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DDG Trivia Hist 10

How many swings of the ax did Sir Walter Raleigh's executioner require? Three.
What Soviet made the cover of Time 14 times between 1985 and 1991? Mikhail Gorbachev.
What outfit has troops known as Blue Helmets? The United Nations.
What Reign of Terror innovation was hyped: "My victim will feel nothing but a slight sense of refreshing coolness in the neck"? The guillotine.
What European leader caused a row in 1967 when he veiled before a French Canadian crowd: "Vive le Quebec libre"? Charles de Gaulle.
What U.S. president advised: "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen"? Harry S. Truman.
What U.S. president did African-American editor Monroe Trotter claim to be a direct descendent of? Thomas Jefferson.
What Bruce Springsteen song was quoted by both Ronald Reagan and Walter Mondale in the 1984 presidential campaign? Born in the USA.
Who became leader of the opposition after the 1990 Nicaraguan elections? Daniel Ortega.
Who was the first democratically -elected president of Russia? Boris Yeltsin.
What explorer introduced Italians to spaghetti in the 14th century? Marco Polo.
What president had to read a news ticker to discover that his daughter Luci was engaged? Lynbdon B. Johnson.
What did JFK refer to in noting: "This is a new ocean, and I believe the U.S. should sail it"? Space.
What British royal was dubbed "Fish Face" by his wife?: Prince Charles.
Who, after anchoring off Hawaii in 1779, was mistaken for the god Lono? Captain James Cook.
What physicist's last words were not understood because his nurse did not speak German? Albert Einstein's.
What nation was miffed when Hubert Humphrey declined its secret offer to help finance his 1968 presidential campaign? The Soviet Union.
What Irish political movement is named after a phrase meaning "we ourselves"? Sinn Fein.
What organization elects the 15 judges of the World Court? The United Nations.
What was the first war in which one jet plane shot down another? The Korean War.
What song was the Navy band playing at Pearl Harbor when the Japanese attacked? The Star-Spangled Banner.
What two continents have never been the site of a major military conflict? Antarctica and Australia.
What country maintained an official state of emergency from 1933 to 1945? Germany.
What group of Pacific islands did Japan attack the day after Pearl Harbor? The Philippines.
What English king introduced death by boiling and legalized the killing of gypsies? Henry VIII.
What was the B-17 long-range bomber nicknamed in World War II? The Flying Fortress.
Created by: Garveydd