which specific religion? Zen Buddhism
Which US bandleader, who hired Billie Holliday, and perhaps best known for his 1938 recording of Cole Porter's "Begin the Beguine" died in 2004? Artie Shaw
At 95 minutes long, which is Mahler's longest symphony, and the longest symphony in the standard repertoire? Number 3
Charlie Hungerford, Barney Crozier and Philippa Vale were all supporting characters in which popular 1980s TV show? Bergerac
Which portmanteau word describes a puppetry technique developed by AP films and heavily used by Gerry Anderson in series such as 'Thunderbirds'? Supermarionation
Who did Sharon Osborne call a 'pissed bastard' at the 2008 Brit Awards? Vic Reeves
Tim Campbell was the first winner of which UK TV series? The Apprentice
Who played the lead role in the 1976 film "Isadora"? Vanessa Redgrave
Agents received instructions from 'mother' in which TV series? The Avengers
Conan O'Brien - the American television host, comedy writer, and television producer - was part of which TV series' "creative writing" team for its first two series? The Simpsons
Who played Henry Hill in 1990 film "Goodfellas"? Ray Liotta
Which former presenter of Question Time and the ITN News attended Dovedale Junior School with John Lennon and Jimmy Tarbuck? Peter Sissons
What was the name of the computer in Kubrick's film "2001: A Space Odyssey"? HAL 9000
iving from the German for 'novel of education', which literary term refers to a novel that traces the spiritual, moral, psychological or social development of the protagonist from childhood to maturity? Bildungsroman
Which type of fish is split and cooked in order to make a spitchcock? Eel
The Rhine and the Ruhr meet at which German city to create one of the largest inland ports in Europe? Duisburg
Who was the leader of the Native American Minneconjou Sioux who was killed at the Wounded Knee Massacre in 1890? Big Foot
Which American President signed into law the Indian Citizenship Act that granted full US citizenship to Native Americans? Calvin Coolidge
Which American female R&B singer, who had number 1 hits in the UK with 'Miss You' and 'More Than a Woman', died in a plane crash in August 2001? Aaliyah
Which card game was invented by the English poet Sir John Suckling in the early 17th Century? Cribbage
Christopher Trace was the first male presenter of which long-running TV series? Blue Peter
Who founded the Stoic school of philosophy in Athens? Zeno
Which herb, used in French cookery, is sometimes known as 'dragon herb'? Tarragon
Common in English usage, the word 'taboo', meaning 'forbidden', is taken from the language of the indigenous people of which country? Tonga
In which English castle was the 10th Century king Edward the Martyr murdered? Corfe Castle
This branch of theology, its name deriving from the Greek for 'study of the last', is concerned with the final events in the history of mankind. What is it called? Eschatology
Coming to office in 1850, who was the last American President not to represent either the Republican or Democratic Parties? Millard Fillmore
With a name deriving from the Greek for 'branch', which branch of biology, the most prominent form of phylogenetic systematics, determines the evolutionary relationships between organisms based on derived similarities? Cladistics
What was the surname of the seven brothers who all played county cricket for Worcestershire between 1899 and 1934? Foster
Which British dramatist, who wrote the award-winning play 'Beautiful Thing', also wrote the scripts for the sit-com 'Gimme Gimme Gimme'? Jonathan Harvey
What was the pen name of the cartoonist Cyril Kenneth Bird, who became editor of 'Punch' magazine in 1949? Fougasse
What is the name of the white sauce, flavoured with onion and herbs, that is named after a French courtier who attended Louis XIV? Bechamel
Despite having a population of just 780,000 which city is, in terms of area, the largest in the United States? Jacksonville
What is the highest point in New York state, the highest point of the Adirondacks? Mount Marcy
The Admiralty Islands are part of which country? Papua New Guinea
What is the largest port in Spain? Barcelona
Which SE Asian tree, often used for its wood, has the Latin name Tectona grandis? Teak
What is the name of the Shetland Islands' annual fire festival? Up Helly Aa
Which English cathedral, dating from 1079, possesses a Mappa Mundi and a chained library? Hereford Cathedral
What is the administrative capital of Northumberland? Morpeth
Which 1069 Norman castle is the seat of the Dukes of Norfolk? Arundel Castle
The Dardanelles connect the Aegean with which body of water? Sea of Marmara
Who became the then-youngest ever US Masters golf champion by winning in 1997? Tiger Woods
What is the letter H worth in Scrabble? Four points
Pirmin Zurbriggen won 4 World Championship gold medals in which sport? Skiing
In which year did Nick Faldo win both the Open and the US Masters? 1990
Which cricket club has three swords on their badge? Essex
In the final later made famous by the film Invictus, who did South Africa beat in the 1995 Rugby Union World Cup final? New Zealand
Who became the oldest ever U.S. Open champion in 1990 at the age of 45? Hale Irwin
The baseball World Series is the best of how many games? Seven
In 1972, she became the youngest ever female Olympic high jump gold medallist and in 1984 she became the oldest ever female Olympic high jump gold medallist; who was this German athlete? Ulrike Meyfarth
What is the name of the animator who created 'Beavis and Butthead' and 'King of the Hill'? Mike Judge
In the play by Christopher Marlowe, how many years of happiness is Dr Faustus promised by the Devil? 24
What did Samuel Pepys call "the most insipid, ridiculous play I ever saw"? A Midsummer Night's Dream
How was Amantine-Lucile-Aurore Dupin better known? George Sand
Robert Louis Stevenson apparently burned the first manuscript of which of his stories? Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
Who (January 16, 1874 – September 11, 1958) was called "The Bard of the Yukon" and "The Canadian Kipling"? Robert Service
Marius Petipa is one of the most famous names in the history of which of the arts? Ballet
Who wrote 1905's "The House of Mirth"? Edith Wharton
Which 1961 satirical novel begins "It was love at first sight"? Catch-22
Norman Ackroyd is an artist primarily famous for his working in which medium - an intaglio printmaking technique that is a variant of etching? Aquatint
Who wrote James Bond novels under the pseudonym of Robert Markham? Kingsley Amis
Who wrote the famous poem "Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night"? Dylan Thomas
Which major event of WW2 occurred on 22nd June 1941? German invasion of USSR
Which year of the 18th century was nicknamed "The Year of Victories" in the UK? 1759
Which company was founded and developed by Ray Croc in the 1950s? McDonalds
In which year were the events known as the 'Boston Tea Party'? 1773
Who was the USA's third president? Thomas Jefferson
In 1981, Francois Mitterand replaced which man as President of France? Valéry Giscard d'Estaing
In 1992, an El Al cargo plane crashed into apartments in which city, killing 43 people? Amsterdam
Who founded Standard Oil, later ESSO, in 1870? John Rockefeller
What is the name of the organized crime syndicated centred in Calabria that was the most powerful crime syndicate in Italy in the late 1990s and early 2000s, surpassing the Sicilian Mafia and Camorra? 'Ndrangheta
Which Chinese politician, technically "General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China" was the de facto leader of China between 2002 and 2012? Hu Jintao
What name is given to the US President's official helicopter? Marine One
Which jazz singer was arrested in the USA in 1978 for tax evasion, having refused to pay tax in protest at the Vietnam War? Nina Simone
Although it sounds as though it should refer to the puffin, Puffinus puffinus is, in fact, the Latin name for which bird? Manx Shearwater
Which Scottish international footballer scored nine goals in an FA Cup match for Bournemouth in an 11-0 win over Margate in 1971? Ted MacDougall
What is the name of the British television producer who founded Ragdoll Productions in 1984 and has created 'Rosie and Jim', 'Roland Rat' and 'The Teletubbies'? Anne Wood
Which Greek philosopher founded the Cynic school? Antisthenes
The Oregon Trail linked Oregon to which southern US state? Missouri
'De Medicina' is the only surviving section of a much larger encyclopaedia written by which Roman encyclopaedist? Aurus Cornelius Celsius
A torii is the name given to a traditional red gate found at the entrance to shrines of which religion? Shinto
In which year were the Corn Laws repealed? 1846
In which year did David Bowie top the charts with "Ashes To Ashes"? 1980
Who is the patron saint of broadcasters? St Gabriel
How is "nihonshu" better known in the West? Sake
From which goddess are Japanese emperors supposedly descended? Amaterasu
Hugh Bourne and William Clowes founded which Methodism branch in 1811? Primitive Methodism
Which composer, born in Gloucestershire in 1872, wrote 9 symphonies between 1910 and 1957? Vaughan Williams
The book of Joshua is numerically (eg first, second etc) which book in the Old Testament? Sixth
A 'bouquet garni' consists of parsley, thyme and which other herb? Bay
At which two UK venues did 2005's "Live 8" occur? Hyde Park, London; Eden Project, Cornwall
Whose symphonies include No. 55 "The Schoolmaster"? Haydn
Which Italian philosopher survived an 1883 earthquake on Ischia in which the rest of his family were killed? Croce
At depths of 4,000 to 6,000 metres (13,123 to 19,685 feet), this zone of the ocean remains in perpetual darkness and never receives daylight - therefore photosynthesis cannot occur here. Which zone? Abyssal zone
Found from a depth of around 6,000 metres (20,000 ft) to the bottom of the ocean, which zone of the ocean, with low concentrations of life, includes the deepest ocean trenches? Hadal zone
Often but not always artificial, what name is given to a monoclonal antibody with catalytic activity? Abzyme
Gum Arabic derives from species from which large genus of trees? Acacia
Bear's breeches, sea dock, bearsfoot or oyster plant are all names for the same plant, in which genus? Acanthus
What is the SI unit of acceleration? Metre per squared second
In zoology, this term denotes the intentional shedding of a body part, such as the shedding of a claw, husk, or the autotomy of a tail to evade a predator; in botany the shedding of leaves, fruit or seeds - which term? Abscission
For what is 'linac' short in physics? Linear acceleration
What term is applied to the situation when, over the course of an orbit, there is no net transfer of angular momentum between an astronomical body and its gravitational partner? Tidal locking
What name is given to a writing system that lacks vowels? Abjad
The Silk Road town of Merv is located next to the modern city of Mary in which country? Turkmenistan
Which specific title is held by the most senior of the House of Commons' three Deputy Speakers? Chairman of the Ways and Means
Sharing his name with a major city, who was President of Chile between 2000 and 2006? (Ricardo) Lagos
Generally considered the largest city in the world that cannot be reached by road, what is the largest city in the Peruvian rainforest? Iquitos
Its ruins forming part of a National Trust, which village in south Devon was washed away by storms into the sea in 1917? Hallsands
In 1901 which French economist won the first ever Nobel Peace Prize jointly with Red Cross founder Henri Durant? Frederic Passy
In 1826, who wrote the overture "A Midsummer Night's Dream"? Mendelssohn
Demons and Wizards (1972) and Return to Fantasy (1975) were albums by which band? Uriah Heep
The rock musical "Rent" was based on which Puccini opera? La Boheme
Which American screenwriter, director, producer and actor, is known for writing the 1987 action film hit Lethal Weapon, making his directorial debut with the film Kiss Kiss Bang Bang in 2005 and directing Iron Man 3? Shane Black
Who directed the iconic Westerns "El Dorado" and "Rio Bravo"? Howard Hawks
Which character did Jenny Agutter play in both the 1968 TV series and 1970 film "The Railway Children"? Roberta "Bobbie" Waterbury
In which 1999 American comedy-drama film adapted from the play Hospitality Suite, largely set theatre-style in one room, does Kevin Spacey play a salesman at a convention? The Big Kahuna
Which 2003 film marked Stephen Fry's directorial debut? Bright Young Things
Who directed the classic film "The Third Man"? Carol Reed
Which actor partners Mel Gibson in the "Lethal Weapon" series of films? Danny Glover
Anton Karas' music, played on which instrument, is an iconic part of the 1949 movie "The Third Man"? Zither
Which song from the 1968 version of "The Thomas Crown Affair" won an Academy Award for "Best Original Song"? The Windmills of Your Mind
"Apocalypse Now" was mainly filmed in which country? Philippines
The first passenger jet service in 1952 linked which two cities? London, Johannesburg
Nylon was developed by Wallace Carothers for which country? DuPont
Which flat, bladelike projections stick out from anchors? Flukes
Which overground London line, with an orange colour, was once part of the underground, and the shortest line on it? East London Line
What does the army abbreviation 'DAAG' stand for? Deputy Assistant Adjutant-General
What is the code of the samurai called? Bushido
Which clothing brand has a laurel wreath logo on its polo shirts? Fred Perry
Which NASA satellite, designed to measure solar energy, crashed on launch on March 4th, 2011? Glory
Which Russian spacecraft's name means "travelling companion" or "satellite"? Sputnik
What is the metal tag of a shoelace, or spangle, as a dress ornament? Aiglet
What nationality is mountaineer Reinhold Messner? Italian
In which year did the first woman climb Mount Everest? 1976 (Junko Tabei)
Who were the first two British-born men to successfully climb and descend Mt Everest? Doug Scott and Dougal Haston
The Piolet d'Or is awarded to outstanding practitioners of what activity? Mountaineering
Which natural feature of the US was formed around 7,700 (± 150) years ago by the collapse of the volcano Mount Mazama? Crater Lake
Who was the first man to successfully climb the Matterhorn? Edward Whymper
Which city was almost totally devastated in a 1755 earthquake? Lisbon
Who made the first ascent of Mont Blanc with Jacques Balmat on 8 August 1786? Michel-Gabriel Paccard
Which scale, replacing the Richter, is the scale used by the United States Geological Survey to calculate and report magnitudes for all modern large earthquakes? MMS (moment magnitude scale)
Erupting in 1815, which eruption is the biggest in well-documented history? Mount Tambora
When it was an active sports venue, it had a capacity of around 220,000 spectators, making it the largest stadium and the fourth largest sports venue ever built - which stadium now used as a training centre for Sparta Prague? Strahov Stadium
Which indoor stadium listed football seating capacity of 76,468 (expanded) or 73,208 (not expanded) and a maximum basketball seating capacity of 73,432, and opened in 1975 to a design by modernist architectural firm of Curtis and Davis? Louisiana Superdome
Allianz Park, or Barnet Copthall, has been the home of which rugby team since February 2013? Saracens
Which Irish rugby team and Pro12 member play in Galway? Connacht
Founded in 2003 which Pro12 rugby tea play in Llanelli? Scarlets
In which year did the first Rugby League Challenge Cup take place? 1897
Which teams competed in the very first Rugby League Challenge Cup final? Batley and St Helens (1897)
Wakefield Trinity Wildcats used which ground since 1893? Belle Vue
Which rugby league team played at 'The Willows' from 1901 to 2011, but then moved to the AJ Bell Stadium? Salford Red Devils
Which UK rugby league team play at New Craven Park? Hull KR
Released in 1980, which was Abba's last UK number 1 single? Super Trouper
Quinine is derived from the bark of which tree native to South America? Cinchona
In 1996, who became the first non-Spanish footballer to sign for Athletic Bilbao since World War I? Bixente Lizarazu
Who played the character Eddie Yeats in 'Coronation Street' and later went on to play Onslow in 'Keeping Up Appearances'? Geoffrey Hughes
If the protagonist is the central character in a work of fiction, what name is given to the second most important character? Deuteragonist
In North America, what name is given to peeled bulls' testicles that are coated in flour and salt and deep fried ready for consumption? Rocky Mountain Oysters
What is the name of the new town on the outskirts of Paris which is the site of Euro Disney, opened in 1992? Marne-La-Vallee
Who was the Norse god of light, wisdom and righteousness who was killed by his brother Hod? Balder
What was the name of the British warship that hosted talks between Harold Wilson and the Rhodesian Prime Minister, Ian Smith, regarding the latter's Unilateral Declaration of Independence, in December 1966? HMS Tiger
Which chart hit from the 1980s begins with the words, "Poor old Johnny Ray sounded sad upon the radio"? Come On Eileen
What was William S Burroughs' middle name? Seward
What does the word 'rota' mean in Latin - its derivation? Wheel
Who wrote the 1945 work El Laberinto de la Soledad ("The Labyrinth of Solitude")? Octavio Paz
Which Shakespearean King has three sons and a daughter called Imogen? Cymbeline
Complete the title of the 1967 play by Peter Nichols: "A Day In The Death of...." who? Joe Egg
Who wrote the 2003 children's book "The English Roses"? Madonna
Billy pilgrim witnesses the firebombing of Dresden in which novel? Slaughterhouse Five (Vonnegut)
In Dickens' novel, what relation is Smike to Nicholas Nickleby? Cousin
Which 8-letter term refers to the act of determining and (usually) graphically representing the metrical character of a line of verse? Scansion
What is a rigadoon? French dance
"Tetrachordon" is a work on divorce by which man? Milton
Who wrote the book "I Before E Except After C"? Judy Parkinson
Face the Servant appears in which Ben Jonson work? The Alchemist
Which romantic poet wrote “Bright star, would I were stedfast as thou art”? Keats
In "A Study In Scarlet" Sherlock Holmes is revealed to be ignorant of which basic astronomical fact? Earth revolves around the Sun
Who wrote the plays "Andromaque" (1667) and "Britannicus" (1669)? Racine
Which dramatist wrote the plays "Horace", "Cinna" and "Le Menteur"? Pierre Corneille
Whose last play was "La Malade Imaginaire"? Moliere
What name for a handbook literally means "go with me"? Vade Mecum
"The Cement Garden" and "The Comfort of Strangers" are early novels by who? Ian McEwan
Which politician described Norman Tebbit as "a semi house-trained polecat"? Michael Foot
Thomas Jackson earned the nickname "Stonewall" at which battle? First Battle of Bull Run (First Manassas)
Mrs Leary's cow caused which major fire by kicking over a lamp? Chicago in 1871
In which English monarch's reign was "God Save the King/Queen" written? George III
El Cid fought in Zaragoza for, and in Lerida against, which people? Moors/Iberian Muslims
With which pretender to the throne did the conspirators behind the Gunpowder Plot want to replace James I? Elizabeth Stuart
In which year was the Gunpowder Plot? 1605
Mansa Moussa, or Musa I, was a leader of which empire in the 14th century? Mali
In 1324–1325, what did Mansa Moussa, or Musa I, lead with 60,000 men? A Pilgrimage to Mecca
In which country did Lieutenant-General Sir John Moore, KB, or Moore of Corunna die in 1809? Spain
What was started, according to the largely true story, by 24 men under a buttonwood tree in 1792? New York Stock Exchange
UNITA and MPLA were rival factions in which country's civil war? Angola
In July 1782, The Earl of Shelburne awarded William Pitt the Younger which position in the cabinet? Chancellor of the Exchequer
Which two members of Tony Blair's last cabinet represented constituencies in Hull? Alan Johnson, John Prescott
Who were the first married couple to serve together in the British cabinet? Ed Balls and Yvette Cooper
Who was the last Roman Catholic monarch of Great Britain? James II
Which EU state voted against joining the Euro in a 2003 with 55.9% of the populace saying 'no' in a referendum? Sweden
Serving as the Supreme Allied Commander Europe of NATO from 1997 to 2000, who led a failed bid to become the Democratic Party's presidential nominee in 2004? Wesley Clark
On 12th May 2016, to which political post was Ken Macintosh appointed? Presiding Officer of the Scottish Parliament
Which nobleman was the commander-in-chief of the Spanish Armada? (Alonso Pérez de Guzmán y de Zúñiga-Sotomayor, 7th Duke of) Medina-Sidonia
How many symphonies, in total, did Shostakovich write? Fifteen
First performed in 1901, who wrote the opera "Rusalka"? Dvorak
"Mary from the Dairy" was the signature tune of which old-time British comedian? Max Miller
Dr Bartolo and Rosina are characters from which opera? The Barber of Seville
Who, aged 19, was the first female artist to achieve a UK number-one with a self-written song? Kate Bush (Wuthering Heights)
According to Greek myth, what was the river of forgetfulness, located in the Underworld? Lethe
What is the sixth book of the New Testament? Romans
Which 12th century abbess, who founded the monasteries of Rupertsberg in 1150 and Eibingen in 1165, was a noted composer who wrote Ordo Virtutum, perhaps the oldest surviving morality play? Hildegard of Bingen
Which Austrian chocolate cake is named after the eponymous founder of a famous Viennese hotel? Sachertorte
Jennifer Lopez married which man after meeting when filming the video for "Love Don't Cost A Thing" - they divorced two years later in 2003? Cris Judd
The drummers of both Queen and Duran Duran shared which forename and surname? Roger Taylor
Which mythical hunter-warrior of Irish mythology supposedly built the Giant's Causeway after being challenged to a fight by the Scottish giant Benandonner? Finn McCool
Which saint is often depicted in art holding keys? St Peter
Who was the Pope when the Vatican council first declared papal infallibility, also the longest-reigning elected pope in the history of the Catholic Church? Pius IX
Which Beatles line follows "I should have known better with a girl like you..."? That I would love everything you do ("I Should Have Known Better")
Also called Adrasteia, "the inescapable", was the Greek goddess of justice and retribution? Nemesis
Bobby Darin (1966) and The Four Tops (in 1968) both had a hit with which song? If I Were A Carpenter
The Wurzels' song "I Am A Cider Drinker" is set to the music of which song, a hit in 1975? Una Paloma Blanca
Which opera company's home is based in the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts? New York Metropolitan Opera
Which heroine of Old Testament apocrypha saved Israel by beheading the Assyrian leader Holofernes? Judith
What name is given to the line where a compass needle balances horizontally, found at the Equator, the isoclinic line of magnetic dip zero? Aclinic line or aclinic equator
How is the plant aconitum napellus, or aconite, also known? Monkshood or wolfsbane
What name is given to the study of sound and its transmission? Acoustics
What type of creature is an acouchi? Rodent (from South America)
What does the 'A' stand for in the disease AIDS? Acquired
How many square metres are there in an acre? 4840
Which product, among the by-products when coal is carbonized to make coke or gasified to make coal gas, is on the WHO Model List of Essential Medicines? Coal tar
What does 'RADAR' stand for? Radio Detecting and Ranging
Alphabetically, which element of the periodic table comes first? Actinium
What two-word term, in biology describes movement against a membrane's concentration gradient? Active transport
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