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NC History Quiz Bowl

Stack #216151

What ranking is NC in size? 28th
What was the first permanent European colony in America? St. Augustine, Florida
What is the only river in NC that flows directly into the Atlantic Ocean? Cape Fear River
How tall(ft) is Mt. Mitchell? 6684 ft.
What is the highest peak in the eastern US? Mt. Mitchell
What are the 5 major cities in the peidmont? Raleigh, Durham, Winston Salem, Greensboro, and Charlotte
What are the most important plant resources in NC? Forests
What is the Continental Shelf? It is an underwater plain extending from the shore line up to 30 miles.
What are the four conditions that influence weather? Location, Wind, Altitude, Precipation
What climate is NC categorized as? Humid Subtropical
What % of lithium comes from the piedmont? 80%
What is a shoal? a sand bank or bar that is shallow
Copper,titanium manganese, and iron ore are found in what regions? Mountains and peidmont
What percent of freshwater is groundwater? 70
Chowan, Roanoke, Pamlico and ____ are NC's 4 rivers? Neuse
Peidmonts major citys are Raleigh, Charlotte,Durham and _____? Winston Salem
NC largests forest are Nantaheila and _____? Pigsah
Granite,mica,quartz,marble and limestone are resources from what region? Mountain
Forest covers what percent of NC? 50
What are the boundries of NC? Atlantic Ocean, Tennesse, Virginia< South Carolina and Georgia
North Carolina lies in what region? Sunbelt
North Carolina's Climate is Prone to? Thunderstorms, hurricanes, and Tornadoes
What is a Current? flows of Water within a large body of water
Which two streams meet off North Carolina's Cape Hatteras producing rich fishing ground? Labrodor Current and Gulf Stream
Name the 3 state Universities located in the Coastal Plains? Fayettville State University, East Carolina University, and UNC-Pembroke
The continental shelf is less than ___ feet deep. 30
What is NC's largest natural lake? Mattamuskeet
What type of trees are a big crop in the mountains? Christmas
The state port facilities are located in Wilmington and _____? Moorehead
What's the elevation range in the piedmont in NC? 500-1500 ft.
What does "peidmont" mean? "at foot of or base of the moutains"
Created by: aoxendine