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European Royalty

Following the Time of Troubles, sixteen-year-old was appointed Tsar and co-ruled with his father. Its rulers included Peter the Great, Catherine the Great, and Alexander II. They ruled Russia until the Russian Revolution and Nicholas II’s execution. Romanov (Russia 1613-1917)
Founded by William the Silent, who led the Dutch Revolt against Spain in the 80 Years War, resulting in Netherlands’ independence. In 1688, William III invaded England with his wife Mary; called the Glorious Revolution. Currently led by Willem-Alexander. Orange-Nassau (Netherlands, 1544–present)
Began as Burgraves of Nuremburg, but eventually gained such titles as Margrave of Brandenburg, Duke and later King of Prussia, Emperor of Germany, and King of Romania. Rulers included Frederick the Great and Kaiser Wilhelm II. Hohenzollern (Brandenburg, Prussia, Germany and Romania)
Ruled much of Central Europe from the Middle Ages to the end of WWI. Their first important ruler was Rudolf I, the King of Germany and Duke of Austria in the late thirteenth Century. Other notable rulers included Charles V, Maria Theresa and Franz Joseph. Hapsburg, also known as Habsburg (Holy Roman Empire, Austria-Hungary, and Spain)
Rose to power when Geoffrey V married Matilda. Rule ended with Richard II in 1399. Notable rulers include Richard I, John, & Edward I. Signing of the Magna Carta, English conquest of Wales & beginning of the 100 Years War all occurred during their rule Plantagenet (England, 1154–1399)
Rose to power when Henry aligned with the Lancasters in the War of the Roses. He became King Henry VII following his victory at Bosworth Field. Their notable rulers included Henry VIII & Elizabeth I Tudor (England, 1485–1603)
1st king was James I (James VI of Scotland), who commissioned King James Bible & survived the Gunpowder Plot. Notable rulers included Charles I & Charles II It was under the last Queen, Anne, that Great Britain was founded. Stuart (England and Scotland)
1st monarch was Hugh Capet, who was elected king following the death of Louis V. Their notable rulers included Philip II Louis IX and Philip IV. The rule of the Capetians ended when Philip IV’s sons failed to produce male heirs. Capetians (France, 987–1328)
Their 1st King of France was Philip VI, during whose reign the Hundred Years’ War began and the Black Death struck France. Notable rulers included Louis XI, Francis and Henry III Valois (France, 1328–1589)
The first king was Henry IV, who was victorious in the War of the Three Henrys & issued the Edict of Nantes guaranteeing religious freedom. Notable rulers included Louis XIV, Louis XVI Following Napoleon’s fall, they briefly until 1830. Bourbon (France, 1589–1792) Spain has also been ruled mostly by them since 1700.
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