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Carthago Delenda Est

Make Treaties Not War

Persian War (449 BC) Peace of Callias
100 Years War (1360) Treaty of Bretigny
100 Years War (1420) Treaty of Troyes
Poland-Teutonic Knights conflict (1466) Treaty of Torun
Thirty Years War (1648) Treaty of Westphalia
War of the Devolution (1688) Treaty of Aix-le-Chapelle
Spanish Succession (1713) Treaty of Utretcht
Austrian Succession (1718) Treaty of Aix-le-Chapelle
Seven Years War (1763) Treaty of Paris
American Revolution (1783) Treaty of Paris
War of 1812 (1814) Treaty of Ghent
Napoleonic Wars (1815) Congress of Vienna
Mexican Independence (1821) Treaty of Cordoba
First Opium War (1842) Treaty of Nanking
Mexican-American War (1848) Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo
Crimean War (1856) Treaty of Paris
Second Opium War (1860) Treaty of Tiajin
Russo-Turkish War (1878) Treaty of San Stefano
Revised Treaty of San Stefano Congress of Berlin
First Sino-Japanese War (1895) Treaty of Shimonoseki
Spanish American War (1898) Treaty of Paris
Boer War (1902) Treaty of Vereeniging
Russo-Japanese War (1905) Treaty of Portsmouth
First Balkan War (1913) Treaty of London
Second Balkan War (1913) Treaty of Bucharest
Russia and Central Powers in WWI (1918) Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
World War I (1919) Treaty of Versailles
Treaty dividing the Carolingian among Charlemagne's grandsons Treaty of Verdun
Created by: The A-Man