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Revolution Generals

"Gentleman Johnny," as he was known due to his cultural tastes (He was also a playwright), he began his Revolutionary War career under Gage, returning to England after ineffectiveness in 1774-5. He lost the Battle of Saratoga John Burgoyne
Volunteering for service following the Battle of Lexington, he joined Ethan Allen in the attack on Fort Ticonderoga. He was passed over promotion and joined the British. He failed to West Point over to the British Benedict Arnold
He occupied Yorktown in August 1781, where he was surrounded by American and French forces, and forced to surrender. Charles Cornwallis
He directed the defense of New York against Burgoyne's invasion attempt, leading to victory at Saratoga. Lost to Cornwallis and Camden, NC. Horatio Gates
First seeing action at Brandywine, this Frenchmen's primary early action was in supporting Washington during the winter at Valley Forge. He helped lay siege to Cornwallis at Yorktown. Marquis de Lafayette
Appointed to command to replace the traitor Benedict Arnold, he was sent south following Gates' loss at Camden. Lost to Cornwallis at Guilford. Led a spirited offensive against Lord Rawdon's, and later Duncan Stuart's, forces. Nathaniel Greene
After directing the attack on Bunker Hill, he succeeded Gage as commander, and coordinated a strategic retreat from Boston to Halifax. His attempts to secure a peace in 1777 failed, he led the attack on Philadelphia, defeating Washington at Brandywine. Sir William Howe
Irish-born, he led grenadiers across the Plains of Abraham in the 1759 siege of Quebec under his close friend General Wolfe. Sir Guy Carleton
Polish man who offered his assistance to the Americans, he helped fortify the Delaware River in 1776, earning himself the rank of colonel. Tadeusz Kościuszko
Previously an Indian fighter, he was given command of Fort Sullivan in 1776. "Swamp Fox" Francis Marion
April 1776, saw him lead the Alfred against the HMS Glasgow. He sank & captured ships in operations along the Atlantic coast. He sailed to France to acquire new ships, and captured the HMS Drake. Met the British ship Serapis in battle 1779. John Paul Jones
Formerly part of Frederick the Great's staff, he was recommended by Ben Franklin to George Washington. Accepted by the Continental Congress, he joined Washington at Valley Forge, and began training the army and wrote a military manual. Baron Friedrich von Steuben
Elected by the Continental Congress to serve as general-in-chief, his first actions were to blockade Boston. Won the war at Yorktown George Washington
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