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DDG Trivia Places 1

What Nation's treasures include the Sistine Chapel? Vatican City's.
Which extends further North- Japan, North Korea or Turkey? Japan.
What country can an Afghani escape to on the Khyber Pass? Pakistan.
What two countries sandwich the Dead Sea? Israel and Jordan.
What U.S. state is said to have as many cows as people? Wisconsin.
What continent boasts the most telephone lines? Europe.
What future Soviet republic produced one-half of the world's oil in 1901? Azerbaijan.
What African country is bordered by Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique? South Africa.
What's the only Central American country without a coastline on the Caribbean? El Salvador.
What North American mountain range is an apt anagram for "o, man--ski country"? Rocky Moutntians.
What city is headquarters for Zero Population Growth and the Impotence Institution of America? Washington, DC.
What city boasts a Board of Trade that buy and sells half the world's wheat and corn? Chicago.
What island boasts Mount Fuji? Honshu.
What European country's most common last name is De Vries? The Netherlands'.
What desert do Botswana, Namibia and South Africa have in common? The Kalahari.
What U.S. state has the highest percentage of residents born in other countries? California.
How many U.S. states are named after a president>? One.
What's the world's highest island mountain? Mauna Kea.
What was the only country still building steam locomotives in 1990? China.
Which two European countries lead the world n wine consumption pr capita? France and Italy.
What was the world's highest man-made structure for 4,000 years before being passed by the central tower of Lincoln Cathedral? The Great Pyramid of Cheops.
What western state is less than thrilled to be known as the "Vermin State"? New Mexico.
What's the only South American country that has both a Pacific and a Caribbean coast? Colombia.
What interstate highway connects Boston and Seattle? I-90.
What state boasts all or part of the ten largest American Indian reservations? Arizona.
What Canadian city's name means "muddy water"? Winnipeg's.
What desert did David Livingstone have to cross to reach Lake Ngami? The Kalahari.
What country sent out 15,000 census workers to count its homeless population, in 1990? The U.S.
What do Americans call the Huang Ho, China's second-longest river? The Yellow River.
What Russian republic has its capital in Grozny? Chechnya.
What state made the U.S. the fourth largest country in land mass in 1959? Alaska.
What state does the Yellowstone River rise in? Wyoming.
What island has endured Mount Etna's wrath over 140 times? Sicily.
How many months per year do residents of Tromso, Norway go without seeing a sunset? Three.
Created by: Garveydd