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DDG Trivia History 9

What was a ship called the Ancon the first to travel through, on August 15, 1914? The Panama Canal.
What fighter pilot flew World War I missions with his Great Dane "Moritz" next to him in the cockpit? Monfred von Richthofen, or " The Red Baron".
What country lost 17.2 percent of its population in World War II? Poland.
What deranged Roman emperor had a name that meant "little boot"? Caligula.
What Pakistani was the first head of state in the 20th century to give birth in office? Benazir Bhutto.
What two-word term describes the period between the fall of the Roman Empire and the beginning f the Renaissance? Middle Ages.
What newspaper won a Pulitzer for its Watergate coverage? The Washington Post.
Who described the impending Persian Gulf ground war as "the mother of all battles"? Saddam Hussein.
What ship's lookout was miffed when his request for binoculars was denied in 1912? The Titanic's.
What big-league baseball prospect was jailed in Cuba from 1953 to 1955 before going on to bigger things? Fidel Castro.
Who saw the turtleneck he wore at cease-fire talks in Bosnia fetch $5,000 at auction? Jimmy Carter.
What brave-hearted Scottish patriot led soldiers to a defeat of the English at the Battle of Cambuskenneth in 1297? William Wallace.
What nation issued the five-dollar bill found in Abraham Lincoln's pocket when he was shot? The Confederate States of America.
What Argentinian was buried in a Milan cemetery under the pseudonym Maria Maggi? Eva Peron.
What Polish political movement got the support of Pope John Paul II in the 1980s? Solidarity.
What war lasted from June5, 1967 to June 10, 1967? The Six-Day War.
Who was the longest-reigning Arab ruler, through 1995? King Hussein of Jordan.
What famous Swiss citizen said of nuclear bombs: "If I had known, I would have become a watchmaker"? Albert Einstein.
What nation was bounced from the Organization of American States in 1962? Cuba.
What's the Islamic Resistance Movement better known as to Palestinians? Hamas.
Who was the first president of the National Organization for Women, in 1966? Betty Freidan.
Who tooled around Chicago during Prohibition in a car bearing the license plate "EN-1"? Eliot Ness.
Who cross-examined the victims in the trial against Long Island Railroad shooter Colin Ferguson? Colin Ferguson.
What beating victim's 23-lawyer defense team handed the city of Los Angeles a bill for $4.4 million? Rodney King's.
What can Germans publicly deny the existence of to earn five years in prison? The Holocaust.
What French explorer was murdered by his crew after he spent two years failing to locate the mouth of the Mississippi? Robert La Salle.
Who's believed by many to be buried in Downpatrick under a tombstone marked with the letter "P"? St. Patrick.
What controversial crime fighter did Elvis Presley call "the greatest living American"? J. Edgar Hoover.
What cavalryman's bonehead moves included leaving four Gatling guns behind, in 1876? George Armstrong Custer's.
Who wrote in 1774 that "no thinking man" in America wanted independence from England? George Washington.
Created by: Garveydd