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To The Death!

Unless There's A Treaty Involved

Lysander (Sparta) Aegospotomai Peloponnesian War
Hannibal (Carthage) Cannae Second Punic War
Scipio Africanus (Rome) defeats Hannibal (Carthage) Zama Second Punic War
Edward III vs the son of the Black Prince Crecy 100 Years War
Edward the Black Prince (England) Poitiers 100 Years War
Henry V (England) defeats D'Albret (France) Agincourt 100 Years War
St. Albans War of the Roses
Townton War of the Roses
Henry Tudor (Lancaster) kills Richard III (York) Bosworth Field War of the Roses
Barnet War of the Roses
Tewkesbury War of the Roses
Babur vs Ibrahim Lodi Penipat Mughal Battles
Ankara Ottoman Battles
1453 Constantinople Ottoman Battles
Suleiman I Mohacs Ottoman Battles
Don Jon's navy (Austria) vs Ali Pasha Cervantes fought in this battle Lepanto Ottoman Battles
von Tilly White Mountain Thirty Years War
Gustavus Adolphus (Sweden) Breitenfield Thirty Years War
Gustavus Adolphus (Sweden) Lutzen Thirty Years War
Marston Moor English Civil War
New Model Army defeats Graham Naseby English Civil War
Preston English Civil War
Dunbar English Civil War
William of Orange (Protestant) defeats James II (Catholic) Boyne Glorious Revolution
Blenheim War of the Spanish Succession
Ramillies War of the Spanish Succession
Oudenaarde War of the Spanish Succession
Malplaquet War of the Spanish Succession
Narva Great Northern War
Poltava Great Northern War
Rossbach Seven Years War
Plassey Seven Years War
Plains of Abraham Seven Years War
Mantinea Peloponnesian War
Created by: The A-Man