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DDG Trivia History 5

What Romanian dictator banned Scrabble because he deemed it too intellectual? Nicolae Ceausescu.
Who inspired Communism with the line: "From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs"? Karl Marx.
What's the submachine gun invented by Mikhail Kalashnikov in 1947 better known as? The AK47.
Whose quips and quotes were collected in a CD-ROM called Well...There You Go Again? Ronald Reagan's.
What Soviet leader's second wife was also his daughter, according to Kremlin Wives? Joseph Stalin's.
What former secretary of state noted: "The illegal we do immediately. The unconstitutional takes longer"? Henry Kissinger.
What state has hosted the most nuclear tests in the U.S.? Nevada.
What Nicaraguan "freedom fighters" did Ronald Reagan call "the moral equivalent of our Founding Fathers. The Contras.
What country left the League of Nations in 1933? Germany.
What southeastern state was the last to return to the Union after the Civil War? Georgia.
What trials, beginning in 1945, spawned the phrase "I was only following orders"? The Nuremberg war crimes trials.
What was the first war the U.S. took part in that was partially financed withl lottery dollars? The Revolutionary War.
What Bill Murray Ghostbusters term did Persian Gulf warriors use to describe being hit by chemical weapons? Slimed.
What country did ever-prudent King Farouk I declare war on in 1945? Germany.
What U.S. president did General George McClellan sum up as "nothing more than a well-meaning baboon"? Abraham Lincoln.
What U.S. war broke out the same year the federal government first printed paper money? The Civil War.
What opportunistic country declare war on Japan five days before its surrender in 1945? The Soviet Union.
What U.S. military base was won in the last major battle against Japan?W: Okinawa.
What marked the first time since the Revolution that the U.S. accepted direct financial aid to fight a war? The Persian Gulf War.
What U.S. president was born William Jefferson Blythe IV? Bill Clinton.
Whose assassination was Sam Seymour the last living witness to, until his death in 1956? Abraham Lincoln's.
What former president was on an African hunting trip when his enemy J.P.Morgan quipped: "Let every lion do his duty"? Theodore Roosevelt.
What three words did George Bush say before "no new taxes" in 1988? "Read my lips".
Who was the first lawyer to become First Lady? Hillary Rodham Clinton.
What 1970s president openly discussed his battle with hemorrhoids? Jimmy Carter.
What future president was the only U.S. senator from a Confederate state to remain in Congress after secession? Andrew Johnson.
Created by: Garveydd