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DDG Trivia Places 6

What's the southernmost nation on the Balkan Peninsula? Greece.
What city has been the center of the U.S. oil industry since 1901? Houston.
What country is only bordered by Spain? Portugal.
What Frenchman designed the national flag of Italy? Napoleon.
What valley separates East Africa from the remainder of the continent? The Great Rift Valley.
What Milanese opera house has a name meaning "The Stairs" in Italian? La Scala.
What continent is cut into two fairly equal halves by the Tropic of Capricorn? Australia.
What nation has the longest school year? Japan.
What storied Sudanese city's name means "elephant's trunk"? Khartoum's.
What title would you hold in Germany if townsfolk addressed you as Burgermeister? Mayor.
What Scandinavian country are you in if you're vacationing in Hell? Norway.
What's squid cooked in if you order calamare en su tinta at a Spanish restaurant? Its ink.
What U.S. state pays its governor the most money? New York.
What state grew to become the second most populous in the U.S. , by 1994? Texas.
What tourist state leads the U.S. in booze consumption per capita? Nevada.
What city do Saudis cal Makkah? Mecca.
What continent has the most countries represented in the U.N.? Africa.
What do residents of Bunyol, Spain, throw at each other during the LA Tomatina Festival? Tomatoes.
What Spanish islands are Gomera, Hierro and Lanzarote a part of? The Canary Islands.
What nation has 1,000 permanent inhabitants and produces no export goods? Vatican City.
Created by: Garveydd