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AUP / Ethics

Graves AUP / Ethics Flashcards

AUP A legal contract detailing the conditions a technology provider has set that a user must agree to in order to use the service.
Harassment Repeated messages or images meant to threaten, embarrass, or make someone uncomfortable.
Username A combination of letters, numbers, or symbols that are used to identify a specific account.
Password A security code used with a password to grant access to a specific account.
Creative work An idea or artwork recorded in digital or hard copy form
Copyright A law that protects creative people's opportunity to benefit from their work, by giving them ownership rights.
Creative Commons A specific kind of copyright that allows others to copy, share, and improve on your work, if credit is given to you.
License A definition of copyright where you can set rules as to how others can use you work.
Piracy The illegal use, copying, or giving away of someone's copyright work, whether for money or not.
Plagiarize Using or slightly changing someone else's work without giving them credit.
Public Domain Creative work that is free for all to use however they want, because the rights to it have been given away or have expired.
Fair Use The ability to use small parts of someone's copyrighted work, for purposes like education, journalism, criticism, etc.
Netiquette Etiquette or manners for online communication.
Emoji Small cartoon pictures used for showing feelings in online communications.
Emoticon Use of combinations of keyboard characters like ;-)to express emotions in online communications.
SPAM Unwanted e-mail that often tries to sell you things. One message to many people , or many messages to one person.
Chain Letters Messages that try to get you to resend them on to many people that you know.
Personal Information Phone numbers, addresses, birthdays, passwords, account numbers, current location, last names, school names
Suspend Temporarily revoke or cut off
Terminate Permanently revoke or cut off
Vandalism Intentional damage to data or equipment
Authorized Have permission to access or use
Troll Someone that seeks to start arguments in online discussions
Anonymous Someone is unknown by others
Flames Messages that are insulting to others
Flame wars Insulting message exchanges
Privilege Something you get to do because you are allowed to do it
Created by: EdwardgRM